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  1. DEye

    What oil temp is normal for xr650l?

    Indeed, when your putting along the engines working hard but getting no air flow, Medium crusing it’s idling along getting good airflow High speed it’s working much harder and needs all the air it can get... When I put the header wrap on, I might have been spending more time in the mid range where it wasn’t heating up as much and “thought” the wrap was helping more than it was
  2. Great, those are perfect ! thanks, Don
  3. Hello, Im looking for a picture to see how much clearance they *should* be between the left exhaust header pipe and the Dow tube of the frame. Thank, Don
  4. DEye

    ReSpoking a wheel

    It’s not a done deal yet, but would be for an XR650L. I realize there would have to be changes made to the rear/front suspension setup to Not end up feeling like your riding down hill all the time, a 4 “ change in front diameter (2” drop) would be significant ! After having an incident with the bike, I have an Opportunity to make some changes...
  5. Looking at an 18” rear and a 21” front they look to have the same number of spokes. any reason you could not redo a 21” front with a 17” rim ? other than Honda, no one sells after market wheels with the front speedo connect! thanks,
  6. Indeed, put a piece of masking tape on the spoke you start at to help keep track. you don’t want to crank them tight. you can be doing two things when working on the spoke, affecting the Roundness of the wheel and pulling a side left or right. if the wheel is round and straight, just go around snugging them up, don’t get carried away
  7. DEye

    Wheel Spokes

    Race bike, some else is paying...
  8. DEye

    Header wrap time

    What they did before - and now “They now utilize the advancements brought forth by thermal ceramic coatings that are chemically and electrically applied to the header material.” Wraps are a cheap old time solutions. replacing 2,000/ 4,000/ 10,000$ header after a NASCAR race is peanuts, I can’t imagine what happens to each of those cars after every race... “ Once the header is coated, it is virtually permanent. If the finish becomes damaged, it is not an easy job to repair. Most coating companies will not attempt a repair. Instead, the header will need to be stripped and refinished” so they might end up tossing the header after every race anyhow... It’s sort of a non issue for me now, after some of the wrap was torn off...

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    My apologies - after a few days went back looking at the bike and maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Went looking to delete / update this post but could not find it - I can only guess it was in transit to the Adverts section. ( I figured it was deleted as I wasn’t a paying member posting a sale?) it wasn’t until I started getting parts questions that I came back and found it via A response link. Picked up used forks & wheel, New bars,levers -was back out for a spin last weekend Sorry for the teaser Surviving Priceless 21,000 Km ( 13,000 miles) Damage, bent forks, front wheel, handle bars, new 4.5 gallon custom steel tank with rash, dent. Has frame damage at the TT main bearing welds, some paint flaking. rear end, seat, engine runs fine, recent oil change, original steel tank. Driver changed from right to left turn , walked away with bruises and bumps. Looking for a lighter bike that can Jump Cars, trials bike maybe Don


  10. DEye

    What oil temp is normal for xr650l?

    I just read to the end of your sig, how much did you lose / take off ?
  11. DEye

    What oil temp is normal for xr650l?

    Jesus that thing looks brand new ! No dirt = no credibility lol
  12. DEye

    What oil temp is normal for xr650l?

    Wow - I was thinking of buying one of those hopping it would help keep the temp down, but with the US$. Conversion and cutting the hoses, I thought i’d try the header wrap for 20$ First.
  13. DEye

    Header wrap time

    Indeed - it still get hot when you putt around , but then there’s less airflow etc... The temp numbers are lower during “transit stages” every little bit helps propagate the myth...
  14. DEye

    What oil temp is normal for xr650l?

    Hey Doug, I’ve only had my 2007 XL for a few years, it has a few mods and the oil temps reads just over 80c (176 F)when I’ve got wind and doing 80-90k/h (50-55mph) but if I get slow and twisty it will get up to 95c ( 203F ) I recently wrapped the header and I’m seeing a difference but only when I’m crusing on my way someplace, once it gets slow then temps are back up.
  15. DEye

    Startup procedure

    I took it to a local shop with a dyno because it was running lean, it would get very hot ( start to bog, no power) and I would have to adjust the idle screw ( side of the carb with the big thumb screw) over the course of the day to keep it idling. Based on the fuel air mixture read at the tailpipe they tuned it. It runs much better now than it did, and with the header wrap it runs almost 10c cooler. It was WAY more money than planned, but Way better than melting a piston...