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  1. Aloha, y'all! I have the stock plastic tank from a DR350E that I'd like to put on my DR350S. My efforts so far have been unsuccessful. Has anyone done it? What is involved? TYIA!
  2. Thanks, everyone! I decided to attach the master cylinder to an extra set of bars I had and hang it from the ceiling with the lever zip-tied to the bars. I'll check it tomorrow and see if that helped. http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a511/headintheclouds41/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_2226_zpsuz8apl2x.jpg Thanks again for the advice!
  3. Aloha, Y'all! I'm having an issue with the front brake of my 2012 500EXC. The lever action feels very soft and the lever comes all the way back to the grip. I figured it needed to be bled, but when I cracked open the bleed nipple on the caliper, no air came out. I tried a few times and didn't get a single bubble. It almost seems like bleeding the caliper made it feel worse! I tried turning the adjustment knob on the lever, (what is that for) but that didn't seem to make a difference. The brake still works, but it's not as firm as it should be. There is plenty of fluid in the reservoir, the fluid looks good, there are no leaks, the pads and rotor look fine, what am I missing? Thanks
  4. Pretty much the whole goat trail was miserable. Even on the flat areas I was having to do the "2 wheel shuffle". I was loving that trail during the summer when it was dry as a bone but once it gets any moisture in it at all it is an entirely different beast. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Hey fellars, my schedule has changed so I will be up for Brushy on the 8th. I was there today and it was pretty spooky with all the leaves covering obstacles. I started out on the goat trail (big mistake) it was slicker than snot and got stuck on the 2nd hillclimb. Absolutely could not make it up even with my "new" tires (Thanks Garrett). The rest of the trails were in great shape and made it through the entire enduro trail without much incident.
  6. Can't make it for the 8th but I'm good for the 9th.
  7. Great turnout today! Had a blast. It was nice that everyone seemed so evenly matched (except for Superman Greg). Hopefully the weather will cooperate for Lake Houser on Thurs. Hope to see ya'll soon. Oh DR, the best cure for STF is large quantities of trail time and a complete disregard of responsibility.
  8. Yeah sorry we missed each other. I went to Lake Houser to check it out. It's a lot different from Brown and Brushy but I will definately go back. It was slicker than snot since it rained the night before and my tires are well past wore out. I will definately wait for a drier day before I tackle those red hills again. See you next time.
  9. As long as the weather isn't lousy I'd like to give Lake Houser a shot. I can probably be there around 10-1030. I'll be pulling a WR behind a grey daewoo with FL plates. Hope to see you there. Eric
  10. Where is Lake Houser? How far is it from Hickory? What time are ya'll meeting? How many folks are going? Is the terrain more like Brushy ar Wayehutta? Why is the sky blue? Why does it burn when I pee? Is the hokey-pokey really what it's all about? (insert various other random questions)
  11. I'll probably be up there on Fri. Hope to see you up there. I'll be on a WR 250 pulled by a grey Daewoo. Eric
  12. I've never ridden Broad River. How does it compare to Brushy, Brown, Wayehutta, or Highland Park?
  13. You bet, I'll get there around 10-10:30am. Grey Daewoo pulling a WR. Hope to see you there. Eric (850) 496-5758
  14. Aloha ya'll, I am planning to go riding on Saturday. Although Brown tends to get crowded on the weekends with quad riders that have more beer than brains:foul: , I'm afraid that brown might be too mucky after the rain we hope to be getting on Fri. Plus I haven't been to Brown in a while. I'll probably get out there between 10&11. Hope to see you out there.
  15. Aloha Ya'll, I'm definately riding one or the other on Sunday and curious if anyone else is up for some riding.