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  1. Newb30ridr

    Head service

    Also right in the middle of this with my 2010. Ordered everything for the valve job; prox SS kit intake/exhaust , seals, seats(iron alloy), guides. New wiseco top end kit, cam chain. Was told my seats as well are good to recut to new valves “should be fine” they say. After I saw the price to install and cut new seats. I might go with it only because the “general head job” doesn’t include installation of any guides or seats. I am paying for the new guides to go in. Here by me (Ohio) I think it was $40 for one and $20 for additional. Still waiting on the call for the estimate. Sorry to ramble.
  2. Newb30ridr

    2016 kx450f

    You should ask when they actually put the hour meter on the bike in 2016. Was it put on as soon as he bought it or some time after.
  3. Newb30ridr

    2016 kx450f

    They could have waited to hook an hour meter to it until whenever they finally purchased one. They don't just come on the bike when you buy it. And yes you can disconnect them. It's just a wire down to the spark plug coil.
  4. Newb30ridr

    Bike won't start after rebuild I am lost

    Did you check to see if tip over sensor is positioned right
  5. Newb30ridr

    Water pump rebuild

    I'll grab some screen shots of my manual so you have something to go off of rather than my rambling how-to! Lol
  6. Newb30ridr

    11 kx450 popped and died leaving turn wont start

    It's a stab in the dark but any chance your tip over sensor was knocked loose?
  7. Newb30ridr

    Water pump rebuild

    Just did mine (2010). Simple as pie. Pull entire right side case off because you need to get to the rear of the water pump. Obviously dump your fluids. As soon as your new kit comes in put the new bearings in your freezer this will help down the road when you're ready to install them. Prolly just grab another right side case gasket too. The pump to rebuild it is just two seals and two bearings. Pay attention to how the seals sit in the case. I'll explain it as they sit with their backs to each other. A C-clip and a 8mm holds the shaft and impeller on. Have to pull you pump cover to be able to pull the shaft. If you don't have a bearing driver tool, like me you could use a socket. Just make sure it fits the OD of the bearings. To remove first first bearing you have to go in from the back side of it with a punch and carefully tap it out. Then use socket method for the last one. Just be careful not to mar up the walls as you remove and install these bearings. It also helps to grease the seals a tiny bit to slide them in. For the love of God while this case is off inspect everything while you're in there and replace stuff as needed. I didn't and it cost me another 500$ after I didn't replace a bad kick gear. Ended up jumping teeth and cracking the case.
  8. Newb30ridr

    2009 KX450F

    Are you using the slide hammer method to knock the seals loose?
  9. Newb30ridr

    Question about FMF factory 4.1 RCT Exhaust

    My 2010 is loud!!!
  10. Newb30ridr

    Lighter throttle pull

    Throttle cam. I have revolution by motion pro. You can make the throttle pull shorter or longer by their cam system. Very easy to change out for different riding styles. Throttle cam. I have revolution by motion pro. You can make the throttle pull shorter or longer by their cam system.
  11. Newb30ridr

    kickstart return spring help

    Old thread but you have solved my problem. Thank you!! I have a 450 and didn't have the alignment correct first of all, thought that was it. It was but I then read this and can see that I wasn't preloading the spring in the correct direction. It was so much easier to go counter clockwise. Figures the easier way isn't the correct way.
  12. Newb30ridr

    2011 kx450f stuck in fourth gear

    Yea good luck. I have a service manual if you need me to reference pages for you. Or an email or something.
  13. Newb30ridr

    2011 kx450f stuck in fourth gear

    Yea I would say you have a couple problems but part of your scenario was like mine. It turned out it was only the shifter shaft was broke. My 450 was stuck in neutral. When I tore apart the right side immediately saw the broke tab in bottom. Sorry to hear this bud. Won't know until you break her down.
  14. Newb30ridr

    2011 Kickstarter Mechanism

    Hope those work. The book didn't have a clear side view of all gears. The exploded views they give you on Motorsport.com could help too, in the OEM parts section.
  15. Newb30ridr

    2011 Kickstarter Mechanism

    Oh ok. I'll check me service manual and also include a pic. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you.