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  1. Carlos Thomas

    Dirt Bike Magazine - Best Dual Sport bike you can buy

    Where did you read that?
  2. Can you guys link exactly where these trails are at via Google Maps?
  3. Carlos Thomas

    WANTED People to Ride With, East Bay Area

    I went to Hollister Hills on on Saturday, December 8th with a few friends and was great. There were a couple of muddy parts, but all in all, the conditions were ideal.
  4. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    I took the pic in front of my house, but I ride mostly off road. Probably 80% of my riding is off road. When I am off road my riding is 25% open fire roads & water crossings easy, 60% steep rocky rough intermediate/expert, 15% tight single track expert. We ride in the Sierra Nevada mostly, so my terrain is very mixed and we have elevation changes from about 1,500 to 7,000 feet on a normal ride. Some of that steep terrain would be considered expert. The type of rocky steepness that you do not want to stop in the middle of because it is so steep. But those are the conditions I ride in. We use them as dual sport bikes and we like to sometimes camp off the bikes with some light weight gear. But most of the rides are day rides with no additional weight.
  5. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    My 2019 Beta 430 RRS has the 5.6 spring in the rear.
  6. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    2019 Beta 430 RR-S
  7. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    I weight 190 lbs. I can easily drop weight to 180 lbs. I have the 5.6 rear spring. I wonder if that would get me to where I need to be by just dropping the weight. Also while we are here, what recommendations do you have on the other settings? I have them set to the stock settings for now.
  8. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    Any recommendations on where to get a spring spacer?
  9. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    So your saying I need to go up one more in the rear? That would be 1 up in the front and then 2 up in the rear.
  10. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    That is full gear and 2.6 gallons of fuel.
  11. Carlos Thomas

    Beta Sag Recommendations

    I went up one spring in the back and the front. I am 190 lbs and with full cold weather gear I am 212 lbs. I have it cranked down far as it will go. I am at 34 mm free sag and 103 mm rider sag. Thoughts?
  12. Carlos Thomas

    2019 480 RE IMS 3.1 fuel tank install

    My dealer (MotoXotica) installed mine. They said that it was ALOT of work. They said, “I hope you don’t plan on switching tanks often.”
  13. Carlos Thomas

    Cycle News Dual Sport 450 Shootout

    I think it is a great time to be a consumer. This article basically says, "you can't go wrong with any of these bikes".
  14. Carlos Thomas

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    Dan, when I test drove all the 2019 bikes that the Beta Demo Event, I thought it was difficult to find neutral. They need a neutral light or something on the display. They said the trick was to go to 2nd and then tap down. Without a light your just guessing and hoping when you slowly let the clutch out.
  15. Carlos Thomas

    MY 2019 Beta RR-S Thread

    That is good data to know.