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  1. X2 on Midwest levers. Well worth the money and a plus is they reduce lever pull by up to 50%. The ball at the end is there for a reason, that is why Steve at Midwest has it as part of his design.
  2. +1 on Bullet Proof Designs guards. Just got mine in black installed and talk about solid.
  3. I have a Scott's top mount on my 16 xc-f and all I can say is its AWESOME!
  4. Works Connection came with a one piece front mount and it's a snap to install (30 seconds).
  5. According to the owners manual, the stator (alternator) output is 12v, 75w on both the SX-F and XC-F.
  6. I have the Works Connection aluminum skid on mine and it is working great. I do a lot of riding in the woods and deal with lots of tough roots/trees and big rocks, so I felt the aluminum was the best option for abuse. I am also planning on adding the ProMoto Billet Fastway linkage guard for added protection and better gliding over this stuff. My bike was just at TM Designworks to test fitting their products (rear chain guide, slide and guide kit, skid and rear disc protector) and everything fit but the 2015 model skid plate that they make. I am going to have the bike at Steahly Offroad in the next week or two, to checking the fit on their flywheel weight.
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