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  1. When I initially purchased my trailer my intent was to sleep in it on weekend trips etc so wanted it insulated for cooler over night temps in Mn, It worked ok for awhile but I almost felt claustrophobic inside with no windows. I have since moved to a basic motovan insulated using similar techniques and still use the trailer if needing to haul more than a couple of bikes.
  2. I used the 1"aluminum backed poly insulation between the members attached with Great Foam spray insulation and then a second layer covering everything which almost doubled my insulation, A single layer may be sufficient the poly insulation has a slightly higher working heat rating than say the pink or blue board the roof can get quite hot with the sun on it. I initially tried gluing the foam to the ceiling using various 3M spray adhesives and then different construction adhesives all were complete failures either from the onset or within the first week, I read about using the Great Stuff on a van conversion site and it has been working for several years now without issue, A bit more $ to get started but the $35 applicator gun is well worth the money if going this route rather than trying to go the cheap route and using the applicator can with the plastic straw ie I tried the cheap route first not wanting to spend the money on the applicator gun.
  3. I doubt this person bothered to clear their rear license plate wonder if they got a ticket for obscured plate?
  4. Iffykid

    Rocky mountain

    Yep! and I have had UPS do the final delivery for USPS and also had all 3 make deliveries to me on the same day.
  5. Officer discretion and fishing go hand in hand along with catch and release when hoping for bigger fish. If it was all about the law and obscured license plates LEO's could be writing tickets the entire day in winter with snow covered license plates in the northern states.
  6. Respect is earned and goes both ways, Disrespect and or boot licking are totally different. Probably pretty hard to tell from my postings but I have a few friends who are retired LEO's and Judges. and have only been stopped once in several million miles of driving as I try to give as few reasons as possible to be pulled over.
  7. Minnesota does not require a plate on trailers under 3000lbs and you place a lifetime sticker on the trailer tongue I believe Wisconsin is similar. Many of the previous posted examples are valid reasons to be pulled over for catch and release when fishing.
  8. Another good one is if you have a tag light out(fishing expedition?) not all vehicles have 2 tag lights but if they do both have to be operating. I pulled you over to let you know you Might! have a low tire can I see your license and registration(papers). I think all law enforcement should be required by law to have a state issued DNR yearly fishing license🤣 not just a state/federal/county/city issued badge.🤐
  9. The plate indicates who the owner is and if they paid there early taxes not who is driving the vehicle at the time. Not all states require a front plate so if a vehicle from say Michigan ventures into Ohio are they automatically pulled over as well for not displaying a front plate which is not required in Michigan?
  10. I think this is another Nazi fishing expedition type issue that needs to be fought IMHO. Watch Live PD when they claim a trailer hitch ball obscures the license plate how the hell are you suppose to pull a trailer without obscuring the license plate with a ball mount let alone the trailer itself. How do semi rigs log millions of miles pulling a trailer that obscures the rear license plate on the tractor? I have seen it suggested in the past putting a photo copy of your license plate on the hitch hauler? Ooooops display of a fake tag as it is not the actual state issued plate, Another ticket or possibly an excuse for a fishing expedition? If they want to pull you over given long enough they can find an excuse to do so, I try to limit the excuses available as much as possible.
  11. Iffykid

    Rocky mountain

    Another one I cannot quite grasp is one carrier be it UPS or USPS starts out with the shipment but hands it off to the other locally for final delivery I understand it is suppose to be a efficiency thing but they both drive by my front door on a daily basis and adds one more step to the delivery process.
  12. Iffykid

    Rocky mountain

    I just wish they would notify ahead of time that signature required before the dreaded note on the door so I could make arrangements to be home, I have got the dreaded note from all FedEx, UPS, USPS because I didnt know the pkg required a signature ahead of time. I did the UPS pre signature thingy and still had signature required notice on my door only to have it re-delivered the next day no signature required. Most recently a pkg from Australia received email updates that the pkg shipped and would receive another once the pkg was stateside about 2 wks later I got a notice on my door USPS attempted delivery signature required, I was home for re-delivery the following day and got my pkg and about 2 days later got a email from from Australia Post letting me know my pkg had made it state side but not indicating that it had already been delivered two days earlier. Compared to Australia Post maybe FedEx, UPS, USPS isnt so bad afterall🤣
  13. Iffykid

    Rocky mountain

    Must be out in the garage installing his skid plate. Even with a one day delay 2 day delivery is not bad. Wednesday , 3/20/2019 3:36 pm Swanton, OH Delivered Left at garage. Signature Service not requested. 10:25 am PERRYSBURG, OH On FedEx vehicle for delivery Tuesday , 3/19/2019 2:05 pm PERRYSBURG, OH Delivery exception Customer not available or business closed 8:23 am PERRYSBURG, OH On FedEx vehicle for delivery 7:49 am PERRYSBURG, OH Arrived at FedEx location 7:48 am PERRYSBURG, OH At local FedEx facility 3:19 am GROVE CITY, OH Departed FedEx location Monday , 3/18/2019 11:44 pm GROVE CITY, OH Arrived at FedEx location 7:23 pm LEXINGTON, KY Left FedEx origin facility 1:26 pm LEXINGTON, KY Arrived at FedEx location 10:28 am LEXINGTON, KY Picked up 7:31 am Shipment information sent to FedEx
  14. Yes many of the DOT standards are old thinking rules. 9" minimum sounds correct for turn signal spacing, If they included spacers not many would purchase as it would no longer be a tiddy kit so instead many market it as off road use only or state does not meet DOT standards and hope the end user does not know, notice or care that there is a DOT standard. I try to comply with the rules whenever practical! or until the OEM signals fall off, Some of my bikes still wear OEM turn signals some have DIY tiddy kits bodged together and others have none and I use hand signals.
  15. Part of the DOT requirements for turn signals are X number of inches spaced apart or from the center line of the bike dont recall which but remember reading the requirements somewhere maybe DOT regs, None of the tail tiddy type signals meet this requirement.