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  1. This cracks me up. I would not touch a 15 yr old 4 stroke for anything but a 2 stroke..? They were good, an we’re talking better offroad suspension when valved than even the latest designs of euro enduro bikes ktm, Beta. I ride a yz250x but could do the same job on this kx250. There is no way to loose money on a sub 1k 03-04 kx250. In this video I get to ride a well sorted kx250 with tuned suspension ... Mind you this is a first time ride on the bike with no expectation. I would race this kx250 against any modern KTM or husky.....lol It’s the Indian more than the arrow... Shoot, I would pay 1k right this minute for a blown topend yz250 btw, did anybody notice the OP also owns and rides a new Beta 300 and rides some of the best single track of Idaho? -being the humble man he is did not mention, he loves kx250s and that says something....
  2. Nevada Al

    Does anyone make LOWER footpegs for a YZ?

    Yep Fastway. And if I recall they are a bit spendy. I have a set and the move your foot down and back a bit. I did notice I caught my foot more often on rocks and stuff.
  3. Nevada Al

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    Idk, My brothers Beta looses bolts every single ride, his oil injection failed at less than 30hrs, also started leaking oil in less than thirty hrs, had virtually no grease anywhere, and the plastics seem cheap... Other than that it’s an awesome and well thought out bike that is fun to ride everywhere but the fast stuff. Alternatively, my same year YZ250X is lighter, had zero issues when new, and has over 300 trouble free hrs. It will go anywhere the BETA will. Also it is nearly indestructible and the suspension is the best I’ve ever experienced on a stock enduro bike. Also cheaper. I do have to kick it though, I Definitely like the Beta estart.
  4. Nevada Al

    G2 throttle tamer on yz250/x

    I’ve had a G2 throttle on my 250X for a couple years now. I would buy it again. As you suggest, it does help in the gnarly stuff. When I first installed it I noticed the biggest difference when I got tired or arm pump set in. I think I have the medium cam in it (400?). I have it paired with a hydro clutch and 11oz fww, stalling is not an issue on my bike.. I sure wish they made one for my daughters kx100.
  5. Nevada Al

    Worth it ??? 08kx100 450$

    It’s certainly worth $400.. A clean kx100 fetches 4Xs that price. I’d by it even if it needs a complete rebuild.. Looks like he swamped it.
  6. Nevada Al

    Considering the X

    Yes it did.. Enough that I was surprised by it.. I installed a VForce 3 on my yz250 and it was an improvement but probably not much more than simply putting new stock reeds in.. On my 250x the RAD valve smoothed the engine with a crisper throttle response and it reved out better.. Has something to do with Venturi they use If I had to guess, more so than the pedals...I’d have installed one the minute I brought the bike home from the dealer if I had known. After riding my bike my brother removed his VF3 from his kx250 and installed a new RAD and he says he got a similar improvement, his is basically just the stock MX engine with a fww an Gnarly.
  7. Nevada Al

    Considering the X

    The X is very solid durable bike. I have hundreds of trouble free hrs on mine with just regular maintenance. Jetting is pretty straightforward with lots of info on how to get the most out of it.. not sure why anyone that understands basic jetting would have a problem setting up a yz250/250x. Getting the head squish set is advisable wether you have the stock head cut or buy an aftermarket head. I went with the RK Tek. Though the bike is perfectly serviceable in stock form.. Yes the stock 1st and 2nd is the same as yz250. I changed the gearing to 13/49 and it’s great for Tight singletrack and with the WR top gears it still pulls high speed nicely. When my bike was new I’d occasionally eat chit by unknowingly hitting neutral at critical times going from 2/1... I was coming off of an 05 yz250 so I doubt it was my boots or riding style.. That said, it hasn’t happened in probably the last 200hrs.. whether the tranny eventually broke in or I changed my shifting style I couldn’t tell you, but it’s not been an issue for a long time now... Lots of aftermarket support for the platform. Best bolt ons for me that I wouldn’t be without are the hydro clutch, RAD valve, and RK Tek head.. Best thing about the 250X is the suspension, get it sprung for you weight and off you go down with a smile...The more aggressive you ride the better it works.
  8. Nevada Al

    2014 kx85 gearing

    A few years ago I built a 04 kx85 into a 100 with new 100 piston and jug, kx100 cdi, pro circuit power valve, fww, boyeson rad valve ect... for my daughter when she was 11 as a trail bike... We ran stock gearing and she rode that combo fine for lots of miles. As far as a trail bike for kids it couldn’t be better as far as weight and power. You can turn it into ttr125 power with a simple washer restrictor in the exhaust port.. increase size of washer hole to add power as desired...best bike to learn a clutch IMO... she went to the KX85 from theklx110 she got when she was 9
  9. Nevada Al

    Jetting 250x at 5k ft with fmf gnarly

    What does JD recommend? Isn’t that the benefit of the JD kits? I run zuk needles in my bike and as far as I know most of the high elevation riders use them as well. Though I’m sure someone will chime in..
  10. Oh and what happened to Rnd 6 Endurocross Sat night...🤨
  11. Nevada Al

    Slip on Exhaust for 2018 YZ250?

    I’ve used the TC2, PC296, on my yz250, and both those and the tc2.1 on my 250x. They all work fine, the tc2.1 being the quietest/largest then pc296, and just slightly louder is the tc2.. As far as performance I’d say they can all be tuned to run fine for trail riding, I would say they affect top end more than anything but barely noticeable compared to say changing pipes..
  12. Hey DAG welcome to TT bro... The Beta section has good group of guys and lots of knowledge as you can already see.. Beware of anybody from Hawaii though...😂
  13. Assuming there is no lender right? Every lender I have dealt with in the last 10yrs expect to be holding onto the title till its paid for....As far taxes I could care less what an individual does as the government grossly abuses consumers. I bought my current bike in OR too but had to pay the piper in NV to get a title for lien holder.. I’ve never been checked for a sticker in NV but I have in Idaho.. No sure what the fines are but pretty sure I would not like them.. As far as insurance, my newest bike (2016) costs me $70 a year..
  14. Nevada Al

    Yz250x horsepower numbers

    You have heard wrong.. You should be more concerned with the differences in suspension and transmission ratios... IE what type of riding do you do want to do?
  15. Nevada Al

    Show off your yz250x (250x only please)

    I know the thread asks for pics not video... But in regards to the tire questions and recent private message questions this is a fun quick video of what my 250x does a few times a week for the past few 300 hrs.. oh, and why I feel strongly towards the tire combo. The IRCs just hold up and give confidence when my neck depends on it. . I’m just a tool but my bike is not.. Keep in mind I weigh near 240#s geared up and with proper springs the X does it like no other..