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    broke fairly easily and fell off. but they are small and look good
  1. Carman

    why are CR500's so much money?

    no they are just rare and it has the infamous title if the fastest 2 stroke ever made. kind of like the holy grail of 2 strokes except they aren't actually as good as people seam to think. definitely fast but hard to use that kind of abrupt power
  2. i have a zac speed sprint with the source 3l water bladder. tastes great and works well. i routinely leave water in it for weeks and it still tastes fine. never gone mouldy or anything. and the pack is awesome. i have the chest protector as well. love it. had it for 2 years now.
  3. Carman

    Is MMI and good?

    i love fixing things and working on bikes and cars. started truck and transport mechanic and now i come home and do something else because i don't want to work on my shit after working on others shit all day. i want do do something else as i now hate working on stuff. the saying was "if you do something you love you'll never work a day in your life". but its actually "do something you love and you'll end up hating it forever" I'm lucky if i ride my bike once a week. i always rode everyday or at least 5-6 days a week for years.
  4. Carman

    125, 150 or 250 2 stroke?

    they are pretty tame compared to a mx 2 stroke. that would be a good option. much smoother and easier to manage but still properly quick
  5. i have never driven a 5 speed bike that felt like it didn't need 6th. i have a crf250x that has a notoriously gappy transmission with super wide gears and it still runs out of steam really fast. my xr500r is okay with a 5 speed as its got enough grunt to pull a really tall first. i wish my 100 and my 3 wheeler both had 6th. both run out of gearing before they run out of power but 1st can't be any higher
  6. Carman

    125, 150 or 250 2 stroke?

    200 would be perfect. more than a 125 but lots of fun without being a handful on trails. the ktm 200's are awesome bikes
  7. Carman

    What Is Your Backup Bike?

    backup for my 17 TE300 is my old 06 crf250x. its the buddy bike, track bike and spare for when the 300 is being worked on. i rebuilt it with a stroker crank, hot cam, exhaust, intake, jet kit, 250r piston etc and it works really well. does surprisingly well in single track and i always take it to the local mx track. suspension is better for track than my te300. and the spare for the spare is a 1984 xr500r. and the spares for the XR is 2 1983 yamaha 3 wheelers. and the spare for those is 2 1984 honda 100's
  8. Carman

    125, 150 or 250 2 stroke?

    value for money its pretty hard to beat a leftover yz125. if you want more in a couple years then move up to a 250. 125 will make you a better rider and teach you to carry corner speed more than a 250
  9. Carman

    dirt bike for old man

    right in the owners manual for a 2006 crf250x under competition use it says to replace a piston and ring set every 15 hours. basically any mx or mx based bike will have this kind of schedule. gone are the days of spark plugs and oil changed for 30 years of riding. i put 200 hours on my crf250x then rebuild it but hopefully you get the idea of how much maintenance a high performance dirt bike is. the advantage to a 2 stroke is that they are dirt cheep to rebuild vs a small fortune in the case of a 4 stroke. i spent 3000$ cdn rebuilding it, and it didn't even blow up. an aircooled 4 stroke still falls into the old school bulletproof reliable low maintenance bike
  10. Carman

    Crankcase damage. Help!

    oil and filter unless you race mx and hit rev limiter all the time. then id do a top end. i wouldn't replace anything in the bottom end
  11. Carman

    Crankcase damage. Help!

    take the case to a machine shop and get then to build it up with weld and machine it so a ktm hydraulic clutch slave will bolt on and then you'll have the best working clutch on any yamaha 450. it could be fixed and use the cable system but perfect time to make it better.
  12. Carman

    dirt bike for old man

    go buy a crf230 or ttr230. or a 125 2 stroke. drive it for a year and by that time you will know what you want and have enough experience to actually be able to ride something better. if you just want to get it and keep it then anything like a crf250x, wr250f, kdx200, ktm200/250/300 etc are all great. just stay away from a 4 stroke mx bike. not only do they have very close ratio transmissions, snappy power, stiff suspension and hard starting, but they are one of the most unreliable engines available. what other engine says replace a piston every 15 hours of run time?
  13. Carman

    BRC 500 XCW 2 Stroke

    I've been following this on FB since the first post about it. everything I've seen shows that they have tried to keep the smooth power of a ktm300 just more of it, everywhere. i think it would a blast but way out of my budget. IIRC the 72hp and 58ft-lbs of torque was with a 36mm carb bored out to a 38mm. bigger carb should add even more
  14. it is believed that the klr650 is discontinued. bunch of info on ADVrider about it. i don't think its official but not sure and don't really care. i think they might have ran out of new colors and bold new graphics over the 31 years