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  1. that would be the worst bike you could start on. a 450 is exactly the same size as a 250. i have a crf250x and a husky 300 2 stroke and have driven lots of 450's and find even my 250x has enough power to pull me around no problem. 6'1'' and 250lbs. also in most places in canada you cannot convert a CRF450r to be road legal and with the narrow gear spacing and kickstart and no lights, it would suck for road anyway. my suggestion would be to look at a trail bike like a xr250/400 or drz400 (bulletproof. low maintenance) or something like a crf250/yz250f or maybe a 125/250 2 stroke. more power doesn't make you a better rider. it actually does the opposite. old air-cooled trail bikes or drz400 can be bought, driven for a couple years and sold for what you paid and are much easier to drive and trail ride
  2. the displacement is stamped on the bottom corner of the cylinder. it should either say around 79cc or 99cc
  3. that xl100 head will not fit. 1979 xl100 and newer will fit i believe. the studs line up at least. 1979-2012 xl/xr/crf 75/80 and 100 mostly interchange
  4. no it won't
  5. i made a custom kit for my husky 300. i wired everything to the battery so when i stall it the lights stay on. for road and night riding its very important. here its not legal to have twilight only work when bike is running. i just drew everything out where it needed to go and pieced it together. get connectors that come apart. not twist and tape
  6. personly i would buy a used complete brake setup from a 450r or something and put it all on. thats my plan with my xr500. if the brake hose ends are the same any hose off a 125/250/450 should fit for length
  7. if you can do everything yourself except valves (requires lots of special equipment) and get used engine cases etc then it could be worth it but where i am a running 2008 goes for 2500-3000$ while a 15 ish goes for 4500-6500$. they are worth more with a 250 or 500 2 stroke than stock now
  8. personaly i would get a 450r calliper, line and master to get better brakes. thats what I'm doing with my xr500. but if the hose ends are the same I'm guessing almost any 250/450 brake hose would fit. haven't tried it though
  9. i had one front fork puke its guts out all over the brakes at 12.5 hours on my 17 husky 300.
  10. replace jets and fuel line. get jets from honda. probably easiest to replace the entire petcock. the jet needle and needle jet will wear with use over time and make it run weird. cannot visually see this. won't stop it from running though
  11. i stored my xr500r for 2 years and drained all gas from carbs and emptied the tank. upon taking it out this spring the rubber seal in the petcock has dried out and i cannot get it to stop leaking. various orings and gaskets in the carbs (dual carbs) have shrivelled up and is now leaks gas from a few spots. never leaked before and it was 30 years old them. next time il leave it with gas in it and stabilizer and then flush with fresh before starting. and its easier to clean dirty carbs then replace dry rotted parts
  12. i have drc flush mount signals on my husky. very bright and small and compact. i think om going to use them on my xr500 as well
  13. im guessing it has something to do with the wiring on the cdi. i just saw this on a snowmobile. cdi would cut spark when timing was supposed to be advanced. i would start there
  14. i really like the peril XCMH rear. don't like the front but the rear lasts well and hooks up great. its my go to tire along with a XCMS front. both are DOT
  15. i started on a xl100 for a couple years and then got a crf250x. its a really great bike for trail riding that did everything i needed it to for 3 years. a 250x has a wide ratio trans and has basically an entire gear over a 250r due to spacing. i got a husky 300 2 stroke last year and its perfect. tractor 1st gear and 6th tops out at 92 mph. I've driven lots of 450mxers and other than on track or roads they suck. won't lug like a 300 and just too much power everywhere. takes the fun out of it. my 300 has very linear power delivery and is very smooth. less tiring to ride and better for woods. i wouldn't own a 450 mx bike even if it was given to me. one of then most fun bikes i had was a 1983 cr125. wide open everywhere and rode the shit out of it. Its more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow