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  1. 17 te300 twilight and plate holder are much smaller and direct fit. And with flush signals it's very tidy
  2. only 3 days short of nine years. thats close to a record thread revival
  3. are the hydraulic brakes original? i had an 83 with drum front and rear.
  4. i have 4 years on my alpine stars tech 7's and they are very comfortable and are holding up great. I've been really impressed with them. i wore them for 8000km on one dirt bike and so far 3000 km on the other. all dirt riding with lots of water and mud. sole is fine and buckles are great.
  5. do you have an manual? if not buy one to find one online. if you plan of keeping the bike for a long time get a shim kit, otherwise most dealers will exchange shims but its a pain in the ass to keep trading them in or buying different sizes
  6. what the hell are you talking about? the kibblewhites are steel and are the fix for these bikes. the stock valves are titanium and start cupping and do not last. kibblewhites last a long time and do not cup like the titanium ones
  7. shim them and if they move within a short period of time you will need new ones. once they start to wear they go fast but i would shim them first before replacing. mine lasted 200 hours and 7500km
  8. return them since they are not correct. and its the sellers fault if they said they were correct for that bike
  9. i had my entire motor rebuilt under warranty by ktm 7 months after i bought it. 59 hours on the bike. and it came with a 30 day warranty. its a 17 te300 2 stroke. i would start raising hell and call ktm north america and the local dealer
  10. take the bearing to a bearing supply shop and i bet they can get a sealed bearing.
  11. have you checked the valve clearances? 90% of the time thats the issue with these
  12. i would adjust the valves and put a new piston, rings, pin and circlips in it and cam chain and ride it for another 136 hours
  13. Why? its not worth doing. need rear end from a xr600 i believe and a welder. i have a 84 xr500r that has rear drum. they work fine. i don't miss not having rear disc. my husky te300 has brembo rears that work great but i down miss them while riding my xr. rear brake is only 30% of your braking power anyway. i would spend money on a crf450 from end swap first. much better upgrade and much better front brake
  14. i just put rox pivoting 1-3/4" risers on my te300. kind of weird while sitting but super nice while standing up. only problem is a can't see the speedo now. have to relocate it. doesn't apply to tx
  15. if you want it plated get a 17 or newer. the couterbalancer is a huge plus for road. the tx300 would be closer to your cr250 for aggressive riding and awesome suspension. the te250 or 300 has very soft suspension thats great for woods but lacking at high speed. the has lower 1st and 2nd gears. my TE has a nice granny low 1st and 92mph top speed. TE comes standard with lights but tx has all the wiring for them. just need the lights. both have a 150watt stator. i ride woods but occasionally mx and my the is great. stiffer springs are a must if you weigh over 180lbs