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  1. i had a 93 indy 440 (basicly the same engine) that would do that. it would sit at about 3500-4000 max at WOT. idles fine. i rebuilt the carbs,(new inlet needle/seat, needle jet/ jet needle, new oem polaris jets (stock size) and new floats) , then Replaced the carbs with known good ones, put a new top end in it, changed the stator, coil, flywheel, entire wiring harness, fuel pump, all lines and throttle cables and eventually changes the entire motor and it still did it. took it to multiple snowmobile shops and nothing fixed it. it would rev out if i has very light on the throttle and then held it WOT when i got up to 7k rpm. it would work fine for 20 km or more, or until i let off even a little bit then it wouldn't rev anymore. spent 2 winters trying to get it to run and now its rotting in the bushes where its going to stay forever or until i decide to burn it or something.
  2. Carman

    EXCF and TPI service intervals

    i change the trans oil in my 300 every 10 hours. it still looks great when i drain it and after 110 hours everything looks good. its under 3$ for the oil to change it so why not do it often. i think it depends on riding style more than the bike. any bike that sees a lot of rev limiter or hard use or a lot of clutch slipping will need the oil changed more than a bike that is risen easily. 15 hours is a good start point
  3. Carman

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    that 5 speed is the deal breaker for me. i almost bought one last year but i just can't bring myself to buy another 5 speed bike ever again.
  4. just about every aftermarket part available for my 17 husky is also available for a beta. parts don't seam to be an issue and it least in canada the dealer network is super helpful and fast with parts. i wouldn't be scared of beta parts availability.
  5. Carman

    Used 2016 Honda CRF250X

    i have a 230 key on mine. i actually have a modified brand new kill switch that makes the 230 key plug and play if someone wanted it. has the proper bullet terminals and everything is shrink tubed. looks factory. there is a couple options for mounted brackets available online. mine is wired so when the key is off the start is disabled too. i ended up using the kill switch from my te300 as its a nicer design.
  6. the ktm500/husky501 are great bikes but beta's 500 runs perfect right out of the box and costs slightly less. if you have a dealer close by i would go that route. they have tons of aftermarket support and the company is doing well so parts won't be an issue. stock for stock they have more power than a ktm/husky but a modded ktm/husky will beat a beta 500 once you put some mods on them. the beta is 30cc less after all. but they are efi, 6 speed, good suspension and great handling bikes. slightly lower seat height as well.
  7. Carman

    Beta 125rr?

    i drove the 125rr that barry is on it than video in that same field as well as 2 other 125's in the last few months. it feels like a woods tuned yz125 but better handling in single track. its got nothing down low. even less than some other 125 mxer's I've driven. its got nice midrange but its a top end bike. its a ton of fun but its hard to ride and hard to keep it in the power. i have a TE300 that is awesome in single track with tons of low end. its easy to ride but not quite as fun as a good running 125 when riding aggressively. I've actually been really considering buying a 125rr but the te150 is supposed have a lot more grunt down low so id probrably go that route
  8. Carman

    How can i make my kx85 faster

    repack the silencer and make sure its got lots of compression and not worn out. make sure its jetted correctly. a jd jetting kit can really help if you haven't done it before. don't spend a lot on a 85. you will never get your money back. aftermarket parts do not add value to a bike. once you can fit on a 125 then go that route.
  9. honda has always been famous for great front brakes and my crf250 has an awesome brake. lots of feel and very powerful. its identical to 450 front brakes. i suggest you buy some OEM honda pads and see what that does. maybe an OEM rotor as well. I've tried a lot of stuff on my honda and my husky as well and i am back to buying OEM pads and rotors. I've never found an aftermarket pad that works as good as OEM even though EBC are 40$ compared to 135$ for brembo pads.
  10. Carman

    Rookie starting question

    i start my xr500r standing beside it when cold. 2 kicks from TDC and the rest of the day i just start it while sitting on it with one kick. don't stand on the bike with the kickstand down.
  11. Carman

    Used 2016 Honda CRF250X

    mine has the extra gas tank humps on top of the rads. its an 06. my buddies 13 would run out at exactly 100km. i can get about 140km with mine right now of quad trails and some single track. i like the bike a lot but there is a reason so many people ride euro bikes. just makes everything easier. my te300 seams to just idle up any hill with the clutch in while the 250x requires a lot more effort. feels like I'm wrestling the bike. but my te300 was 4X the price of my 250x so thats something to consider. here you can get a crf250x AND a crf250l for the price of a husky or ktm.
  12. Carman

    2006 Honda CRF250X Valve Replacement

    everything was drop in. hi comp piston, stroker and cam require zero mods. totally reversible too. the 2mm crank has a shorter rod with a longer stroke so the piston comes up to the same spot, just goes down farther. added quite a bit of grunt off idle
  13. Carman

    2006 Honda CRF250X Valve Replacement

    pink wire doesn't make any difference on a stock engine. adds a little bit more snap with a modded engine. i highly recommend a 250r cam or a stage 1 cam. really wakes them up everywhere. I'm not a huge fan of the stage 2 cam, bike really starts pulling around 8-9k eight up to 13100rpm. a pipe can really wake them up too. biggest difference and first mods should be airbox and jd jet kit. i use it in single track a lot and it still works great on that.
  14. Carman

    2006 Honda CRF250X Valve Replacement

    What mods did you have done? I assume a cam? backfire screen removed, jd jet kit, airbox cut, hot cams stage 2 cam, kibblewhite valves, hot rods 2mm stroker crank (259cc), cleaned up casting marks in the head ports, crf250r piston (13.5 compression), dr. d long tube header, jardine RT-5 muffler and pink wire run to a switch.
  15. Carman

    2006 Honda CRF250X Valve Replacement

    and i cannot tell the difference between the TI and SS vales in terms of power or response. i have some mods done and it revs super fast. faster than i need