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  1. looks like fun riding. needs some bark busters
  2. I've never boiled my 300 and I've boiled my crf250x many times on the same trails. I can ride all day without getting on the pipe except quick bursts and I'm a heavier rider and I love the low end grunt. its the difference between stalling or spinning and climbing up something. if I was 100lbs less I would have gone 250 but I love the 300. if I was doing alot of faster riding I would go 250 or 350. I find the 300 works really well in snotty terrain with me on it
  3. my husky came with a nice little tool kit that has very few tools but everything needed to do a top end or pull the motor. it has very few different sizes of bolts though. i also carry some zip ties and spare bolts as well as a 21'' tube. 21" tube will work in a 18" tire to get home. I've rarely needed any of them but nice to have. on my honda i used carry a 125ml bottle of engine oil in the bottom of the airbox. now i carry the same bottle with 2t oil in the airbox.
  4. I put bullet proof linkage, front and rear disc and radiator guards on my 17 te. Cycra probends and a lectron carb. perelli XCMS front and a XCMH in a 140 on the back. love these tires. I need dot tires for the plate. I cut the airbox above the air filter under the seat and beside the side panel. next is p-tech skid plate and reeds and head. you'll love the bike
  5. I've heard from a lot of people that the Sony FDR-X3000 is way better than the GoPro. the best go pro was the hero 4 black. new ones have tons of external mic troubles and don't last that well. Sony has better image stabilization as well. that is the one I'm going to buy when I pick one up
  6. i put a deposit on mine in nov of 16 and picked it up in march. i was looking at a new 16 te250 for 2k less and i am so glad i got the 17. i think its worth it. i don't have enough experience to say much about the suspension but i like it. needs heavier springs for me but i haven't done it yet. motor is fantastic, tons of torque and zero vibes. biggest thing is the lack of vibes through the pegs. i have a lectron carb and soon to have reeds and rk tek head. other than that its perfect. i got mine plated. i would say the 17 would be worth almost that much more resale value down the road. zero regrets with it. perfect trail bike for here. i spent a week on a beta rr300 and didn't like the vibration or egronomics. didn't fit me well. I'm 6-1. i saw a 17 te300 with 12 hours go for 7500 in halifax this fall and there is a mint 11 husaberg 390 with 35 hours on it for sale in moncton for 5300. now i want another bike in the stable
  7. I've made a lot of single track and ride up in some not commonly known about single track on the north shore area north of Truro. Wentworth debert areas. l live close to Byers lake
  8. crf230 key switches work. 4 wire. have one on my 250x check out crf100 key switches. non estart so 2 wire. i believe the contact in the off position. crf230 ones have one circuit closed when off and the other closed when on
  9. I love the handling of my 17 te300. Beautiful motor with broad power and tons of torque. Zero vibrations. I would choose it over a beta any day but that's just my preferences. Spent a week on a beta 17 rr300 and didn't love it. Good but not as good. It may fit you better though. Try before you buy
  10. the valve springs on yard equipment are so soft I can install valve keepers with bare hands. 3600rpm max for all those little engines. very loose clearances and weak low stress components. 560cc lawn mower engines making 14hp vs 350cc mx bike engines making around 60hp. try a small air-cooled kids bikes are similar to lawnmowers in terms of power and reliability
  11. the beta is a little more refined in small details that ktm lets slip by. the carb and reeds on the 17 ktm are shitty and other small issues like stator wiring and restricted airbox. I think the ktm is way ahead of the beta but its not perfect. for me I decided I would rather solve the issues and have the new platform. I have a lectron carb that works like efi for temp and elevation changes. well worth the money In my mind
  12. by the sounds of it your looking for a 300. drive all of them and buy the one you like best. the no vibrations on the ktm/husky is nice but beta is a little more refined. no regrets with my 17
  13. I used the local race engine building shop to bring the valve seats and install the valves. everything else I did myself. I buy almost all my parts from the local dealer (discount) and some stuff I get from either FortNine or RMATVMC. my uncle has a machine shop as well so measuring things happens there
  14. change the oil often and use good oil. mine lasted 200 hours on top of what it had before me and valves were still good and it had never had the head off. stage 2 cam, pipe and jd jet kit. still ran great but smoked. stroker crank and high comp piston as well as kibble white valves and its good for another long time.