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  1. As a fellow from Sweden I mostly agree. Schools and education is free and that is actually great. Healthcare is also potentially "great". We have a high standard, but its very limited making people having to wait on critical care. Who gives a &%$#@! if the care is great if youre on a long list..? About the last one I cant agree. Im sure there are people not wanting me to take up medical care from dirtbikes and while I dont enjoy people getting bad habits I want a free society. Change? Lol. Political left is king in Sweden. Everything is left biased in Sweden, even national television. I mean, when the news is about "child refugees" (more like 25yo 'Afghan) the seriously play a song in the background for you to "feel for them". We have no control of who works at the immigration office so its always activists in charge of who gets and doesnt get to stay. Its a damn joke, but the left got such control of media that you could throw your political career out the window saying something like "well, we might discuss with this the right". Boom, your gone as a political leader.
  2. Hi. Looking for a new pipe for the bike and mainly looking at HGS and Scalvini. Cant really decide as it seems like a toss up. Ive only found dynos of the scalvini and some tuners saying HGS is the best. The closest to test is the MXA Bud/hgs pipe but that doesnt add any numbers just "moves power on top". Anyone tried both pipes and can compare? Thanks
  3. This is what Im talking about, before he leaves the ground he rolls of the gas.
  4. Not really seeing how it transfer weight forward if you are on the gas until going up. There is no enginebraking and no drag if non o-ring chain. If he holds on like on a 4 stroke he will most likely send the nose high.
  5. What worked for me is to get used to the powerband, how it feels and be sure to hit it on the way to the jump and on the face of the jump, let off. You dont want to "jerk" it and have the front end coming up.
  6. Well, I &%$#@!ing did it. I got the 125. Pre owned by a sponsored younger girl and every bigger maintance was made in shop. 60 hrs and 10hrs on the piston and talked to the shop owner (old champion in Sweden, pretty cool) and he said I could go for 30-35hrs on piston. Im not sure about cast vs forged. Race shops have recommended cast but not sure why
  7. You dont need to rebuild it like this new seasons. I guess youre looking at ~700$ parts with some labor in it too and get a fresh bike. If youre looking at 50hrs per season it will need a piston a year and a bottom end every third. I know it sucks to do this work, but if you throw it away and get another used (and neglected) you will do the same work again.
  8. Unless you ride it like a pro I would consider giving Cooksey a call, unfortunaly it seem he doesnt do cranks until 15th oct. Do some research on him youself, https://www.cookseycrank.com/crank-rebuild . He got some top end kits too from Vertex. Never heard anything bad about him/his work. If you split the cases I would change the main bearings anyway, cheapest part to rebuild on bottom end anyway.
  9. Thank you. How come the twin ring if it doesnt get any extra life?
  10. 50 hrs at track. Im talking about loamy track and ridden on the pipe, above average rider. If I could get 30 I would be happy but possibly every 10hrs, damn.
  11. Hello. Just like title - what is the expected life of a 125s piston when beat at a track? Manual seem to call for 20hrs and it seems OK, but talking to a engine builder about the jap 125s and he says rebuild every 10hrs and had a friend who fried his org piston at 16hrs in a YZ125. Any real life experience who want to chime in? Ive heard some crazy hours but cant take that seriously when ridden on the pipe around a track all time
  12. He got another clip on his facebook too. Well, just like any pro he looks amazing by himself but that doesnt really win championships does it...
  13. Holy shiet. Building engines that could fail is one thing, but thats some next level shit. I dont want to die because some &%$#@! thought it could hold it.
  14. Weird. At the track I hear them playing against the revlimiter all the time and we (europe) got way harsher tracks than "highway"-muricans. The only ones not riding them like that are daddies being able to "couch-ride" the 450s because of that torque and they think "Im about to blow it up" when they pass 8k rpm. Seriously, what is going on here? Is the SXF250s and FC250s so far ahead you claim we need 450s now?
  15. If you mean that -10 hp is "similar" then I do know what you mean, except it got a shitload more torque. But yeah, stock sub-40hp 250fs are lame. Thats why we buy the 44hp ones.