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  1. Thank you. How come the twin ring if it doesnt get any extra life?
  2. 50 hrs at track. Im talking about loamy track and ridden on the pipe, above average rider. If I could get 30 I would be happy but possibly every 10hrs, damn.
  3. Hello. Just like title - what is the expected life of a 125s piston when beat at a track? Manual seem to call for 20hrs and it seems OK, but talking to a engine builder about the jap 125s and he says rebuild every 10hrs and had a friend who fried his org piston at 16hrs in a YZ125. Any real life experience who want to chime in? Ive heard some crazy hours but cant take that seriously when ridden on the pipe around a track all time
  4. He got another clip on his facebook too. Well, just like any pro he looks amazing by himself but that doesnt really win championships does it...
  5. Holy shiet. Building engines that could fail is one thing, but thats some next level shit. I dont want to die because some &%$#@! thought it could hold it.
  6. Weird. At the track I hear them playing against the revlimiter all the time and we (europe) got way harsher tracks than "highway"-muricans. The only ones not riding them like that are daddies being able to "couch-ride" the 450s because of that torque and they think "Im about to blow it up" when they pass 8k rpm. Seriously, what is going on here? Is the SXF250s and FC250s so far ahead you claim we need 450s now?
  7. If you mean that -10 hp is "similar" then I do know what you mean, except it got a shitload more torque. But yeah, stock sub-40hp 250fs are lame. Thats why we buy the 44hp ones.
  8. This section is exciting. In the "barcia thread" the talk is about PROS not being able to ride 450s the way the ride 250s, yet 250f is suddenly a weak shitbike when it comes to amateurs.
  9. I'd say get the stock head and cdi. What kind of pipe is on the bike? It makes a big difference too. Powervalve go green spring 2 turns in, unplug wire under seat, xc head and cdi and you should be good to go. 230 is crazy high compression. I got like 180psi in my 250sx , had to look at the piston thru the outtake and it looks very fresh so I guess its a "good number".
  10. Im not of a different opinion. Im watching the videos as sees a pro riding "relaxed" but that pace still smokes all of us. I dont think he will come back and win titles. Id like to be wrong about it but I think he is going to have problems with pain and numbness over a moto at real race pace. Sucks after last years show.
  11. Its a short window but Roczen hasnt passed halfway his window yet. If it was the end of his career I would understand they could be pushing it but now he has potential to grab another 4 until he is 27. He has too much potential down the road for sponsors to push for a early entry. I bet Roczen has heard his chances from doctors and what the risks could be. I think its him pushing it just like any athlete who's still hungry for more.
  12. Just stop it, please. Honda payed huge money for Roczen. Honda pays huge money to doctors and recovery. Its idiotic to think that Honda will push him forward when everyone knows if he breaks it again, it will be career-ending. Honda does care because if that happen, everything goes down the drain and they will get a huge amount of bad rep. Its way more likely that Roczen is the one pushing it and Honda/doctors telling him to slow down. As you said - investors put money in to get Roczen to race again and bring home the titles, not to have him ride 2-3 SXs and get hurt again, that would be bad for business.
  13. New rule - No matter how good the bike looks expect every bearing in chassi to be shot and you are not disapointed. If they only need to be cleaned and regreased its more likely that the owner knows what he/she is doing as its boring and time-consuming maintaince that doesnt help with peace of mind on the motor.
  14. Im in the same boat But last time I cleaned everything really good with break cleaner, put the shifter on and gave it a few light punches for it to "seat" then I got a new bolt and went madman with red loctite. Bolt, shafter and shifter got plenty then I tighted it. 3 hrs later its still in place. If it gets lose I will explode.
  15. Honda is better than clapped out old dirtbikes? No shit MR. Chromo steel is better than Alu because it weights less and flex better. Do you even know that the big 4 swapped to Aluminium because steel was getting to EXPENSIVE and did you know that the bikes also gained weight during this era - PLUS - the pros preffered the old steel frames. "Did you see pictures I posted" - are you an idiot? Google "dirtbike frame cracks" and have your share of cracked frames from every brand. You ALWAYS wanted frames to flex. Hard to take you seriously about KTMs feel and quality when you dont seem to know how a dirtbike works when moving.