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  1. Nicajohn1

    Woods riding, Anyone using Sidi x3's

    Forma’s are really good boots. Friend of mine used to wear them and liked them. He tried a pair of sidi’s but sent them back cause they’re too tight. Not x3’s so not sure if they fit the same. I recently bought a pair of tcx Michelin comps. A little tight but I have a wide foot but really good quality if you don’t mind price. But still my gearne sg10’s don’t quit
  2. Nicajohn1

    2015 + with black plastics

    Good thing I saw this. I was just about to order a set of black. Never thought of it. I’ve been through couple sets of red and my last ones I found an overseas company with a load of different graphics. I guess I’ll try white
  3. Nicajohn1

    Beta RR-S 500 or KTM EXC 500

    I don’t have experience with the 500 but I have a 430 and it constantly puts a smile on my face. And as danceswithtrees said there’s plenty of info here that will show you the way
  4. I have a beta 430rr that I love but my 2t needs are filled with an 02 husky cr125 w/FBF 135 kit and an 02 wr125 w/144 kit. 2 plated bikes and one racer.
  5. Nicajohn1

    No Detroit Supercross =BS!

    I’m in same boat. I missed nj last year due to family stuff so wa really looking forward to this year. Was pissed when I saw schedule. Had been to it before and it was packed. I’m betting there’s a lot of let down fans
  6. Nicajohn1

    Recomendations for GREAT trail riding on East coast?

    I’m in nj and while this isn’t the most rider friendly state we do have some good trails. I ride religiously every weekend at least right up road from my house and I still find new trails every once in a while. Pine barrens are extensive but it definitely helps to be plated. Other than that the Hatfield McCoy trails are great from what I hear
  7. Hey dan I’m in ocean co. What carb do you have? I have Mikuni’s on my 125s which have been really finicky at times but seem to have em dialed in.
  8. I’d say come to south jersey. Not a camp but some good trails up rd from me. But I’m in same hell as you guys right now
  9. Nicajohn1

    My dirtbike accident that just changed my life!

    After reading about everyone’s accident I feel lucky to have walked away(or somewhat) with only mcl tear. But 3 months ago a riding partner was headed out with another guy, down a trail 100yds from his house that we ride almost daily, at trail head he dragged his toe and caught a root. He knew something was wrong instantly so he stopped didn’t even fall over. Just had friend ride him back to his house and went to hospital. Turns out he broke his tibia and several fractures in ankle. And he had a quality pair of boots on.
  10. Nicajohn1

    What Off-Road Jacket Do You Recommend?

    I got this one last season not bad price and bladder capable removable elbow and shoulder pads
  11. Alias also has good deals on gear
  12. I can’t remember the name but there is an awesome tour in Costa Rica. Has a full stable of ktms and Yamaha wrs. Looks like some great trails plus there is a track on their property. And waterfalls to soak in
  13. Nicajohn1

    My 2016 BETA 430 RR Race Edition

    Im on a 430 as well. Installed a fan that used to kick on during the middle of summer rides when it was 90+. Wound up putting on Myler's supercools. Cheaper than stock and the quality is unmatched. Nice to see someone take pride in their work, American made. Fan hasn't kicked on yet. Also rad guards they carry fit perfect.