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  1. DrzBob

    Zeta Quick Turn.

    This is was what I found out, if it can help anyone
  2. DrzBob

    Cam chain tensioner question

    You're right, but let me tell a couple of things: DRZ's design has not changed since more than 11 years, and that article is written by one of the most (if not the most) experienced person regarding DRZs. I posted it just to show why a MCCT is a recommended upgrade over the stock ACCT if he intended to swap it, but the final choice is up to the OP only
  3. DrzBob

    Cam chain tensioner question

    Yes that's correct, the sooner the better for your cam chain Read this topic:
  4. DrzBob

    Cam chain tensioner question

    Automatic cam chain tensioner doesn't need to be adjusted. Once it is installed in the correct way (and your is, as you can see the UP mark is pointing up), and all bolts are tightened, it works as intended. Internally, it extends automatically and keeps the cam chain tensioned. You can always change it to a MCCT to avoid stressing the chain over what is really needed. What year is your bike? Before 2003 ACCT where prone to failure, but since that year they seem to be fine. It is recommended to swap them for MCCT to avoid over stressing the chain.
  5. DrzBob

    Clutch whirring whining noise

    If sound is not present in neutral, I think that clutch should not be the problem with the noise, since it connects primary gear to the gearbox itself. BUT, maybe there's no noise because there's also no load on trasmission, so this is why I used the term "should not". This is not intended to start an oil thread, but what oil and viscosity do you use? It was harder to shift when I had a 10w40 (motul, if I remember correctly), and also noiser. Anyway, you can start ruling out the clutch by inspecting it
  6. DrzBob

    Clutch whirring whining noise

    I don't think you may have wore clutch springs since you had the clutch cable tight for that short period of time. Anyway, there's only one way to rule that out: check they're in spec. While you're in there, also check clutch disks and basket. Do you have an audio/video of the noise? I think it would be helpful to know if it is present also with bike in neutral
  7. DrzBob

    Clutch whirring whining noise

    In my opinion could be a lot of things, for example a worn cam chain if you have an ACCT. Also try inspecting handguards and mirrors if they're tigthened correctly, or skidplate. Do you hear the noise when letting the bike sit at idle? Does the noise come from the engine or somewhere else?
  8. DrzBob

    What is this part on the new drz?

    Here in Europe we have that thing since a lot.. Mine '06 SM had one. Like atolduso said, it' s the PAIR valve, I removed it when I upgraded to fcr mx, I had to build a plate to block the hole left by it in the head, otherwise clean air sucked in made me backfire like hell. I remember looking for help here because I was sure something was wrong with my jetting, after some time it was like "jetting on your bike is fine, you're overthinking", but then I discovered that the root cause was this emission thing. William apologized because he had not seen I was located in Europe the PAIR valve was not present in US models
  9. DrzBob

    DRZ aftermarket tank vs RMZ shrouds

    There's also the BL Italia, which mounts RMZ shrouds, but it's also expensive. Or you could try to adapt a YZF / WR tank
  10. It's a very strange squirt, to me it looks like the pressure of the pump is not constant, or maybe a clogged nozzle, but I don't know for sure
  11. Yes, carb cleaner and air compressor should do it. A dirty nozzle can be the cause for a longer duration
  12. Try going with steel wire instead of the oring (more durable and does not stretch). Spring does the same job as the previous two. From what I know, only Honda's fcr mx comes with the AP arm designed so that throttle wheel pushes it instead of relying on the spring to keep up and "follow" the movement. You can't change the AP, but if the squirt duration is still too long you could get a fcr mx bowl with a leak jet and try messing with its size. I'm positive that with the wire mod the duration should become less. Also, make sure that the AP jet (the one which squirts) and the passages in the boyesen quickshot are clean and not clogged.
  13. Mine is stamped 3.24, but from an old pic I got it seems about the same length than yours. Does the oring work properly? I mean, keeping the AP arm linked to the screw with virtual no gap
  14. The spring should do the same job as the Oring you already have, but it will last forever. Can you please remove the AP pump cover and confirm which diaphragm is in? You should be able to read a code stamped on it. Maybe you have a shorter pin one, so the squirt lasts longer.
  15. DrzBob

    Brake light switch

    One pic is worther than 1000 words 😂