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  1. scottyb

    2018 ready for the season

    Bonecutter Beta & Sherco are top notch If you are looking for a part they stock just about everything. The whole family also races. I race the Missouri Harescrambles and the NEPG.
  2. scottyb

    WTB 250 cylinder

    I have what you need.
  3. scottyb

    Scalivini rear stinger on 300RR

    I have a scalvini for sale used it for 2 rides. $140.00
  4. scottyb

    jetting ?

    I think I will try a 45 pilot. My air screw is out 2 to 3 turns out with the 48 that is where it seems the best with the 48.
  5. scottyb

    jetting ?

    Before I put in the rad valve I had the same thing going on. I have not checked the compression on the bike but if feels like it is good. My next step is to rebuild it and start from there. Did you have to go leaner on the pilot and needle as well as the main?
  6. scottyb

    jetting ?

    I have an 05 yz250 I can't seem to get it jetted. It seems rich I am running sunoco 110 race gas 32:1 yamalube 168 main stock needle in 2nd clip pos with a 48 pilot it has a rad valve on it to. It still seems rich. I have checked the power valve and put a new pro circuit silencer on. My elevation is sealevel to 1000' I have jetted a lot of bikes and I can't get this one. It just does not run right I don't think. When you hear it run it sounds loaded up. My buddies 2001 kx250 sounds crisp and runs great same gas as I use but he runs his 50:1 and stock jetting on the kx.
  7. scottyb

    06 yz250 forks on an 05 yz250

    Yes they will work. I would just get the 05 forks revalved. If you can find a set of 06's cheap then I would get them but if not just revalve the 05. I just did my 05 and I love them they are set up for woods. I had fcr do them.
  8. scottyb

    05 yz250 revalve

    Has anyone used FCR to do a revalve and how was it? I am thinking of having them do mine for HS on my 05 yz250. They have a very good price for front and rear revalve.
  9. scottyb

    yz250 pipe guard

    The 02-04 stock pipes are the same. The 05-? are the same. The bend by the cylinder is different on the 02-04 then on the 05 and up.
  10. scottyb

    yz250 pipe guard

    I just put a 02-04 e-line guard on my 05. It came off of a stock pipe from 02 and I put it on a stock 05 pipe. I had to work with it but the fit is pretty good for what I paid for it ($45.00). It fit tight except for up by the smaller hose clamp but I can trim that if I want.
  11. scottyb

    yz250 pipe guard

    Will a 2002 or 2004 eline pipe guard fit on a 2005 yz250 pipe? I do not know if the pipes are the same. If they are close I will try and make it work but I don't want to buy it and it not fit. Thanks,
  12. scottyb

    My 06

    This is my 06 it is for sale now.