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    Carb crazy

    CARB CRAZY SOLVED!!!! Well, I am a slight bit embarrassed writing this to you guys that responded to my inquiries. One thing I have learned from working on anything mechanical is don't assume anything. It seems that the dozen times and I pulled this carb off trying different things I failed to really go into accurate float height. I did the measuring thing and the tube from the bottom of the bowl thing and got it wrong both times. The way I found the problem was by draining the fuel that was in the bowl in to a small container, removing the bowl and re-adding the fuel. Come to find out it was one quarter inch lower than the mating surfaces from the bowl and the carb body. According to the manual is supposed to be 2 mm down on the mating surface which is one 16th of an inch. I adjusted the float and got it close to 1/16 of an inch, got some good reves with no backfire and bogging out. Another thing I learned on these older carburetors is that the diaphragm does not always want to fit back in the groove where it originally sat. I had to tape a couple areas where the diaphragm was not fitting in the groove and then put the black cap on. Thanks again for all the comments this is a great site! I'm inspired, and now I'm going to start working on the carburetor on my other DR 350 that has the same problem, Hopefully it's the same thing, but after tearing it apart it looks like I'm going to rebuild it the new kit. Couldn't get the little Jets out on the intake side any solutions for this? Thanks for comments
  2. John Eicher

    Carb crazy

    Thanks for all the comments! I have installed a new carb kit. The jets are the same as the other carb, and everything looks very clean. The other day I soaked it in greased lightning and boiling hot water thinking if there was a blockage that would loosen it up. It appears that it still has a blockage somewhere. I have already gone that route of blowing out the passages with carb cleaner and compressed air three or four times. I'm thinking about taking the advice and getting some longer copper wire that I have been using and put in deep into any hole that I can find. Hold it in a white towel when I'm blowing out the holes and see if anything comes out. In my lifetime of 64 years I have cleaned and rebuilt many carburetors but this one has beat me up! One other question. The needle valve retaining clip that slips over the bendable tang on the float has me puzzled. The clip rides so close to the spot where are the tang mounts it seems to be nearly unadjustable. I currently have it adjusted where the fuel level is just under the mating surfaces of the carb body in the bowl. I was also thinking that the slide may not be going up under high rpm vacuum. I put a vacuum cleaner on the Engine side providing vacuum and the slide goes up when opening the butterfly. The diaphragm and everything appear to be fine. I'm going to keep at it, I'm not one to give up. More comments are appreciated!
  3. John Eicher

    Carb crazy

    Old guy newbe here.... My friend recently purchased a 96 DR350 SE which ran poorly. I have a great running bike of same year and model. After extreme cleaning and rebuilding his carb we could not get it to run smoothly at higher reves just bogged out and backfires, but idles fine. After several times of cleaning adjusting float hight etc we gave up on it and removed the carb from my DR and installed on this bike. His bike runs great now just like mine did, we did this to rule out ignition and valve issues. I purchased a regular fuel petcock an plugged the vac line on the carb which is now installed on my bike. I have checked and double checked everything but the carb still has original problem.....? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!