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  1. I wouldn't recommend a 2 stroke dirtbike for a supermoto, unless its specifically for racing. Sitting on roads at a constant RPM for extended beuno. I had a 2011 CRF450X that I supermoto'd and it was OK, but had to specifically gear it long so I wasn't ringing the motor out at 65 mph. It was a riot.
  2. Can we resurrect this thread, and just edit out the garabage? Mods? Anyone?
  3. GAHHHHHDAMN, who needs that many tools? Get a GPS my friend, with a tracker beacon. You go down, and you click the beacon so that people can get to you....I can't even imagine riding with that much stuff. I do like the bum packs though, might get one.
  4. Oooooo how is it? Saw this on BetaUSA
  5. 15 hoursish. Feels good, just want to make sure this is typical. Different feel from my YZ250X's KYB SSS, but I like it so far. The power and traction is godly.
  6. If fixing everyone's shit is your job..............and you like it, I would do a pre ride check. Literally walk around everyone's bikes and make sure they work. Check the big parts. Wheels, brakes, chain, motor, fuel, oil. Unfortunately this is a management flaw that exists in the corporate world. If you fix all of your employee's issues, they will come to rely and expect it of you. Nip it in the bud, and force accountability of your workers, or there is the door. By fixing your buddies shit, they have come to expect it. I would give them a couple nice walks back to the truck under there own power to reinforce that mentality. For me, the couple tools is no big deal, as its a hydration pack anyway, so my water weighs significantly more than my kit. As a minimalist backpacker I am always looking for ways to cut weight. I use to cut straps short, and remove unecessary labels. Ounces are pounds, and pounds are pain. To put it bluntly I could do a 3/4 day trip on a school size day pack. No tent, rolled blanket and a piece of 5mm plastic sheeting for a tarp tent. Better yet, you can make a makeshift bivvie with one. ANYWHO............... Pack light, ride fast, rip it and grip, and let your lazy buddies fix their own shit.
  7. I carry enough tools to dial anything in, or strap parts back on the bike. Zipties and duck tape are cheap and light and can save the day. I carry a multitool........cause well it can do a million things. This tool is godly..... Enduro Engineering makes this for most bikes. Will do both axles, and the spark plug. Its aluminum and light weight. I also have 2 spark plugs, because "2 is 1 and 1 is none" I have drowned a couple bikes, and a fresh plug makes life easier. I down a a 16oz before I ride, then carry about 1.5 to 2L's on me. Sometimes in the cooler weather I just sip it a couple times. For the most part people carry too much crap for casual 2-3-4 hour rides.
  8. Have a 2018 Beta 300RR. Love it. One weird question relating to suspension. How much should your front settle/sag. If I stand the bike up, and pull on the bars, I can extend the suspension about an inch. Then I release, and it then settles back down under it's weight. Is this sag acceptable?
  9. I would reassess your tool situation first. You might find they aren't as heavy if you can make due with less stuff. I carry just the essentials. Sparkplugs, multitool, zipties, duct tape (flat packed) and tubliss patch kit. I keep water in my pack, and an LED headlamp. Other than that, I don't think you need much else. Maybe a GPS? I never ride far enough off trail that a beacon is needed, as I also always ride with buddies. What are you packing now?
  10. is there any data from Baja to back this up? Not that I don't believe you but I would hate to fry anything. Thanks in advance.
  11. For the Baja Designs Squandron pro do you need a stator update with that light? I really want to switch my stocker out for one of these but wasn't sure.
  12. Time Left: 3 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    2016 YZ250X 30 hours Updated price $5000 or BEST OFFER Got a new bike, this one just sits. Gnarly pipe + stock pipe and Carbon guard Steahly 13 oz FWW JD Jet kit with extra jets, and NECJ needle Bulletproof Radgaurds EE skidplate and linkage guard EE bark busters Fresh fork oil and SKF fork seals. Sprung for 190-200lbs with Factory Connection fork and shock springs Still have stock springs for fork and shock Tubliss front and rear M59 front and MT16 rear with 2 rides Extra filters, wash cap, spark plugs, HP2 and Yamalube 2R etc etc


  13. Good call. They would never ride right if the heights were compromised.
  14. I would set height on the forks in the triples first meaning set the forks at the appropriate matched heights. Fork tube lengths are fixed, if both tubes are not the same length..........something is definitely wrong and I'd talk to beta. The inner tube which moves in and out has a variable length based on compression/fluid/movement/springs etc etc. If when your triples are torqued and the forks lined up in the triple, you have length discrepancy on the inner tubes, something internally is off/installed incorrectly. If when in the air as pictured, they are the same length you should be g2g. I would then repeat the tire install procedure. Also when installing the wheel to align the forks, you need to bounce/compress/push through stroke, then spin the tire and use the brake to line the wheel up. If you have binding at that point it could be something internal in the fork. You would be hard pressed to bend that axle. Sidenote - on my 18, I checked the torque on the triples and the factory setting caused binding. Dropped by serveral Nm from 12 on lower bolts to 10nm. No more binding.