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  1. Yea thanks for suggestion. Everything I have been reading, it seems these Beta's come undersprung as to give it that "trials" feel. I am definitely going to do stiffer springs, it is really missing that plush start of the stroke. I am talking to Steve at Plus One Perfomance, and may just start with a fork revalve and spring, and respring the rear myself. I immediatley switched to new tires when I got the bike. M59 up front and VE33 in the back. Great combo, but I want to try a 505 cheater next. Thanks
  2. Sorry all, its a 2018 Beta 300RR
  3. Just rode 110 miles of woods and single track at the New England Classic for Cystic Fibrosis, and have determined my suspension needs some work. My rear felt decent, albeit a little kick over larger whoops, but the front was not very good in the chop. Definitely beat up from that ride. It got worse as the day wore on and I became tired, but it should be much better than it currently is. My first thought was get it sprung as I am slightly over factory weight at 195, but I don't think that will solve all my problems. It is the initial stroke that I thought was the problem as it felt harsh on the small stuff, and also would just blow through on square edge hits. Any thoughts? EDITED : 2018 Beta 300RR
  4. newmexico

    The majority of the none automobile offload scene unfortunately is quads and sxs. It doesn't take any level of fitness or skill to hop in/hop on one. Look at your average 4 x 4 quad rider/sxs user, late 30's to early 50's, overweight, out of shape. They just want to cruise around and show everyone how much they spent. They don't understand what it takes to ride a dirt bike, and they would rather lay claim to all riding areas, then have the audacity to ban dirt bikes. Look at NH. We have a "ride the wilds" project in the northern part of our state...........90-95% is QUAD AND SXS only. Why you ask? because we have 4500 regularly registered dirt bikes to their 40,000 registered quads and sxs. In turn they run the show and don't want us "rutting up" their trails. Sad sad sad. Did I mention registration is now 85$ a year without a club membership.....................hahahahahaha what a joke. Their is the offroad map, the northern most portion is the "ride the wilds" and TB represents trail bike friendly trails........................................
  5. Do you make any kits for the 2018 Beta 300RR
  6. Nice Man, I loved my YZ250X in the NH woods. Switched to a Beta 300 as its better for the technical stuff. Keep it pinned!
  7. I know, I was being..............DUN DUN DUN................Sarcastic. I love and hate these forums, when people give advice that they shouldn't. sum guy - MA BIKES PINGING LEAN! sum guy 2 - WELL BROTHER! Just slap mor dat OIL in dar! YEEEE HAWWWW LUBE'R UP!
  8. More pre mix would create a leaner condition, no?
  9. I'd say find a friend who knows how to work on dirtbikes. Get him to setup your sag properly for you, and destinkbug that bike.
  10. Probably just call Tubliss...........since they make it....................and all the other parts.....................................................................................................................................wasabi
  11. Short sighted? I think only on your understanding of what a fit dog is capable of. Also, the more we baby and "protect" are pets the weaker and more feeble they get. Look at the modern Kennel Club golden.................what a heap of inbreeding shit. I had a farm dog, a border collie/red setter mix, lived until she was 16. For the first 12 years of her life, you could NOT for the life of you get her to sleep inside. She begged to be outdoors, even in the New Hampshire climate. We had open dog house, more like a Lean-to that we would put hay in the winter. That's it, no coats, no sweaters, no heater. She also use to run herself ragged for days on end in a yard that was 200 x 500. Before we had the fenced yard she had a chain collar, attached to a 20 foot piece of aircraft grade cable, running to a 200 foot air craft cable attached 12 foot in the air. All day, she would run around chase squirrels and "protect the yard. I would go and throw balls and freesbies and she would never tire. The only time she stepped foot in the house was for breakfast and dinner, as we had a massive water bowl outside for her all day. Occasionally in winters she would come in for a quick drink if the snow was to cold and frozen to eat. The muscles on her neck and back were TREMENDOUS. We went from a 4x4 post in dirt, to a 6x6 post in crete, to a DAMN TELEPHONE POLE because she broke the other two. Eventually when we moved and got a house with a fenced yard she no longer needed the runner. She lost some of the muscle but not her endurance. Finally, when she was 12 and had long been grey in the face she started to lose her eyesight. We got her a dog bed and she split the difference between the house and outside. On special occasions she was allowed in the family room on the rug near the fireplace. Only in her last days did she spend consecutive days and nights inside, and I knew she was frustrated because of it. She covered 1000's of miles of hikes, swam in a 100 lakes and two oceans, and probably caught and ate more chipmunks than I can count. Domesticated my ass. She was a she-wolf through and through. The bastardization of the modern dog, but the AKC and show dog breeders is the reason you question the sight of the previous gentlemen. You want a trail dog and must have a puppy from a breeder? Google "border collie farm dog" or "border collie sheep dog". You'll probably come across dogs from the UK, specifically Scotland. These dogs are tough, smart, and top tier athletic. They can learn and are good with people. They don't take shit from sheep or cattle, and certainly wouldn't take shit from a black bear. They are high energy and need stimulation, but they love a good nap on the couch on a Saturday night. I also suggest checking out the southern kill shelters and adoption agencies, and try to get a mix with some part being border collie. I have two, a brother and sister, Border Collie/German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees. I lucked out as they are the best dogs I have ever had. Super smart, incredibly athletic, adaptable, and the quietest dogs I have ever had. The only noise is a squeek for the bathroom, an air chomp for dinner, and an alert bark when someone comes to the front door if they are a stranger. Frankie chuffs at other dogs if they get too close to the yard, and Penny growls at the cat for fun. Besides that they make no noise at all. House broken since 6 months, and fantastic on my walks/rucks/hikes. Don't doubt the capabilities of this 4 legged friend descended from wolves. Just for Christ sake don't get a bichon frise or some other toy breed. Useless.
  12. Yes, got mine on my 2018 with 20ish hours. It goes "klang" and stops stuff from getting smashed. Get on it. Fits greatttttttttttttttttttt.
  13. Cool thanks, what is everyone using for fork oil. My main goal is too all but eliminate the roughness through trail trash. This is by far the best bike in the rock gardens I have ever ridden. It really is just the sharp fast roots and small rocks right now that are bothering me. Also, not a lot of jumps where I ride, but I am using 100% of the stroke in 3rd gear off of tree stumps when landing.
  14. Yea I run the NE combo right now M59 and MT16/VE33. It is pretty good, but more motorcross/JDAY style set up. My friend runs the Shinko 505 and loves it and the Shink fatty front. I'm thinking the 525 will be good for right now as the trails are pretty soft and muddy, then ill switch the 505 as it dries out.
  15. Thats can a company crappilyanno fork tubes, when quality coatings have been out for years. Poor QC. I will keep a look out when I swap springs on these forks, and now I need to learn to swap springs on OC sachs forks lol.