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  1. Besides being closer than the Maine dealer, I skip naults. I bought my beta from there, but refuse to buy parts. They tried to scalp me on tires WITH my new bike parts discount. I looked at the invoice and they wanted 140 dollars for a 70 dollar tire............not willing to budge at all. So I kindly asked for a refund and got a pile of grumbles. I just can't do it, I can't find A. a dealer/parts guy that is friendly and outgoing enough for me to actually want to spend money B. prices that are atleast in the ball park. I will only buy something if it's do or die. I cringe when I see people buy a new bike, then all the helmets/jackets/pants/boots etc from the dealer. They are getting hosed.
  2. I don't buy from dealers anymore. If I could buy my bike's direct I would. I buy all my parts online because of speed, customer service and cost. Brick and mortar stores near me have refused to keep up with the online change, and so expect to cover expenses by marking products up exponentially. Take a 70 dollar tire and try to charge 140 dollars for it. I'll let them continue to live via service charges alone, that they rake all the poor unfortunate souls over hot coals for, since these people and mechanically inept. Eventually though unless they change their business model this crap brick and mortar dealers will die. LONG LIVE THE AMAZONIZATION OF AMERICA! Seriously thought, I'd be happier to help a mom and pop if they gave quality customer service, didn't try to add hidden fees, and charged me online prices for parts and tires. If a tire costs 70 bucks on rocky, ill buy it from you for 80, but I'll never walk in the shop again if you try to charge me 140.
  3. NEGbrap

    What is "plush" suspension

    Thanks for all the input. I believe in this tuner, and will call him up after I take the bike to Clough State Park again and ride both the double and single track. It might just be me as a newish rider having unrealistic expecations.
  4. NEGbrap

    What is "plush" suspension

    I will try the tire pressure drop. I just don't like the feeling when the front starts to fold in the corners. Yea I do not want a couch like feel, but less jarring. I think some of it comes from gripping to tightly on the bars. I just don't have a baseline of a "good fast" setup to compare it too. My thought on this is the same with all things, you think what you have is good, until you try something REALLY GOOD. Like fly fishing, I thought my walmart rod was good enough, then I tried a 600 dollar rod and was blown away. Ill check my spec sheet, but believe I am on .48 and a 5.8 I'm 195 buck ace naked. I checked my sag and I was 100 and 35 so right in the ballpark. This is for full kit, helmet, boots, hydration pack with tools.
  5. NEGbrap

    What is "plush" suspension

    Out and in.............from where and where. Out from full closed, and in from full open, or are you saying from the middle setting.
  6. NEGbrap

    What is "plush" suspension

    Thanks I reduced compression and and speed up the rebound, but still felt a bit harsh. I have the base settings so I will get crazy on my next ride.
  7. NEGbrap

    What is "plush" suspension

    Thanks I did this prior to sending them out. I said my main gripe with the stock valving was the harsh response to roots and trail trash, no matter what the speed. Air pressure in what? My tires? If thats what your asking I usually run from 15-10psi in a UHD tube up front (M59 tire) and 12-8 in the rear in a ICR VE33 110 with tubliss. Depending on conditions.
  8. Just had a full revalve, spring change and service on my 2018 Beta 300RR - Told him New England trails and hare scrambles C class rider chasing B riders. I wont name the tuner yet as I don't want this to go down the road of "should of used such and such a tuner". My question is what is "plush" and are my expectations of what a 1000 dollars worth of work should allow my forks to do? I took the bike out Wednesday for the first time since the work was done, and while it felt better, it didn't fully address the issues I was looking to solve. It felt good at speed, good in the whoops, pretty sufficient over mellow bumps, but still harsh (albeit better) across small roots and trail trash, something we get A LOT of here in NH/Maine. It also felt harsh especially when braking hard before a corner. Braking bumps included. It didn't dive much under braking, nor lurched around when I pinned it. I am new to the whole dirt bike world and have only been riding 3ish years. I have yet to hop on a A or AA level riders bike, to see what suspension is like for the guys carving out 1st 2nd, and 3rd, so I am trying to get a realistic target to try and get my bike to. Can it be set up to essentially float through the trail trash? Can gripping to hard with hands cause the ride to be stiff? Will I be sacrificing something else dramatically if I can get rid of this feeling? WHAT DOES GOOD SUSPENSION FEEL LIKE!!!!!!!
  9. NEGbrap

    Crusty piston from oil injection

    Motul 710. Bike runs really well, but has a smokey start. Just wondering what the long term impact is.
  10. Hey all I have a 2018 300RR, following factory jetting guidelines. Now that the bike is broken in the motor runs fantastic. Two complaints I believe the OI allows oil to trickle into the motor which on start up causes the motor to be super smokey until it cleans out. Much more so than any two stroke I have owned. When I had the bike apart, I peaked into the cylinder through the spark plug hole and my piston looks dirty for only having 20-25 odd hours on the motor. I believe this is from the OI issue stated above While I love the OI (recently did the New England Classic, 2 gas stops, no oil fill ups woot woot) I hate the smokey start as I feel in contributes to a dirty motor, and will eventually effect performance. Any thoughts on this? I'm tempted to pull the system and go premix. I love the motor, and how it runs, and just recently got a full revalve and respring from Plus One Performance that I can't wait to go rip. I just don't want the super oily/smokey starts because I feel it is negatively impacting what would otherwise be a clean motor. thanks
  11. NEGbrap

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    Can we change the name of the thread to "Hawaiidirtrider posts lots of stuff, I mean seriously A LOT" ?
  12. HOLY CRAP! I stopped paying attention to this thread, but DUDE the videos are the best. I'm pumped for you and Roczen. Reward his energy and enthusiasm, and give him good belly scratches and you will have one hell of a dog. BRACE YOURSELF FOR THE DESTRUCTIVE PHASE. Lots of toys to chew, and when he chews something he shouldn't don't scold, distract with a toy. Good luck brother!
  13. NEGbrap

    Suspension Suggestions?

    Yea thanks for suggestion. Everything I have been reading, it seems these Beta's come undersprung as to give it that "trials" feel. I am definitely going to do stiffer springs, it is really missing that plush start of the stroke. I am talking to Steve at Plus One Perfomance, and may just start with a fork revalve and spring, and respring the rear myself. I immediatley switched to new tires when I got the bike. M59 up front and VE33 in the back. Great combo, but I want to try a 505 cheater next. Thanks
  14. NEGbrap

    Suspension Suggestions?

    Sorry all, its a 2018 Beta 300RR
  15. NEGbrap

    Suspension Suggestions?

    Just rode 110 miles of woods and single track at the New England Classic for Cystic Fibrosis, and have determined my suspension needs some work. My rear felt decent, albeit a little kick over larger whoops, but the front was not very good in the chop. Definitely beat up from that ride. It got worse as the day wore on and I became tired, but it should be much better than it currently is. My first thought was get it sprung as I am slightly over factory weight at 195, but I don't think that will solve all my problems. It is the initial stroke that I thought was the problem as it felt harsh on the small stuff, and also would just blow through on square edge hits. Any thoughts? EDITED : 2018 Beta 300RR