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  1. wrenchbender

    YZ250 Timing Thread

    Also for a cheap holder for the dial indicator, you can use an adaptor for a compression tester -- the part that screws into the spark plug hole -- saw it off the correct length for your dial indicator--drill the inside diameter out for your indicator--drill & tap a hole in the side for your set screw-- your done!
  2. wrenchbender

    Delaware Hare Scramble

    Great vid, as yours always are!
  3. wrenchbender

    Lots of hcam videos

    Cool vids! Thanks for sharing! Especially the crash video!
  4. wrenchbender

    Carolina Riders Connection

    Hey guys! A few of us are planning a trip to CAW probably on June 30 from south Ga. What are the best singletrack trail #s up there? Or Must Ride trails?We like Highland Park if there is any comparison THANKS!
  5. wrenchbender

    WR-trans, just 5th?

    That's correct, Vintage. You can do 3-4-5 or all of them. I only did 3-4-5.
  6. wrenchbender

    Saturday at the Black Dog W/ Pics

    Beautiful country ya'll got out there! Thanks for the pics!
  7. wrenchbender

    good low torque?

    Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth. Best thing i did for low-end traction was the rekluse. I know it doesn't actually give it more torque, but you can use 100 percent of whats there to pull, instead of abruptly spinning. All I do is ride in the tight woods, & I like my YZ better than anything I have ever had. Of course there probably isn't any mod that I haven't done to it! I much prefer climbing hills with it over the KTM 450 exc I had. The combo of the Gnarly with T-C 2, Rekluse, WR 3-4-5 gears, & much jetting makes it an awesome woods bike. You don't really realize how much torque is there with a manual clutch because it "blows through it"- so to speak. Another benefit of the wider ratio gears is that it makes the bike pull harder instead of spinning so much. I always retain the clutch lever with the rekluse because I still use it in the woods.
  8. wrenchbender

    Kelowna, BC

    Beautiful pics! Looks like an awesome place to ride!
  9. wrenchbender

    Alaska Riding Photos

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing! So much different than Georgia!
  10. wrenchbender

    Timber Mtn Hare Scrambles, April 2008

    Great vid, nice scenery, thanks for sharing!
  11. wrenchbender

    help require is my flywheel fitted with a weight

    Sounds like a Steahly FWW to me. You can tell by the fact it has no nut holding it on the crankshaft. It spins on after you take the original retaining nut off.
  12. wrenchbender

    throttle cam maybe?

    Yes, I rode it some before the Rekluse, but to be honest, I'm a Rekluse fan. I've put them in my last 3 bikes-01 WR 250, 03 KTM 450 EXC, & now my YZ. For me,trail riding is so much more fun with Rekluse. The smoother engagement of the clutch makes it hook up better. I mean if you just cram it to it will bust loose for sure but it makes it easier to" modulate" I guess is a good way to put it. Also in super slimy conditions when you pop up on some exposed roots or rocks you can upshift 1 time & let the bike "ride " on the clutch momentarily until you're past the bad spot. And yes, I know this is hard on clutch plates at times but I've been doing it for 4 years & I replace them about as often as straight manuals. So I have no complaint on that. In my opinion ALWAYS install the tungston balls in the Rekluse,that helps clutch plate life.I also always use the perch over-ride so that I keep my clutch lever, I still work it manually a good bit of the time, to loft the front tire or when I need to induce rear wheel spin. Imagine, no more engine stalls whatsoever! Because mine always happened at the most inopportune times! As for the WR 3-4-5 cogs, 1st & 2nd remain the same so no changes there. BUT the WR 3rd is lower than the YZ 3rd, so with the conversion 3rd is just a tick higher than 2nd- comes in handy in the woods for me. Then you have the larger gaps between 4th & 5th. That's the reason I took off my FWW, to build rpms quicker for those upshifts.When I first put the WR gears in, I was running 14-48 gearing. I took it down the road with a gps to check the speed, I let off at 78 mph. That was scooting along pretty good on the highway- too fast for my old self. I run 14-51 now. Anyway, just my experiences.
  13. wrenchbender

    throttle cam maybe?

    I've had my '03 YZ for about a little over a year. When I got it, it had a Gnarly pipe with turbine core II silencer. In the spare parts was the stock pipe. I proceeded to completely go thru the bike, replacing all bearings, worn parts & whatever. Even did some research & installed WR 3-4-5 gears. Installed Rekluse clutch. It already had an 11oz. fww on it. Rode it & did some more adjusting, etc. Finally took the fww off, that was good for me. Then just a couple of weeks ago,in the name of experimentation, I put the stock pipe on.UGH! It was horrible for me! Took away ALL of the low-end grunt& mid-range pull.(Granted I do have it jetted well for the gnarly & didn't change it) Honestly, I would not enjoy riding this thing if all I had was the stock pipe.The Gnarly definitely don't rev as high as the stocker- it's just strong on bottom off idle blending into a smooth strong mid-range & then signs off, which is fine for me. All I do is trail ride, race a few harescrambles for fun-- I love tight singletrack. The last bike I had was a WR 250 4t that I had modded out & with the gnarly pipe & rekluse my YZ will lug and pull off idle as well as the WR. The tranny gears help tame it on the trail when running a gear high as well - I've ridden stock YZs on same trails back to back- big difference. I've ridden many KTMs & love them as well, but my ole YZ is mighty fun now!l
  14. wrenchbender

    New to Savannah any good riding around

    It's according to what kind of riding you like. If M-X is your thing, check out LIVEOAKMX.COM , that's fairly close. If you like trails, well, SORRY! Not much close for pay-to-ride trails. Only if you get to hookup with some local riders on private land. About the closest to us is at Wrens. (Sunnysideatv.com) Personally, I like going to Wrens & riding the old harescramble trails. But that hasn't happened lately!
  15. wrenchbender

    Saddle Mountain Ride report w/pictures - Thursday 1/3/2008

    Thanks for posting. I really love the pics! We don't get to see stuff like that in GA.! I am so envious of ya'll out there!