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  1. Yeup, y'all be careful out there. Bikes are fun, but things can go wrong in a blink of an eye and either one gets turned into goo, or crippled. I got a buddy up in Oklahoma, and he let him ride the 85 cr-250 I now own while he was drunk and stoned. That was my buddies first mistake. Well his friend rode that monster, some how did a super screwed up wheely on the pavement, the bike looped out on curb, he landed on his back, broke his back, and now he is paralyzed. Wheel chair for life. I called my bro a dummy for even letting some one ride his bike, the guy could come back and sue him. Plus the bro was drunk as crap, very dumb. He told me come and buy this bike, I don't want to see it any more. When I got it, the mono-shock was bent pretty badly? How the heck did that happen, and the frame was ok, and one fork leaked. I fixed every thing. The moral of the story, is be careful out there. Your are my age, and you know better, my friend! Here is the cr, that my buddy let his friend loop out on the pavement. So it might be haunted, LOL!
  2. And the coolest of all small bores? These classics, fit the bill.
  3. I have heard an old saying, that pertains to aviation, but im sure it could be adapted to motor-cycle riders. "There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old-bold pilots." Think about it,"Genius"😉
  4. I have ridden a 82 steel tanker gs-1100 on the road, safely, I did a little hot rodding on back roads far away from traffic. I have also ridden a really nice 78 gs-500 safely on the road. I know one thing for sure , any fool that thinks they can mess around with any car, truck, or a 18 wheeler, is one card short of a deck. I remember a while back while coming off a 2am shift on a super highway, I was driving my 97 camaro and it was nice and empty. Next thing I saw was a crap load of headlights, and low and behold they were all crotch rockets blasting by me, wheelies, criss crossing in front of me, etc. I thought, man o' man, these fools, and chumps are going to be road kill. Next morning I woke up to the local news, and I found out that a crotch rocket rider and his gal plowed into a semi truck, taking off their heads on the trailer. Crazy man, crazy!
  5. Mo' Huskies baby, mo' on da way!This last image is for gents who want to change from a Baritone to a Soprano in one easy method, Hey it worked for Michael Jackson, and Prince, it should work for you, He, hoooeee, tee hee, Chamone, chichi a pee dirta, Heeee hoooo.
  6. Ya' ever wonders how most inventions get copied, well now folks you are about to be schooled. Ever wonder about the "tourist" back in the day visit us with cameras. They weren't here to see stupid trees or land, no sir! Take a gander at this and have your narrow mind blown. LOL!😉
  7. Ah, swamp buggies, I should have known, Great day in the morning, that's one mighty fanciful corntraption. One probably could catch plenty o' craw dads with that gizmo. LOL!{snowmobile} Too the ol' mule to the market? She had a good run, bubba!😊
  8. That would be pretty cool. User controlled would be ideal. Sure why not?😎
  9. I see y'all have some dirt bikes over on the riggity right side. Y'all gots a mule on the middle side, but what's that strange contraption on the far left, a jet ski with skids?, we ain't never seen one of dem, round these parts.😉
  10. Ah, you are a youngin' I got 5 years up on yall. You were born on honest Abe's birthday, too cool. Now will you carry a penny through the snow to pay a library fine? Outta sight brother!😉
  11. Just a second, I pushed the wrong button, my big ol' gorilla fingers and such. brb.
  12. Dayaum, yall some anal-retentive brothers up in here. This sukka is so clean, the molecules at the atomic level, glisten like morning dew on a blade of grass. Diggity, dizayaum. Clizeeen up in here!
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