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  1. If they measure the same and same shape, how can they run differently?
  2. Dan, the ones with the fresh new orings is the new gnarly, other is my stock pipe. It's hard to tell with pics due to angle of camera. I measured every weld of every section. No difference anywhere.
  3. Randy, I believe you, but I just can't find any difference in the two. Even measuring them. I haven't tried it on the bike. Just didn't want to waste the money if no different.
  4. I have an 18' 300re. I was wondering which pipe was stocker, so I called fmf and gave them the part number on the stocker, 125081. They said that it pulled up as a fatty pipe built for beta. So I wanted to try a gnarly for my woods riding. Got one in today and after looking at it and the stocker, measuring length of sections, circumference of sections, it seems to be identical to the stock pipe. So I called fmf back up and got a different person this time. Asked him to look up the stock part number and he also said it is a fatty. Explained to him the gnarly I got was identical. So he looked up individual part numbers for each section of the pipe. Come to find out, the stock pipe and gnarly have the same parts. He then looked up the fatty and different part numbers. So the stock pipe is a gnarly according to the individual pipe section part numbers. I just wanted to be sure. Has anyone ordered or actually seen a fatty and a gnarly side by side? Where is the difference in the 2 pipes. Here are some pics of the stock, on the left and the gnarly.
  5. TimR

    Ordering OEM parts

    Call Steve Bonecutter at Bonecutter Beta & sherco. He has tons of parts in stock. 573-353-2283 that is his personal cell phone. If he doesn't answer, leave a message, he always returns calls. He ships the same day. bonecutterbeta.com
  6. TimR

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    I just found an automotive machine shop in town. He chucked in a lathe and we cut it down so I ended up with 1mm, or 40 thousandths squish. He only charged me $20.
  7. TimR

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    Just go with the stock head cut down to 1mm squish measured with the solder method. Much cheaper and no noticeable difference in power compared to RK. That was my experience.
  8. I saw a video of you with a pro circuit silencer. Are you still running it? Is it a 304 or the R304 shorty? Could you measure and let me know the length of the canister? Thanks! 

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    2. TimR


      Saw the pics, thanks. Is it super louder than the stock, like just in the woods at low throttle?  I'm sure it is when you open it up. 

    3. hawaiidirtrider


      You heard the sound on the vid. It’s surprisingly not that much louder than stock considering how small that slip on is. Got some other youtube vids with a pc pipe on the mx track. I think those are also linked.

    4. hawaiidirtrider


      just a refresher.. and just look up pro circuit pipe Beta on youtube and there's some videos from others..

  9. TimR

    Ordering OEM parts

    Bonecutter Beta, free shipping over $75. Has most stuff in stock.
  10. TimR

    Beta Dealer Meeting

    Any mention of a 200 race edition?
  11. TimR

    Too lean?

    That makes sense and I also just slow trail ride. Will try the interceptor next time and see how it does. Thanka for the article.
  12. TimR

    Too lean?

    So you can tell a difference between dominator 50 to 1 and interceptor? What is the difference?
  13. TimR

    2018 Power valve

    I think 2 turns in from flush.
  14. TimR

    Lectron with rk head

    I just installed the head and did not mess with any gaskets. I installed the head right after I bought the bike. Didn't really ride it stock much.
  15. TimR

    Lectron with rk head

    I just put a Lectron on my 2018 300rr race edition about a month ago. I already had the RK Tech head on it. Just got tired of messing with the Keihin. I love the Lectron. Runs awesome and do not have to touch it. I have it exactly like they sent it. Have not had to adjust it at all. For me it runs better than the keihin at all throttle positions! Running 91 octane ethanol free gas with 20% VP Racing C12 and 50 to 1 Amsoil Dominator. Love it!!!