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    Cylinder Works Big Bore Cylinder Kit

    So much faster than the stock 90mm piston...94mm is the way to go.
  2. DreDay

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2008

    Freshly built 440SM.
  3. DreDay

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2008)


    Freshly built 440SM.
  4. DreDay

    No spring-back in clutch lever

    I was really hoping I could get away without having to open her up
  5. Alright, I have exhausted google searching this issue and am finally reaching out for help on my issue. So here it is, I have a 2008 DRZ400SM and I just finished putting her back together again; after getting the motor built and back from Eddie. I started her up and didn't run into a problem until I tried shifting gears...I pulled on the clutch lever and it didn't return to its starting position, it just stayed there all pulled back and such. I can shift gears but I'm not using the clutch. SO, I went ahead and bought a new clutch cable, thinking that since the cable was starting to show signs of wear, it was the problem. I got the cable put in last night and this problem still persists... I tried.... - Rotating the clutch arm (on the motor) to the correct position when I installed the new cable. Then I ran the cable through all its regular positions on the frame and finally hooked it up to the lever. - I made sure there was no binding and that the cable was well greased (added measure since they come pre-greased from Suzuki) Is there some kind of spring that helps in pulling the clutch cable back to its correct position? I know that the motor clutch arm rotates freely when unhooked, but then how do I get the spring back into my lever? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! -Dreday