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    Bring back Mike Kay, aka Iron Dude, aka .....

    Death in Baja. Thats the post the sunk him. I agree with almost everyone else. The guy added some spice to this board, and its boring without him. He was also really insightfull and helpfull sharing lots of race/riding info. You 2-3 Mikekay haters are the ones who need to get some help. The guy is alright by me! My understanding of what happened is this: Mike posted about a rumor he had heard, asking for collaboration, and after that he was banned. OK--its easy to hide behind a computer and call it all a lie. And who knows--it might be. Mike stated it was a rumor he had heard, not that it was truth. He asked if anyone else had any info. Personally--i dont understand for one second what the problem with that is. He didnt name names, didnt liable anyone, didnt do anything buy ask if anyone had heard the same rumor. The story behind the rumor is this: Jimmy Lewis was trail riding in the high desert one day last year with a group.(Mike wasnt there) Yes--THE Jimmy Lewis. They all got to talking about baja racing, how to get to know baja, etc. Jimmy offered advice. Discoussions of tour companies took place. Comments about a recent death of a rider, and possible lawsuits where made related to a US based tour company. One of the guys in that group went riding with Mike months later in Baja and related the story he had heard while riding with Lewis. Mike didnt know about it. Mike asked a couple baja buds if they had heard about it, none had. A second and totally unrelated discussion took place with Mike and a hotel owner in Baja at the Baja 1000 in November. It was a very similar story about a rider dieing in baja, and about some complications. Again a US based baja tour company. ...SO thats how Mike learned about an alleged tragic event in Baja. The info Mike was hoping to get in his post was about a lawsuit that might threaten dirt bikers from using lands in Baja. Specifically ejido lands. It might all be BS. Its possible that Jimmy Lewis never said anything like this, that the rider made it up. Or its possible there was an incident and a family from Colorado is preparing a lawsuit that could close huge sections of riding areas in northern baja. Major stuff, or not. But lets remember something. Another guy on here also heard a story like that while on vacation in Cabo. So yes--there is a rumor going around about a gringo dieing, and possible lawsuit. Might have been a motorcycle, might have been a scuba diver, might just be a common type of rumor in all tourist sectors in Mexico--like the cat in the microwave story. Point is--it wasnt a lie. It wasnt a fabrication. It was a valid question, related to a rumor. No different than asking for info about a rumor of a rider dieing in a SCORE race, or whatever. -------------------- As for Mikes Dakar adventure, i think its really interesting to read Cosmo telling us how he knows what really happened. Sitting behind his computer eating pizza watching it on TV? Or maybe its enough to get one side of the story? As Bajabound has pointed out before, theres always two sides of the story. I would really like to see Mike post his side of the story. Apparently his support was horrible, and there was drugs and major screw ups from his support crew and it was a mess. Thats what Mike has posted over on ADV! Mike has offered some glimpses into his first Dakar trip over on ADVrider-but its not much to go on. There is some info on his Rallysocal website, but no post race write up. There is also stuff in the Husqvarna section on TT--a long string about his dakar prep. Its interesting. I dont get all Cosmo's hatin'. Anyway you slice it its cool that we had a TTer go to Dakar. I really liked following his dakar effort, and wish he gets over there again. Lets also remeber Mike raised many thousands of $ for orphans in Baja, taking his time and sharing his baja expertise with dozens of TTers. He's also shared lots of info about desert racing, bike set up, and all kinds of stuff. I dont want to hear anymore crap about him. The guy has always been a fun and informative part of the Intl family. You know it, and so do i. A few sisssys with their panties in a wad who never say anything helpfull anyway are a small minority on here. They are the ones who should be banned. Mike is alright by me! I would like to challenge a few of you guys out there who have ridden with Mike, know the guy, or have just had some help from him from time to time to step up and show some support. If Mike ever helped you out with a helpfull PM-lets hear about it. Free Mikekay!!!!!!!!!!
  2. brrpr

    foam tubes

    I totally agree-- I've never used them--but there are cases where the balls went flat--and then started to destruct the other balls. I know of two instances where they have failed--there are rumors of others...but i really dont have direct experience with them. for sure would be worth considering... Point is--there are trade offs for all this stuff. It takes some testing--and it changes lots of things....i personally like the fact i can now run an MX front tire with superior grip--where before the weak carcass wasnt up baja standards--but with the mousse it is....so there are all kinds of un-intended things that are affected....you might want to change the amount of oil in your front forks also if you go with non-air. I find the wheels with mousses are not heavier than the air. not sure how the tire balls weigh in? finally figured out how to break up a quote into seperate questions...
  3. brrpr

    Probs w/ BRP

    the answer to the footpeg problem is for Honda to fix it! I've often heard the oil pump make some noise. valve tapping is a very distinct tap tap tap tap tap tap tap lots of new noises come with a bigger skid plate...the '02 bikes have thicker cases to quiet them down a bit....i always like to throw that one in when i have a chance
  4. brrpr

    camo plastic?

    there was a pic of a XR650r done in full camo on here a couple years ago...the guy was riding in death valley i think--it was cool. might be in the 650 show us your bike string? you can get most sticker shops to wip up some camo sticker sheets, cut them to size and then seal it all up with lots of thick stretchable clear. tim/chilli idea sounds like it would work. but then there is the issue---do you go with fall foliage or mossy oak, desert storm or enduring freedom?
  5. brrpr

    TE610 It's Official

    Then theres the Baja Attack Wolf option: 11:1 big bore, SMR gearbox (taller), SMR cam, flowthru pipe, HID lights, Al sub frame, quick dump tank...
  6. brrpr

    Rim dents

    Man i go thru rims so fast its not even funny. I've gone thru 6 in the last 2 months the guys at Wheelworks laugh when they see me coming....
  7. brrpr

    Chinese CRF/YZF 4 stroke clones

    Its time to come out with a USA made Penton line of MX, SM, and OR bikes. IMHO the japanese bikes are already largely outsourced to China and Brazil--and that will continue. KTM and Husqvarna are exceptions--but its to make dirt bikes in the USA. The engines should be HCCI (no spark plug!) and the frames should be carbon fiber.
  8. brrpr

    In need of honest advise!!!!!

    keep the bike, get rid of the punk-ass.
  9. brrpr

    TE610 It's Official

    that last pic shows the OEM rack over the rear fender. looks like plastic. cool. now they just need to make a bigger fuel tank.
  10. For sure get an '05--bigger/stronger valves, charging system, etc. Great bike any way ya slice it. Value, performance, reliability--its a great choice. Cant ya swing a test ride?
  11. brrpr

    First ride 05 TE510... vs 05 RMZ450

    the Husky takes a long time to break in. especially the front forks--dont be surprised if you are clicking them softer for a month or two...i run the forks with two lines showing on top--but thats more related to what kind of stuff your riding. The bike likes a 15 tooth sprocket unless you are deep in the woods. Adjust the sag 4-4.5 inches. It takes some sorting out--sag/fork settings will bounce off each other until its all settled in. That pipe is nice and quiet--but its also very corked up. If you are racing a free flow pipe will turn it into a snarling beast--and will clear up any jetting issues. Congrats on the 510-its an awesome machine!
  12. brrpr

    Carmichael sponsors Dowd.

    Thumpertalk should sponser his last race.
  13. brrpr

    Baja TT Ride?

    Sounds horrible. Why would you want to do that?
  14. brrpr

    Gas Gas or KTM?

    Husqvarna WR250 if you like 2 strokes TE450 if you like 4 strokes... www.husqvarna.it