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  1. azr33

    Noob Check-In

    Those sizes will work just fine. Better tire choice too in my mind. I tried the 244 and didn’t like it at all, 270 I’ve used on a DR600 and much better traction in the dirt.
  2. azr33

    New member. What's this?

    Obviously a home job with all the silicone. What does the lower black hose section connect to? must be some exhaust emission thing someone came up with in a dream??
  3. azr33

    Noob Check-In

    I’ve used a Wolfman enduro tank bag on my 02’ E model and fit was perfect with my IMS tank. I’m using MT 21s front and back and really liking them. Have used Trackmaster up front and it was good too, also had a Motoz mountain hybrid on the back which was pretty good too. Get some case savers for it pronto.
  4. azr33

    Stiff clutch lever

    Synthetic 10-40 oil. Cable is routed as per the service manual.The perch is basically set in the only spot it can go, can’t see any issues with it’s placement. Think I’ll be pulling the clutch cover to see what’s in there.
  5. azr33

    Stiff clutch lever

    It does have the stock clutch perch. I've ordered the OEM cable and the o-ring for the clutch cover.
  6. azr33

    Stiff clutch lever

    The motion pro cable was fully lubed and I checked the placement and it’s properly placed.
  7. azr33

    DRZ400E Rear Break Light Switch - Help

    I hate to hijack this thread even further but isn’t that adjustment nut for adjusting when the brake light comes on?
  8. azr33

    Voltage leak or cold snap?

    Oh, and being cold has nothing to do with the battery kicking the poch, a battery will actually do better sitting in the cold than in the heat. People get the idea of cold effecting the battery because when it’s cold out everything else in the engine is cold, ie; the oil and it takes more amperage to crank the engine over hence putting more strain on the battery which maybe lower than usual because it’s cold outside and the vehicle hasn’t been driven in a while or long enough to charge the battery and no one put it on a tender. 😁
  9. azr33

    Voltage leak or cold snap?

    Sounds like a battery. A motorcycle battery should really be charged at least every 2 weeks, either by being ridden or by a charger. By 2 weeks cell destruction starts to occur in the battery. No amount that will bugger the battery the first time but after accumulated times it builds up and whamo. A battery shop can load test your battery but an easy way to tell is remove the battery from the bike charge it up, test the voltage, test it again in 24 hrs, if you have much more than .2 of a voltage drop it’s buggered.
  10. azr33

    Stiff clutch lever

    That’s a good point, I just put in a new Motion Pro. I’m ‘pretty sure’ the one that came out was OEM but I can’t be sure and it was getting pretty nackard. I’ll order an OEM and see what that does. Good tips on the routing I’ll make sure I follow the manual when the new one comes in. And if all else fails I’ll take off the clutch cover and see what’s behind there. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
  11. azr33

    Stiff clutch lever

    Good thoughts. Reluctant to pull the clutch basket without needing to but I can't do more than a couple of hours on single track without having cramping.
  12. azr33

    New to the forums!

    There's a classified section on this website that works well. Where is the picture of the parts stash you bought?? 😃 Welcome aboard.
  13. azr33

    Stiff clutch lever

    02' DRZ400e. My clutch lever has always been stiff. Stiffer than my buddy's DR650, and wayyyyy stiffer than another buddies DRZ400 with a Righteous Stunt Clutch lever. So I've put in a new clutch cable and a new ASV clutch lever but it's exactly the same. I even threw the old clutch lever back on again just to compare and there's not much difference if any. I really was expecting a noticeable improvement to clutch pull but maybe there shouldn't be with this setup?? any thoughts.
  14. azr33

    Bogging with FCR Slant

    If you did the Eddie mod properly it really should be just a short squirt. When you did the Eddie mod you made sure you got rid of all the slack? and cut the metal on the diaphragm well?
  15. azr33

    Bogging with FCR Slant

    Man, great video. Doesn't get any better explained that that.