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  1. ...Two or three time according to the previous thread on this bike. IMO, I'd take it back, if the dealer will not work with you, consult an attorney. You should be able to find a '15 for that price w/out multiple rebuild (and botched at that) attempts.
  2. What would even make you want to get into this engine if a dealer has already attempted rebuilding it two or three times? As soon as you tinker on it, all bets are off and any/all problems will be your fault. Wash your hands of this and consult an attorney, maybe take it to a reputable dealer?
  3. If you drill a hole through the pin, not only does it look trick, it gives an additional place to safety wire after installation...
  4. Sure, and that wasn't the highest either, Domienduro had that topped (of course he'd performed ALOT of preventive maint,) and both were two years ago. If they kept the same pace, wonder where they're at now?
  5. Well its been about two years now, sadly my Beta has only 150 hrs on it...wonder how many everybody else is up to???
  6. Pop into Highland Cycles in Montrose, CO, they are all dirt riders themselves, know the area well, and are a wealth of info for riding, preparing, lodging, eating, etc!
  7. Plus you can lock your boots up against them on long uphills and downhills...
  8. The passenger kits...are simply the aluminum sub frame struts with holes drilled in them, and a little bit of reinforcing around the holes. Wish I'd taken photos. IMO, they are probably similar in strength to the stock ones. One positive note however, I can lock the backs of my boots against them on long up/down hills similar to another product out there... But now my kids can feel planted on a two-up ride!
  9. Its filthy, but I was too excited to get the new TM Designworks guard on as well as the carbon clutch cover guard. I'm running the 505 Cheater right now, it IS tall, plan on adding a tooth or two to the rear sprocket...
  10. I too was concerned at the temps of my Beta 500RS and the fan operation. After a brief conversation with my dealer, it was pointed out that the temp readout is taken from the cylinder head on the Beta. The fan thermocouple is located at the bottom of the radiator. Aftermarket system's temperatures depend on where you take the temp reading from.
  11. Your welcome. I have never done tests on a gearbox oil. My OPINION/what the lab has told me, AND seeing other lab results from bikes with combined oil systems, is that the gearbox/wet clutch is Way harder on the viscosity index improvers (the polymers that change 40wt oil into 10w40.) Transmissions w/out a wet clutch generally use gear oil since it better withstands shearing. On my 2T bikes I've always changed the gearbox oil every ride, and you could see the aluminum in the oil each time.
  12. Agreed, I always use Dawn as the final. Also understand silicone is different, but that came from the lab that gaskets and/or sealer used could be leaching in and will diminish with each oil change. They didn't test for fuel dillution, but my Guess would be none to very little given the low hrs on the engine, crisp running condition, and the oil didn't smell of gas. Lead was from the fuel...
  13. Well Beta says 30hrs so I didn't think 31 was crazy, now however.... The lab flags abnormalties of their averages. I've compared to other people's lab results. One yzf250 would turn 10w40 into 30wt in 4hrs (combined engine/gearbox however.)
  14. For what its worth, I did an oil analysis on my 2015 Beta 500rs for a few reasons. My first modern 4T, I thought 30 hr oci's would be too few hrs. I thought 30 hrs on the gearbox oil would be far too many, especially since I'm a avid clutch abuser. I've only really raced 2T MX bikes in the past and changed the gearbox oil every ride. I also used a M/C 10w40 oil I had which doesn't have friction modifiers (moly) for wet clutch use and added a dose of Valvoline's moly additive at their recommended dose. Would the moly show up in the analysis? The sample had 31 hrs on it, I boiled it in tight single track twice. This was b/f I knew Beta spec's 15w50 in the RR480's. I'll use a 15w50 in the future. I swap a clean air cleaner after every ride and check the inside air boot. Next time I'll "white glove" it. Its clean however by eye but the high silicon count indicates dirt, or from silicone sealer leaching. The high copper count usually comes from bushings I'm told, is this from the water pump issue...? This engine had 61hrs on it at the time of the change a wk ago. This viscosity dropped from 10w40 to 10w30 range in this time. The additives were barely used up (TBN 7.) I'll be changing my oil more frequently!
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