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  1. I'll have to try something different like what you guys mentioned. Thanks
  2. I've never really seen smaller diameter grips advertised. I usually use the Pro Taper pillow top. I've tried thin gloves, like the Leatt's which I didn't like. They were so thin that if your hands got wet they'd give crazy blister. I've been there once, cool spot plus we were the only ones there.
  3. Which brand grips do you like?
  4. That's cool man, glad you resolved it the right way instead of buying one of those overpriced gimmicks! The advice you gave is spot on and what I've also been told by pro riders. I do end up slacking off and need to constantly try to remind myself to loosen up with my hands & arms and squeeze with my legs. It's not easy and takes time to perfect. What state is this guy located, sounds like a good deal
  5. Yea +1 on the X8's. I picked up the POD K4 recently and am not impressed for such a well rated brace. I haven't ridden with them but they just seem like they wouldn't do a whole lot. Knee protection wise, from impact protection, the Leatt's hands down. Hard to tell how much rotational support you would get but didn't seem that great, obviously better than a knee pad. Anyway, Pod's just didn't fit me well. Returning them and the plan is the Mobius X8's.
  6. I have been using the Least Dual Axis for last 3 year's and love them. Very solid protection, fit is great (by the there is a left & right side) and comfortable even in the heat. I use the EVS TUG knee brace socks which adds to the comfort. Anyway, I have to let you know during a crash, while wearing them, I tore my ACL, meniscus and something else. It's been a long recovery since surgery and have to wait about 8 months to ride again. That said, I will be wearing knee braces from here on out! Get knee braces!! Even if they're used, from CL, ebay or something.
  7. Gotta ask OP, how much?? She's a beaut!
  8. Good point! Update. Etown really dialed the track in. They added lots of wood chips no more mud and rutts. The track was really smooth this past sunday. I can honestly say it better than the old racetrack now and only getting better. You can check youtune etown mx practive 6/3/18 to see the bew track. Not me riding but will give you an idea. Awesome, love to hear this news! Excited to finally get back on a bike and check it out! I'll check out the vid, thanks for the update!
  9. Found out the problem & some people should not be working on bikes! The wrong base gasket was put on covering the coolant channels. The piston was stuck inside the cylinder and took about an hour to get the two separated. Now I need to decide what to do with this thing, I'm thinking parting it out makes the most financial sense.
  10. Yes sir, title is good thing all around! Thanks again.
  11. Ahh, I gotcha now! Ok, that makes sense. Yea man, I learned a lesson on that deal! Really?! I've been trying everything to get the title on this thing. I contacted the original dealership, Yamaha etc and not one person was able to tell me anything other than I'm ish out of luck. I will definitely try PennDot! Nothing to lose and a lot to gain! Thanks Capt!
  12. I had a KFX450R confiscated from me recently, invested a lot of money in it too. Ran the VIN before I bought it, came up clean. I had a smart idea to apply for new title and came home to the cops taking it!! [emoji30] I now want to make sure this never happens to my beloved YZ that I don't have a title for but know it's not stolen. Just want to provide ownership to it if ever needed.
  13. With that being said, would I be setting the sag up as an '18 then? I'm thinking about it. I had my KFX450R confiscated recently as it turned out stolen and would hate to lose another bike. Even though I know my YZ isn't stolen, I want to be able to show ownership of it.
  14. I found another post on here where someone else discovered the difference in part numbers and apparently in 16-18 they made slight change in rake and trail. Do you think it would be a straight forward bolt together Doc? Would it ride differently or would suspension be setup differently than my '15? I can cross reference more parts like bearings but would hate to make such a costly mistake buying this frame and swapping over and getting stuck half way in the middle. Could be my luck lol
  15. I just stumbled upon this as well and am curious if I could simply swap frames on my '15 to an '18 frame. Anyone know if this would work? I don't have a title to my bike and am tempted to jump on a part out of an '18 with a certificate of origin.