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  1. DirtBikeHead

    VForce 3 or Boyesen Reed Valve or Remove stoppers?

    Boyesen RAD valve all the way! I am a Boyesen fan and much preferred over V-Force. I've seen way to many problems with V-Force reeds. I've seen ones less than a year old break off and get sucked into the motor & I've seen them warp and relatively new. These have been on people's bikes that I worked on. Never ran into any problems over many years with any of the Boyesen's. Good luck!

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    For sale is an almost complete HINSON Billetproof Clutch Assembly - Needs springs & bolts from your clutch. Used - has some wear, see pics but didn't seem to effect the performance at all. Bike ran great before it was parted out. One of the teeth has chipped and some marring which can all be seen in pics. Text for pics $400 - shipped!


    , Pennsylvania

  3. Damn, sounds like you wrecked pretty hard man! Good to know. I've never broken my femur but I'd imagine that would be the better (faster healing) to break vs the ACL. The time down is quite lengthy [emoji30]
  4. DirtBikeHead

    Moose throttle cam and Steahly flywheel weight review

    Thanks for sharing, I've been looking into this. I have been recovering from surgery but getting close to being able ride again. Over the winter, I sold my 250f which is what I'm really used to. I also built a sweet '15 YZ250 so that's my new bike I'll be riding. It's not going to be nearly as predictable! Did you consider the G2 throttle tamer? Wonder what (if any) differences are between that and your moose?
  5. DirtBikeHead

    Help!! 250XC puking coolant!

    I'm back.... I replaced the piston & rings, base gasket and head o-rings, new reeds & reed cage. Second kick, bike fired right up and first kick thereafter. Did several heat cycles, bike seemed to run good, took it around the block....all good. Buddy picked it up, took it for a ride around and said it seemed ok. He took it out the following day and said it was blowing coolant out of the overflow and possibly mixing into the exhaust. Could this be caused by 1 of the 4 o-rings in the power valve being bad? I did not even open the power valve/exhaust valve on the front of the cylinder. The two covers on either side were very clean though. I'm scratching my head!
  6. Cool, i have an appointment coming up. I'll ask about getting one. Is there a model number/name that yours is?
  7. Hi DK, do they offer much impact protection or are they strictly a brace?
  8. Awesome man, glad your going strong post ACL. I'm hitting the legs hard, been making great progress. I'm going to continue to build up my legs plus add a brace. It's all gotta help, including the initial placebo effect [emoji41]
  9. Good to hear your response, thanks! That's what I'm afraid of with the Mobius, looks so hot!! Have you had the chance to "test" them out? Do they give you some added confidence that they will protect you if need be? I'm so used to the leatt dual Axis knee guards, really liked them for impact protection but it's definitely time to go for a brace!
  10. Really don't want to have to go through that looong downtime again so trying to find a solid brace. I found a deal on a POD K4 bought that and tried it on in the house, w/o boots on. Didn't like it at all. The pattella guard was very flimsy and can't imagine doing much. The whole thing didn't seem that good to me, despite the glowing reviews. The TLD's sound nice and are reasonably priced. Read the patella gurad isn't the best in the center but otherwise solid. Some said it was a little short. Anyone have experience with the TLD Catalyst? The runners up are: Alpinestars Fluid Tech Carbon, Alpinestar Fluid Pro, Leatt C-frame or MOBIUS X8.
  11. Damn man, sorry to hear that!! I haven't ridden since January when I went down and tore my ACL and meniscus. Had surgery in March, hoping to get back out soon! I know your non-physical pain. Speedy recovery!
  12. What happened Pat>>>?
  13. DirtBikeHead

    250 jetting database

    Just installed a Boyesen RAD valve and an FMF gnarley. Any recommendations for that set up? 2016 250XC.
  14. DirtBikeHead

    Help!! 250XC puking coolant!

    I thought that too. I asked my friend if he topped it off at any point recently and he said no. It was high so I sucked it out to the fins. It didn't spit out right away, but it did after taking it for a rip down the road. Actually quite a bit. The weird thing is, even after all this time it's been spewing, it doesn't look much lower! I'm sure its coolant too. I'm going to replace the head o-rings and the base gasket and hope for the best. I also tilted the bike over with the cap off to get any air bubbles out before all of this...
  15. DirtBikeHead

    Help!! 250XC puking coolant!

    Op back, pulled the power valve cover off and it's dry and looks fine. Pulled the water pump cover off and the impeller spins as it should. Pulled the head off, both o-rings looked ok. I'm left at a standstill here. I'm assuming the problem is the system is over pressurizing for some reason, but don't see any reason why. Anyone have any other suggestions?