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  1. Hey guys, I found a '90 KX80 for sale and I used to have one when I was a kid so I was thinking it would be cool to buy to have for one of the kids when they get older or just flip. What do you think something like that would be worth if pretty close to restored? Supposedly it was running great, floats would get stuck so he rebuilt carb and now it doesn't start. If that's the case, could be simple carb rebuild or obviously much worse. With all that in mind, what do you think would be a great deal?
  2. Wow, it's guys like this that need to be handled! Talking about stringing wire across the path at chest height!! Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  3. NewJersey

    Haha let's bring a lot of efffing beer! I can't ride for this season due to an injury but next season count me in!!
  4. NewJersey

    Nice recon job Dirty. My thoughts originally was to stop there during the weekend, preferably a nicer day when people are there riding. I talked to a buddy of mine that is familiar with the spot, he says some of his buddies ride there. He hasn't been but said he heard it can be shady with large booters and short landings but this was a while back and most likely has changed. Also said it's usually very dry there despite the water nearby. Anyway, I'll try to find out some more info too.
  5. NewJersey

    Yea man, I think that will be your best bet. Then shoot me a PM & tell me about it!
  6. NewJersey

    This place looks sweet. Hard to find info about it but it almost looks like you could just show up...that's what I'd do. Unfortunately, I'm out of commission until next year but I'd like to check it out. Have you found out anything on it from recently? Looked like the few YouTube videos I saw were older.
  7. This ^^ Your light and a beginner. That KX will take you for a ride. You will totally enjoy a 125.
  8. Thanks for that solid advice Chris! I saw a somewhat recent post on here, guy posted a lengthy review on the Lectron carb and wasn't that pleased so I dimissed the idea of getting one. Sounds like I may want to reconsider! I could definitely benefit from better mpg, besides I'd rather not have to put a larger tank on if I don't have to. I think I'm going to start off with the G2 and the gnarly & muffler and go from there. Thanks again! Cool, everyone really seems to like the G2. Maybe I'll skip the fww and try the G2 first then decide if I need the weight. Thanks
  9. Yea I like that tool as well, works great. My above post was in regards to not really having any special tools.

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    2015 Kawasaki KX250f - 20 hours As close to new as I'd imagine you'd get! I bought the bike brand new, I'm older and have taken extremely good care of this bike. Very little use and is COMPLETELY stock - everything is original. Comes with the title, original book and map couplers for the fuel injection. $4700 - cash


  11. Grab a heat gun or a torch, warm up the hub near where the bearing sits. Then use a hammer slider (if you don't have one can borrow for free local autoZone) and pull them out. Put them back in with the wheel sitting on a 2x4 or wood then warm hub up again & "gently" using a hammer and a socket (I prefer the deeper sockets) that matches the outer race of the bearings. Done!

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    1996 KX250 beautifully restored....


  13. I was just talking about this yesterday to a friend. I agree with the stiff supporting boots causing more strain on the knee's. Then you have the debate that with braces on, your more likely to fracture your femur (depending on the amount of energy/force/speed). Since my recent ACL tear, I'm going to go and get a pair of braces anyway. From the research I've done, looks like the POD K4 or K8's are the ticket! Interesting insurance, sounds expensive? Do you have a link where I can find out more info on Med-Star? I searched it but keep coming up with something in Maryland that doesn't seem to be the same.
  14. Sorry about your injury, I know what your going through! About a month ago I was riding my '96 KX250 (with a 310cc kit) and hit a long straight trail section, decided to ride a wheely. Was moving, in 3rd and hit powerband too hard and it through me off hard. Ended up getting pretty banged up, worse part was I blew out my knee, grade three MCL, ACL, Meniscus tear with some bone bruising. I couldn't put weight on my left leg at all and this KX is a BIT%H to start. Two buddies with me, neither could get it started for about 10 minutes. Luckily I had someone to start it. Meanwhile we were lost in the forest, spotty cell service and took quite awhile to get out. Anyway, here I am a month out and about to get surgery in 2 weeks and won't be ready to ride for 9 months! Too bad yo didn't get any GoPro footage of the floating serpent & aliens! lol