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  1. nvrider

    2017 XC300 general thoughts and parts intel

    got my new 2017 KTM 300xc the day after hernia surgery. so plenty of time to try out and install parts. so far; 1) Acerbis carbon fiber front disc guard fits perfect. 2) Trail tech fan. (same as 2016 350 xc-f) 3) Bullet proof designs radiator guards, shark fin, and swingarm protector. 4) TM designs skid plate & slide and glide kit. 5) FMF Gnarly pipe. (was told another week for turbinecore II spark arrester.) 6) acerbis x-factor hand guards. 7) Tubliss front and rear still waiting for scotts performance to cnc damper mount and BRP handle bar mount. I have found that for chassis components referring to a 2016 KTM 350xc-f will fit on the new 300xc. hopefully another 10 days and I can finally go ride!!
  2. nvrider

    KTM 300 XC (2017)


    this is how a 2 stroke should be!!!
  3. nvrider

    KTM 300 XC 2017

    this is how a 2 stroke should be!!!
  4. nvrider

    KTM 300 XC 2017

    5 reviews

    SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Design: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine Displacement: 293.2 cm³ Bore: 72 mm Stroke: 72 mm Starter: Kick and electric starter Transmission: 6-speed Primary drive: 26:73 Secondary gear ratio: 13:50 Clutch: Wet, DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics EMS: Kokusan CHASSIS Frame design: Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame Front suspension: WP-USD, AER 48, Ø 48 mm Rear suspension: WP shock absorber with linkage Suspension travel (front): 310 mm Suspension travel (rear): 300 mm Front brake: Disc brake Rear brake: Disc brake Front brake disc diameter: 260 mm Rear brake disc diameter: 220 mm Chain: 5/8 x 1/4" Steering head angle: 63.9 ° Wheelbase: 1485 ± 10 mm Ground clearance: 370 mm Seat height: 960 mm Tank capacity (approx.): 10 l Weight READY TO RACE (without fuel): 100.7 kg
  5. Yes the normal turnaround was 3 days, but, with the coatings being done in japan and then the revalve in Scottsdale, it takes 3 to 4 weeks. I asked if he had cores and I was told, forks rarely come in brand new and unused (because of nicks & scratches) that he could not do exchanges. Just fortunate that I have 2 other ktm’s to ride
  6. it would be a pleasure to show you our riding areas, and yes I can and will ride this wknd. my normal group includes a couple of novices to "A" vet riders. we only go as fast as our slowest rider for safety and all new friends are welcome! whatever your plans are, have a great time!
  7. nvrider

    2011 sxf exhaust

    I have a 2011 250 xc-f, same motor. I just put a full titanium fmf pipe on my bike. Had a hard time getting the header. I was told that the bend was more downward, because of the clearance between the front wheel at full compression and the header. Maybe a different rake for that year?
  8. I just sent my forks and shock to Stillwell for their “A kit”. Setting it up for moto x. I am using this bike for mostly track, but, with clicker adjustments it can be tolerable for singe track and desert riding. The only problem is that it takes 3 to 4 weeks before I get my suspension back! So now my 2016 450sxf is sitting till it’s finished. After that I’m sending my 2015 350 suspensions out to stillwell for a more desert / single track suspension.
  9. As a rider in northern Nevada I can tell you that this week we are going to lose a lot of riding areas due to impending snow storms. We have a little snow now. We can only ride 2 track trails in the woods at this time. But the lower desert areas are still open and rideable. I’ve enjoyed reading your adventure with your 2011 Ktm. If you want a more detailed riding report you can pm me.
  10. I too have been waiting on responses to this question. I’m still on the fence for a Stillwell or Kreft suspension. My 2016 450 sxf needs to be lowered 2 inches as well as a better fork and shock set up. This bike will be a dedicated track bike until the 17’s come out, than it will be turned into a desert racer. Can I get a suspension that can handle both mx & desert?
  11. nvrider

    16 450 SXF MIA

    I finally picked up my 2016 450sxf!! Yeah!! This will be my third new KTM this year. I pulled both wheels off to check the grease level, and surprised that there was more grease on these bearings than the other 2 combined, nice surprise! Spent Saturday torqueing every nut and bolt and all were in spec, another surprise! Also added a Hardline hour/tach meter. Sunday woke up to a snow storm, bummed. Debated whether or not to go out anyways, snow, mud, brand new bike…. I couldn’t do it. So today I dropped it off at Met-Tec. Those guys are awesome, Dirk and Kevin. They wanted my bike so that they could take measurements of all the new 2016 450sxf nuts, bolts & axles. So if any of you order any kits from them they will be accurate. Kevin let me hold a factory requested axle, WOW, I have pens that weigh more than that axle! I won’t get the bike back until Thursday, and on Friday I send out my forks and shock for rework and coatings. This is said to take approx. 3 weeks. So I guess it’s still MIA.
  12. nvrider

    Honda Montesa Cota 315R (2001)


    light weight trainer. learning how to improve my enduro riding.
  13. nvrider

    Honda Montesa Cota 315R 2001

    light weight trainer. learning how to improve my enduro riding.
  14. nvrider

    KTM 450 SX-F 2016

    most powerful dirt bike I have straddled. demands respect from its rider.
  15. nvrider

    KTM 450 SX-F (2016)


    most powerful dirt bike I have straddled. demands respect from its rider.