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  1. KingTrailRider


    thanks i look into it tmrw
  2. KingTrailRider

    Spoke Skins!

    Put wd40 on em and it prtects them... dirt/mud etc comes right off and when u clean it just re apply... same with rims. mine look brand new after 10 years of riding
  3. KingTrailRider


    1976 or 77 kawasaki kd100m Spark plug keep getting soaked so the bike bogs... will be hard to start unless u dry the spark and try again... would less oil in premix fix it? Help! Thanks
  4. KingTrailRider

    2011 CRF250R stopped running after a ride and new top end

    just wanted Jmontans to see this
  5. KingTrailRider

    First bike for 14 y/o son

    Ttr 125l is a great bike too... my first bike and they're bullet proof. Perfect to learn and once he gets good they can make good mess around bikes... wheelies and shit haha
  6. KingTrailRider

    First bike for 14 y/o son

    Tell him i wanted that at first and now i would never switch back in a million years... so much more you can do!
  7. KingTrailRider

    First bike for 14 y/o son

    I'm 5'8" and 115 pounds... i ride a ttr 125l right now and its too small... id really like to get on a wr250f asap but for a starter a crf150 big wheels great... dont forget about the 230s... ttr 230 and crf230
  8. KingTrailRider

    Ttr 125l transmission problem?

    Hey ive got a 2004 ttr 125l and i think i have a transmission problem. here are the symptoms 3rd gear it sometimes pops out of gear and makes a nasty rattling noise 1st gear power wheelies (no clutch involved) make an awful grinding (like trying to shift a car without the clutch) when i land jumps it sounds like a bucket of bolts ive got plenty of clean oil in the bike.... it does leak oil reallllyyyy slowly though... like a drop a day. help!
  9. KingTrailRider

    Trials vs trail

    Alright... i have a ttr 125l and am big for it... im 5'8" so a 250 would be slightly too big but im still growing a ton. ive been saving to get a 250 and sell my ttr 125l but im also thinking about just keeping it and getting a trials bike instead of a 250. i still trail ride tons which i can do on my ttr but not sure if i should get a 250 and no ttr or trials and ttr. tell me your thoughts!
  10. KingTrailRider


    Ive got a bit of a problem. My rear brake (drum) isn't working very well when I use it but will slowly start working better and better as i hold it like it needs to be warmed up. The only reason i can imagine it failing is because last week i went mudding and it was submerged for a while because i got stuck with the wheel under water. Not sure if they can be submerged but it never has been a problem... well it hasn't been submerged for a half hour either. could there be any other problems? not sure if any of you have had problems with brakes on your bikes. Thanks!
  11. KingTrailRider

    Yamaha TTR125L (2007)


    Pretty bulletproof, good handling but I'd like more power so I'm soon upgrading to a wr250f.
  12. KingTrailRider

    Yamaha TTR125L 2007

    Pretty bulletproof, good handling but I'd like more power so I'm soon upgrading to a wr250f.
  13. 13 year old 5'8 still growing... will be 6'4"ish... I don't ride track much but wouldn't mind the ability to. Looking for a bike in the $1000-$2000 range. pretty experienced rider just need a bigger bike. i dont want some bike to learn on im looking for a long lasting durable bike for me to ride. something not crazy heavy and good power. xr250? crf250x? wr250f? any other good bikes?
  14. KingTrailRider

    CRF250X vs WR250F

    was just reading that an xr250 might be a good choice but worried because theyre heavier and older
  15. KingTrailRider

    CRF250X vs WR250F

    just riding with friends.... trails and mud! was wondering if a crf250x would be a better choice than the wr250f... any differences? any consistant problems with either?