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  1. What rock walls? I've never seen or heard of them.
  2. KTM or Husky 350 four stroke. Good all around bikes. Or, if you want something a little less powerful and lighter, a 250 four stroke.
  3. Looks more like a bomb range to me. Meteor strikes that close together seem unlikely and if legit would probably be protected.
  4. Pretty cool race. I'm still sore today. I raced Saturday and Sunday. Talked to MC also. Great guy. Grant was flying.
  5. 4Sevens

    Trails to ride near Tempe AZ

    As long as your motorcycle is legal in your state and you have proof of that, you are fine without obtaining anything special to ride here in AZ. As for riding areas near Tempe, there is great riding North of there near Bartlett Lake. It will be a 45 minute drive more or less from Tempe. There is a staging area called Wildcat and so many trails you couldn't ride them all in 10 years. There are other areas as well with a little longer drive.
  6. 4Sevens

    Alto pits

    Alto Pit is a very small riding area. I wouldn't bother. Go to 7 mile gulch. It's off the 69. Turn on Walker Rd and drive 2 miles. At mile marker 2 there is a staging area on the right. Awesome riding in there. If you want to get more technical and do some gnarly stuff, there is limitless riding up in the Bradshaw mountains. You can ride to a cool mountain town called Crown King. Anyway, you have tons of riding around there but Alto Pit is not very good.
  7. 4Sevens

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    2 strokes hold value better. Most likely due to lower operating costs and less chance of hidden gremlins that will cost thousands.
  8. 4Sevens

    CR500 Swapped Alta Redshift?

    The ALTA frame is not conducive to an ICE swap. I believe the electric motor is integrated with the frame somehow or other.
  9. Thanks! Just bought a freshie. Love USWE packs.
  10. 4Sevens

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    I have Flo aftermarket pegs and the footing grip is so much better than stock it amazes me. I'll never run stock again.
  11. 4Sevens

    How to crash?

    Stay with the bike if you can. Anytime you leave the bike it can hurt you. A hard landing with an upright bike between you and the ground is way better than a hard landing taking all impact to your body. I way over jumped one time and stayed with the bike. I landed crazy hard but the forgiveness the bike provided saved me from injury. Bottom line, crashes are usually a last second, no time to think and react type deal. It's usually instinct that drives your response. Unfortunately, like most things, crashing technique takes practice and nobody wants that kind of practice.
  12. 4Sevens

    Tips for speeding knee injury recovery

    I had a massively swollen knee with no damage visible on any scan or x ray. What I did is ice, elevation and rest. I also took 2 Aleve twice daily and that helped. It is amazing how much it has improved in only 4 weeks.
  13. Being that I am in the XMC club and we put on the Oracle race for the first time at a new venue, please give me some feedback on the race and venue. What did you like? What would you like us to change for next November when we return? I can tell you there will be more mileage next year. We literally cut in 60% of those trails where no trails existed so it was not easy getting the 7 or so miles we got. With more time we will make it better.
  14. Yes the trade off for single track is passing difficulty. We did make sure there is some 2 track where passes can happen. I will tell you that I was able to pass my buddy without his assistance in the single track on this race course twice in a lap while we were "working" on the course. Neither of us crashed. We will stress the importance of letting people by. Remember! - you have 10 feet on either side of the course to pass. Make it happen! Technical single track like this breeds mistakes so wait for the guy in front to bobble and make your move. It's single track race craft. If it was easy we wouldn't do it would we. Yeehaw! Let's have some fun guys! I'm pumped and I have 3 days of work instead of racing to look forward to.
  15. 4Sevens

    KX205F for woods and trail bike

    Your biggest hurdle is going to be suspension. Stock suspension on that bike is going to make woods riding harsh.