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  1. 4Sevens

    Out of state riders staying in Yuma

    There is a lot more than sand dunes around Yuma. I don't live there but do business there and I know some guys who have great loops that have no sand.
  2. 4Sevens

    Out of state riders staying in Yuma

    There are trails in Yuma but usually need a local to show you. As for the off road sticker, you will be fine to ride without one.
  3. 4Sevens

    Endurocross Coverage

    Arizona is becoming a training hub for hard enduro athletes. I was at the Prescott round and it was so packed I couldn't find a seat after leaving my friends to get food. So I said screw it and went full on VIP. I walked down to the start line and hung out there all night. I basically acted like I owned the place and went wherever I wanted. It was awesome. I hung out by the podium girls and the start line. Had a bunch of buddies racing so I talked to them as they waited to line up.
  4. 4Sevens

    Payson / Northern riding spots (forest) ARIZONA

    I don;t know if there are legal trails other than for side by sides but up in Whispering Pines area is beautiful and prime for single track. I rode up there last Saturday and it was so nice. I only say sxs and quads though. No bikes. It was weird. Makes me think they have chased all the motorcycle riders off.
  5. I threw that in so I didn't sound as crazy as I thought I did when I re-read what I had written. But yeah, dude is most likely an assassin in training. Bahahahahahaaaa!!!!
  6. To fix the flame out and hard to start issue, raise the idle a little higher than you think is right. ALL my buddies with 350's have the same problem except me. They just can't seem to get over the idle being as high as it needs to be I guess. Raising the idle will fix both issues but sometime when hot and dumped, etc. the 350 won't want to fire. I hit the starter button. If it doesn't start pretty quick I hit the kill switch for about one second and release it while keeping the starter engaged the whole time. It usually fires right up. You probably won't have to do this if you raise the idle to the proper level.
  7. The beauty of the 350, when set up right, is that you can lug it like a 300 two stroke and when you rev it out it has the power of a 450. That said, my 2016 350 weighs a pound or two MORE than the new KTM/Husky 450's. The new 450's have launch control and traction control plus they have a map switch to make changes to power delivery on the fly. My next bike will be a 450 KTM or Husky. I'm in no rush though. Love my 350. My next bike after that 450 will hopefully be an electric with power and weight as good or better than the new ALTA Redshift MXR and 100 miles of range. If you've ridden an ALTA, you can't wait until they get more range on a charge. I'm A class fast on the ALTA and I'm normally a B class rider. The ALTA is a game changer just the same way the 4 strokes have been. The traction with the ALTA is second to none. The power is adjustable on the fly. The #1 power mode is like riding a 250F. #2 and #3 power mode is like a 350's power and #4 is like a 450. Weight is a non issue if you have ridden any modern 4 stroke from a 250F up it's close enough. Handling is superior to any other bike I've ridden. Same for traction. Hearing everything is also an advantage. Not making noise. Someone please get the ALTA's range up. Sorry to get off track.
  8. So this dude is out there all the time, all alone, with a sniper rifle, doing target practice about head height and the size of a head (bucket). I hope you have his license plate clear in one of your images. Lone gunman in training right there. Or, maybe an Olympic competition shooter just out practicing and honing his craft.
  9. 4Sevens

    Help with trail riding

    In sand you basically use more throttle and less brakes and faster is better. Sand tips: Think of it like a boat on water. You need to get up enough speed to climb on top of the sand like when the boat gets up on the water. Sand requires much less braking and only use the front brake when you need to brake hard while still going straight. I mostly use the throttle to brake just by letting off. Turns in sand require some practice to get good. You need to get used to how much the bike will dig before it grabs in sand. Basically the bike will create its own rut in sand so just arc the turn smooth and your bike will dig in then it's all throttle control.
  10. 4Sevens

    Chad Reed 2018 AMA Pro MX

    With this field he will be around top ten. There aren't many regular top ten 450 guys left right now.
  11. 4Sevens

    American Hard Enduro series?

    It won't be a points paying AMRA round but AMRA clubs and racers will be involved. It's pretty grassroots right now. Might not happen here for 2 or 3 years. Not before next year for certain.
  12. 4Sevens

    American Hard Enduro series?

    I have heard rumblings about putting together a round of hard enduro here in Arizona. A series is in the works for sure.
  13. 4Sevens

    Payson / Northern riding spots (forest) ARIZONA

    I will be searching out some single track near Payson as well. I have checked once and had no luck.
  14. CJ, the bikes run a different course. This is one of the very few AZOP races I like. There is also an AMRA race that uses some of the same course. It's a good one if you like single track and some high speed stuff as well.
  15. 4Sevens

    Ok to ride without plastics

    Ride it like you stole it!