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  1. I rode the Alta MXR this past weekend. I went in excited and with high expectations. This can be a recipe for a let down much like an over hyped movie. I came away more impressed than I expected!!! The MXR is so fast it is scary at times. It handles like everyone says - like a 125 two stroke. So light and nimble feeling while it is upright. Yes, when you lift it on a stand or pick it up from a fall it feels like a 350 or 450 but no heavier than that for sure. We rode 20 miles that took about 4 hours on mountainous single track. The battery was between 1/2 and 1/4 from empty when done so it will do somewhere between 30 and 40 miles in hilly conditions. I was hoping for more distance than that. That was the one negative to me. I need a bike that will go 60 to 80 miles. I have a 2016 KTM 350 XC and the Alta MXR weighs almost the same but it is much faster and feels much lighter. It handles better than my 350. After riding the Alta I hopped back on my bike, or should I say old school tank. It felt like climbing out of a Tesla Model X and into a 1980 Jeep. My KTM felt loud, unrefined, jerky and slow. It really felt like I went back in time. The Alta is definitely the future. I am not willing to own more than one bike and I can't get enough miles out of an Alta battery so I'll have to stick to my old clunky KTM for now. Bummer!
  2. The two outside chocked bikes can be strapped to the trailer for the outside and the inner strap can go to the middle chock. I installed eye hooks on my trailer recently but used to just attach the straps to the rails. Off road the hooks didn't stay a couple times.
  3. Not if you off set them. The middle one goes all the way forward and the two on the sides are back enough so that the handlebars on the outside bikes do not pass the handle bars on the middle bike. Like this: ( ) ( ) ( ) I have the same size trailer and it works great.
  4. If you need/want chocks, I would do 3 rather than 2. Besides, you might have a buddy that wants to go too.
  5. Since Geoff Cardoza left things aren't the same at MotoCity. Call AEO and see what they can do. I'm sure they are taking a lot of MotoCity business. Like others said, sell it yourself and you know you will get what it is worth. Then bargain for the new bike you want. Geoff is now at a dealership in Palm Springs, CA (Palm Springs Motorsports) and selling for great OTD prices if you don't mind driving.
  6. arizona

    I got a couple quotes for insurance including limited highway use to go with the plate. It was around $160 a year. Anyone found it cheaper and if so, with who?
  7. arizona

    I don't do any insurance for off road only.
  8. I just bought a pair of these and I'm very pleased. Fit is spot on and they aren't narrow so you should be good. Only thing I noticed was after a long ride standing on the balls of my feet a lot in whoops there was a pressure point in the boot that hit the top of my foot above the small toe. I have worn them 3 times now and that was the only ride where I felt that. I found it was where two seams come together. Nothing I'm worried about really. For the money you can't go wrong.
  9. Now if they could lose about 30 pounds they would be competitive with KTM/Husky. I love Honda but they are still behind.
  10. Two places not far from you. As stated above there are the mile markers, which is out on Carefree highway toward Wickenberg. Mile markers refers to the highway mile markers. Mile marker 14 is a good one and the closest spot. There is also MM10 and MM4 that are good. The other spot is on the way to Bartlett lake. There is a sign for the staging area called Wildcat. Tons of trails from there. If you want to get out of the heat there is the Prescott area just about an hour drive from you also.
  11. Based on how you describe the idea of moving up I suggest you do not do it. At least not yet. Wait for them to force you up or until you finish races and feel like you didn't get enough. Don't take the fun out of racing for yourself by moving up prematurely. I moved myself up and struggled big time when I did it. I did not enjoy racing that season at all. So I decided to step up my fitness and now I'm able to compete for a B class championship. It is very satisfying but without making big changes to my fitness I would have continued to struggle and hate it. If you aren't up for the challenge don't do it. I know more guys that regretted moving up than guys who were glad they did it and it is tough to get approval to move down. In all honesty, it will make you a better rider if you move up and step it up. It won't be easy though. Nothing worth doing ever is. So yeah, I contradicted myself all over the place in that paragraph. Bottom line, you don't sound ready mentally so don't do it yet.
  12. Sweet deal. I ordered a pair.
  13. arenacross

    I would bet the death blow was losing the TV deal. I'm speculating but that makes sense to me. That was probably the only way the series made any money.
  14. arenacross

    The big loss here is all the riders who used to get paid to ride Arenacross are out of a job. Fewer paying jobs in the sport is not a good thing in my opinion. Maybe the kicker Arenacross series will grow and the teams will move over there but without a TV package it's going to be rough. As of now it looks like a bummer for guys trying to make a living racing dirt bikes.
  15. No I said it has had no valve work but it got a new top end at 150 hours. Several guys I know are pushing the top end to 200 hours. Maintenance wise, this has been the most trouble free high performance 4 stroke I've owned.