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  1. Yeah, that's where I'm at. I actually gave up everything else entirely. I'll fish and golf and stuff when I'm too old to send it. Yep that's me exactly. I'll ride as long as I can and then maybe move to race cars. I race cars now once in a while just to remind myself it's not worth it - and I don't even own the race car! The owner is constantly trying to get me to race his car but I just don't want to. You spend all this time and effort to go out in a heat race for something like 5 minutes and then the main event is maybe 15 minutes and that's it. Then it's time to strip the car down and clean it not to mention any bumping during the racing probably bent a bunch of parts that I have to replace. Just not worth it. Plus, car racing is filled with a-holes. Between fights and just plain stupidity, it's hard to enjoy. The motorcycle racing community is a whole different world and I have met the best people racing motorcycles. Anyway, back on topic. It seems to be a huge advantage to be small and light in moto racing. Yes there a few big guys that are exceptions but not many.
  2. Nothing compares to riding...nothing. I've tried it all.
  3. Actually all the relevant crash studies by the NHTSA show that overweight people have significant crash survival advantage. Their bones and organs are more protected from blunt trauma. From personal experience, when I was way overweight and crashed I broke bones. Now I lost weight and when I crashed I had internal injuries to my spleen and liver but no broken bones. So, the heavier the more likely to break bones. The lighter, the more likely to do internal damage. I almost died from blood loss so I would rather break bones.
  4. Arizona

    I talked to a guy named Geoff in Yuma and he says he has some great single track trails out there. I thought it was pretty much sand riding but I guess not.
  5. I looked more into the drop rule. It seems that most all off road race series have one or many more drops to a season. One series has 30 races and you take your 20 best finishes for season points. Anyway, I don't see the drop rule changing since it is so commonly used.
  6. Look into Prescott also. Great riding in that area.
  7. Good points on the race drop rule. I will bring that up in the next comp committee meeting.
  8. Fuddy, that is crushing to miss a series championship by seconds. That Globe course was definitely tailored to small, light, and sharp turning bikes. It was basically 8 miles of turn track. I think I barely got out of 2nd gear all day. I was not a fan of that race at all but it was challenging. As for racing Sportsman, if everyone who raced did as you suggest, each class would have about 5 racers in it and Sportsman would be enormous. If you look through the results, only 5 or so racers per class make all the races. It's the minority. Also, Sportsman race the C courses and if I were to only do a race or two a year, I would still want the challenge of racing the longer and harder B courses. If it works for you that is great. Wish you were planning another full season.
  9. The difference is literally lightyears between the two bikes you listed. Everything, and I mean everything about the Honda is superior to that old Yamaha. I went from a 2002 Yamaha 426 to a 2005 CRF450R and that Yamaha suddenly seemed like an old, overweight, under powered, pig.
  10. I run the TLD chest protector and it has pretty good coverage.
  11. I did not enjoy this race much at all until the last 2 tests when a buddy and I went out one after another. It makes it so much more fun to chase or be chased by a buddy. I thought I did very poorly based on how I felt I did. Somehow ended up 4th, which was a pleasant surprise. If I had been able to do all the rounds this season I think it would be reasonable to assume I would have ended up 3rd. The top 2 guys were on it this year and I doubt I would have been able to beat them even if I hadn't been out for a couple months. I'm always bummed when the season ends. I'm hoping we can get more races organized with AMRA next season. It would be a little tough in summer but we can race in Flagstaff or maybe Camp Wood in summer. I don't know. Probably wishful thinking. Guess I'll go race cars for the summer to fill my need for racing. Maybe an AZOP race or two but they are just not very good for motorcycles. It's a 4 wheel show. Anybody doing the Sprint challenge or whatever it's called at Canyon this coming weekend?
  12. arizona

    You need to check the track websites for schedules. There are races but not many series and I don't think they require AMA membership so I don't think there is a AMA series in Arizona other than the AMRA off road series.
  13. Well, we have reached the last AMRA round for this season. I'll be there Saturday afternoon. Staying in my buddies toy hauler and hanging out. Going to be a dusty one! It's so relaxing when you don't care how you finish. Of course that keeps changing once the race is under way but at least I am not getting anxious leading up to the races. In fact, I've enjoyed these last few races with no pressure so much that I really don't care if I get a 40 B championship and I don't really care to move up to A either. Guess I will see how I feel as the off season progresses to next season. Good luck everyone and here's hoping this last round gives you needed championship points.
  14. I have had the Ultimate MX Hauler for probably 15 years now. It's always been great. No worry about stability or ruggedness ever.
  15. With such a good reputation, things can only go down hill. Let's hope it turns out to be a small hill.