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  1. Thanks for your input...troll on
  2. The only thing worse than someone who doesn’t know is someone like yourself who knows it all....and people make mistakes, i’m sure you’ve done so, maybe not? Find a new hobby....
  3. just an up date.... contacted a local wheel builder and dealer of haan hubs who was able to provide me with the internal cush spacer, its all cleaned up and deburred with some fresh cush rubbers.... despite the hub being unbranded it’s essentially a Haan anyway...and the cush rubbers are stock KTM items which cost stupid $s for what they are.... thanks to those that have helped.... now on to trying to figure out JoeRC51 theory on a Mikuni #70 pumper jet in a motor half the size it was intended for.....
  4. cheers, for the pic anyway JoeRC51 is here now he’ll take over with his no-ledge....might find out what jet to use...maybe a #70
  5. Gripo

    Choose 1 carb

    To the OP, just listen to JoeRC51 he knows it all... Good luck
  6. Gripo

    New wheels just came!

    whats the time frame been from ordering to delivery
  7. Gripo

    Choose 1 carb

    to the OP do whatever you feel comfortable with....after 2 conversion of xr650r’s and the initial conversations about the carb and setup i’m confident you’d be happy... if you talk to Tom at Mikunioz he would be able to explain better as to why he went with a custom #30 pump jet ....rather than to have to adjust the pump right back to nothing with a #70 so the motor can cope....gotta remember that the tm40 was originally for 1000cc+ Harleys
  8. Gripo

    Choose 1 carb

    Go for it....one of the other benefits is that they have a smaller pumper jet #30 specially made to deliver a more accurate shot of fuel... Would be worth a 5 min conversation with them.
  9. Gripo

    Choose 1 carb

    They’d be open its just gone 10am in their part of the world give them a call....ask for Tom? The aus/us $ ratio is in your favour atm....
  10. Not sure who the manufacturer was...could be chinese knock offs or non branded oem...the T7 website has a spiel... I haven’t heard from them as yet but i pretty sure a spacer isn’t involved..heres what the hub looks like and you can see the rubber cushions joined together which would of split causing the driver to bottom out on the hub.... A metal washer would only maintain the wear as such as there is back and forward wear marks from the movement in the cush....hence a nylon or rubber washer Anyone else with a set of similar cush hubs have torque down issues.
  11. sure thats what i was thinking...maybe some thin reinforced rubber or nylon sheet... the bearings are all good, i do remember the cush rubbers being joined together by a thin strip of rubber in pairs... that’s why i ask about a certain lb/ft for axle nut torque....maybe less torque required so the cush rubbers aren’t squashed???
  12. Gripo

    Choose 1 carb

    tm40-6 from www.mikunioz.com has everything you need to convert...pay a little more so you don’t waste your time setting up...
  13. Hi All Best to see the attached photos....not sure what’s gone on here.... Purchased the SM wheelset 2yrs ago fro Torpedo 7 that were a multi fit across the XR 400/600/650L/650R range with adapters to suit... Removed the rear for a routine wheel bearing check...all 3 are running smooth...they have about 3K on them... Was there something missing with the cush drive....or is there only a certain amount or torque that a cush drive requires compared to the stock XR rear wheel...
  14. Gripo

    XR600R 88-up EFI

    i know the difference efi can make to a motor...as i said earlier when i efi’d an engine from the 70s...naturally with well metered fuel delivery it was equivalent to a modern engine ...started easily, idled smooth, no bogs, responsive.... efi gives the true ability to gain from any motor mods made... jetting is only a guessing game and with just 3 points to adjust the fueling map of a carburettor it’s amazing motors run...
  15. Gripo

    XR600R 88-up EFI

    Its amazed me why an efi conversion for motos is not already on the market.... the after market car industry had efi kits long ago, i efi’d a datsun 1600 back in 98 with quad throttle bodies.... so why not a few throttle bodies 36/38/40/42mm but they must slide not a butterfly throttle