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  1. chan470

    ZipTy Racing Carb Modification - test

    I went for my first ride since the zip ty mod. I didn't notice a dramatic difference. The bike did stall when I unintentionally whack the throttle with the clutch pulled in entering a corner. Bad habits are hard to break. I went trail riding since this was my first ride since back surgery. I normal ride mx so I can't give a true review of the mod yet. Funny story though, when I first started the bike it didn't want to idle and was surging/missing at closed to 1/4 throttle. I was mad cussing the zip ty mod then I remembered I didn't drain gas out from last race in oct. Drained gas put fresh in ran and start like the champ! Zip ty did have excellent customer service as I have stated before. I'll make it to the track soon and report back with a real review.
  2. chan470

    silincer repacking

    anybody know the rivet size
  3. chan470

    sprocket saver

    swatdoc, thanks for sharing your experience with the sprocket saver. You saved me $30!
  4. chan470

    sprocket saver

    I ran across this chain alignment tool on cobra talk here http://www.alleganmotorsports.com/index.asp http://www.sprocketsaver.com Price looks fair @ $29.95. What do you guys think?
  5. chan470

    '07 450 timing chain replacement

    That is exactly how this error began. I was dissembling cams and counted 13 pins @ tdc then looked it up in manual illustration was 14. I freaked out, was going to sell the bike because I had around 6 races since I re-shimmed. I'm glad it was right.
  6. chan470

    '07 450 timing chain replacement

    yes it is 14 but I moved it from 13. And your correct it is the exhaust cam. Sorry for all the confusion.
  7. chan470

    '07 450 timing chain replacement

    I'm an idiot!! I just realized correct timing for a 450 is 13 pins.
  8. I'm replacing timing chain on bike. When I opened up engine I realized I was on tooth off on the exhaust cam. I had only 13 pins between timing marks. What damage could have been done by being one tooth off? The bike ran great. I reshimmed in July of last yr so I imagined that is when I mis-timed bike. The valve clearances where still in spec. I have replaced timing chain does this look right? I know gray has cover this alot but I just want to be sure. Thanks alot!
  9. chan470

    ZipTy Racing Carb Modification - test

    Recieved carb today. It is very clean. I ask them not to cut my vent hoses and they didn't. Zip ty suggested 165/45 jetting for stock back @ 1000ft. Installing tonight. I'll post opinion after I go for a ride.
  10. chan470

    ZipTy Racing Carb Modification - test

    Steve at Zip ty called yesterday. They are done with carb. and it is on it's way to me. I'll post when carb arrives. I sent carb to them from ky on 4/3. Zip ty has had excellent customer service so far.
  11. chan470

    426 starting tricks

    guys the cam mod is not just about easier starting. The mod changes the power making it more linear. And the bike will bump start if you stall in a corner. My 426 was a easy starter too but it would not bump start and I lost many positions in races going through the drill. Believe it or not the cam mod is worth every dollar and until it is done the full potential of the 426 will not be realized.
  12. chan470

    426 starting tricks

    do the cam mod! you'll be glad you did. Made my 426 so much more fun to ride and start.
  13. chan470

    New factory Yamaha MX1 bike

    awesome bike. I love the black!
  14. chan470

    ZipTy Racing Carb Modification - test

    ok you guys are starting to freak me out since I just sent my carb on thrusday. And what about the cutting of vent hoses? I wasn't aware this was part of the mod. Gray can you share your opinion on the purpose/benefit to cutting the hoses?
  15. chan470

    Best suspension shop for 08 YZ450F?

    ridered22: since your in ky look at http://www.suspensionplus.com. I have had all my suspension work done by Billy with excellent results. If you race any of the ky state series tracks he will be there for race support also. Very handy when a problem arises on race day. I highly recommend him!!