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  1. So I already know that the kdx 220 had more low rpm torque but less top end horsepower. This is due mainly to the 220 coming with a smaller carburetor stock right? If that's the case, will swapping in some aftermarket parts get me the best of both worlds, or am I missing something?
  2. What's different about the 600 mount?
  3. Looking to replace the busted up stock tank on my 650l, but have no need for more fuel capacity.
  4. Can you link me to any pages with more info about this issue? Can you swap parts off a post 08 bike on to a 06 to fix it?
  5. Thanks for the advice. These bikes do seem to be going for a bit more than that in my area. ( I could probably get one without the dual sport gear for that much, but I would have to drive two hours to do it.) Is there anything in particular that you have against the bike that would bring the price down, or is that about what you've seen them going for?
  6. 2006 300 xcw, with a Baja designs dual sport kit and a trailtech vapor already installed. Hours unknown, owner says he's never been into the top end, says PO replaced rings. A few aftermarket parts, pipe, handguards, springs (will redo suspension anyway) Both owners were old guys who used didn't ride much. Here's the add: https://albany.craigslist.org/mcy/d/06-ktm-300xc/6639957837.html
  7. If you want to ride a non plated bike legally in ny, you need to be a member of a private club. There are two dirtbike clubs near Albany, Capital Area Trail Riders Association near the Great Sacandaga, and Stateline Riders Club along the NY/Mass border. There is also hilltown riders in Nassau, but that club is mainly for quads and SxS. If you want to ride in the 518, you really ought to get a plated bike. There are tons of trails around here, but you really need to be street legal to access them.
  8. Yes, really. Seems like half the people on this site can't comprehend that bikes now cost more than they did when they started riding back in the 19th century.
  9. 1.Skill level: Novice I have a few years experience riding dualsport, and can generally stay upright in the dirt, but I don't have a solid grasp on any techniques that don't keep both wheels on the ground. I'm hoping to get a bike that will be easy to ride and un-intimidating that will make improving my skills more enjoyable. 2. Height and weight: 6'1", 220 lbs 3. My current bike is a XR650l. While I love it for street and easy trail riding, its tremendous weight and high seat aren't ideal for improving low speed skills 4. Budget: $3500 approx Caveat: I live in an area that doesn't have a large dirt riding scene and is hard on bikes, so anything that is in decent condition tends to cost $500-$1000 more than it would in say, the southwest. 5. Terrain: I'll be riding mainly tight woods as well as twisty washed out powerline trails I'd also like to be able to cruise at 55mph for twenty minutes or so to connect trails, without feeling like I'm abusing the bike too much 6. Racing or trail riding: No racing in the foreseeable future, though not ruling it out. Right now I'm leaning towards a kdx 200/220. I'm aware that it's a pretty gutless motor, but I really like the low seat height and relatively low top end maintenance.
  10. https://dirtdazerally.com You're a bit late this year, but you should check it out next year. Also, there isn't really any legal riding here Upstate either, but that doesn't really stop us...
  11. Anyone riding this weekend?
  12. Awesome. What length should I order to replicate the stock lines?
  13. What brand brake lines are you running on your bikes, and what length lines should I buy front and rear?
  14. Wanna buy my xrl? I'm trying to save up for a 450.
  15. By high end I mean high end as opposed to the ancient CRFX that was just replaced. I am certainty not a ktm fanboy, I'll probably never even own a ktm but that's solely because I like red better than orange. I don't buy into any of the mudslinging in either direction.