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  2. Right, and mine's turned all the way in until seated. If I turn it 2.5 turns as the manual reccomends, the engine rpm drops, if I turn it much farther the engine dies outright. Maybe I &%$#@!ed up the needle on the fuel screw somehow or the PO put in a new pilot jet but didn't tell me. The mainjet needle and size should not effect the pilot circut at all, right?
  3. Turning the pilot screw leans out the mixture correct? Since I have the screw all the way in it seems like my problem is the opposite of that.
  4. Possibly, but my issue is that I'm running too rich at idle which increasing airflow should help to rectify.
  5. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. What are your thoughts on drilling the slide vs the weaker slide spring in the kit? Should I run the Keihin jets and needle with the dynojet spring?
  6. Snorkel is removed, running a uni filter. What would lowering the needle do?
  7. 160 at 4500 feet? What does your plug look like? I'm at sea level and I think I'm running a bit rich. What is your idle screw set at?
  8. What mainjet are you running and what's your altitude? Yeah, I know I shouldn't have bought it and did Dave's mod instead, but I already have it and would like to at least attempt to use it. The manual that came with the kit recommended a 160 main at sea level, which seems pig rich since a 160 dynojet is supposedly larger then a keihen 160. Maybe offset by the different needle shape? I've also found that the bike runs best with the pilot screw turned all the way in since I've installed the 160 main. Is this the kit's fault or did I break something during re-assembly.
  9. What I'm trying to find out is if there is a way to deliver a title / CO that says "off road only" and get back a document that will get me a street plate in NY, where an "off road" title won't be accepted. If it matters, I'm close enough to visit a VT dmv, I don't need to do it by mail.
  10. So what do they give you once it's registered? Will Vermont send you a title / transferable registration or something for a bike under 250cc? What about bikes over 250? Basically what I'm trying to find out is if there is a way to deliver a title / CO that says off road only and get back a document that will get me a NY plate. I don't need to do it by mail if it can be done in Vermont, I live near enough to the border that visiting a VT dmv is not an issue.
  11. Sorry to hear Hilltown's in trouble. Heard there's not much well suited for bikes there, but it still sucks to loose any legal riding area. (Especially since all those quad and SXS riders now have to find a new place to dig mudholes.) I live near Sand Lake and have done some riding on the trails branching off those lines, though I've never been as far as Lanesboro. We'll definitely be riding in that area when we scrape a meetup together, though if you're looking to practice for hair scrambles keeping up with a noob on his xr650l might not be much of a challenge.
  12. Ok, thanks for the info. That "off" might be an issue in NY, thought I bet you could slip it past a distracted dmv clerk. Not worth the hassle of trying though imo. Anyone with a VT title to compare?
  13. Is your yz plated? A lot of the better riding around here is only accessable if you have a dualsport. Or if you just don't care about stirring up the hive....
  14. If you've registered in VT or SD: Please describe the paperwork you end up with when the process is complete. Do you get a new title that doesn't say "off road only"?
  15. Yet another up. Hard to believe I was out riding this time last year. Maybe this thread will get a little more interest when the season rolls back around. If it ever does... Out of curiosity, what kind of bikes are y'all riding, and what's your experience and skill level?