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  1. TheLastByte

    What's the stator output on a 2010 300 xcw?

    Awesome info, thanks! So If I can run an x2 off the stock ac lighting circuit, why do you say I should float the ground and run everything off DC?
  2. TheLastByte

    What's the stator output on a 2010 300 xcw?

    Thanks, I saw that. The issue is I still don't know exactly how much power I have to work with. That chart makes it look like the bike has a stator output of 100 watts AC only, but if that were true it couldn't charge the battery for the e-start.
  3. I'm trying to figure out what headlight I need to complete my dualsport conversion. I like the look of the trailtech x2, but I'm under the impression that light will eat all 100 watts of my stator output, leaving nothing to charge the battery or run other lights. Any recommendations?
  4. Can anyone confirm what the 2010's stator output is? I'm under the impression that I have 30 watts DC to the battery and 70 watts AC to the lighting circuit to work with, but I can't seem to find any definitive specs. I'm trying to figure out if I will be okay bolting a 70 watt trailtech x2 onto my bike without a stator upgrade?
  5. Man this reads like it was written by a kid. He even admits to committing a crime in the first paragraph ffs. It also advocates for opening up some of the only singletrack remaining in the northeast on public land to quads.
  6. I'm currently looking to get myself a dirt bike that's a little less agricultural than my current xr650l, and need help deciding between 250s. My main use for the bike will be riding the rocky two track that's ubiquitous around my location, as well as connecting trails on back roads. Both machines have street legal titles (very rare on two strokes in the northeast) and fresh top ends. The four stroke has a 320 big bore kit installed professionally by thumper racing. The xcw has suspension already sprung for my weight. The four stroke's owner is asking $3600, the two stroke's is asking $3000. My main concern is top end longevity on the xcf. I don't mind doing top end rebuilds yearly on a two stroke, but I'm not interested in any four stroke that gets me less than three hundred hours with regular maintenance. I've also heard KTM spit out a few lemons in their four stroke like between 2008-2011, can anyone confirm or deny? My only concern with the xcw is with high speed stability. I've head that ktm two stokes of that era tended to have twitchy, disconcerting handling, especially at high speed. It would also would be helpful to know what my top cruising speed in fifth gear would be on the xcw, though that's not a huge concern as I'm not planning on doing much highway riding with it. Thanks for your input!
  7. TheLastByte

    any of you guys solo riders?

    If I never rode alone I'd only ride a few times a year. I've yet to find a riding buddy who's always gtg.
  8. TheLastByte

    XR650l Battery mod: Xr600r side panel installation

    Right, but the issue is the fastener is riveted onto the bracket. I'm trying to figure out what the correct way is to attach the dsuz receiver to the airbox once I drill out the rivets holing it to the bracket and the bracket to the airbox.
  9. So I've managed to successfully perform spud's battery mod on my 650l, now I want to throw on a xr600r left sidepanel since the battery box is gone. What's the best way of modifying that little bracket that pushes out the quick disconnect mount to accommodate the battery box on the 650l to the position the mount is at on the 600r?
  10. Cool! I've been meaning to hike out there sometime but haven't got around to it. I was under the impression the trails there were real rocky and torn up by quad and side-by-sides and such. What kind of paperwork do you need to ride there if you have a street legal machine from out of state?
  11. So I'm starting to get a bit sick of riding the same old stretches of quad/sxs trails along the mass/NY border, and am looking to stretch my dualsport's legs a bit more in New England. I know there's plenty of legal riding in the Western Mass state forests as well as class four roads in VT, I'm hoping there are some well traveled riders who can give me some recommendations for technical bike oriented trails in the area, or point me to riding groups who seek out such things.
  12. No, you don't, my 99 yz250 cruises at about 50 just fine with stock gearing. Thanks, that's the kind of info I'm looking for. Do you habe your yz set up for dualsport, trail riding, or mx?
  13. Holy &%$#@! man, that's an expensive bike. If that's typical for your area you have my condolences.
  14. Do I actually need to gear it higher though? I'm not looking to cruise down the interstate here, just on back roads for twenty or thirty minutes at a time.
  15. So every so often my local classifieds will spit out some weird build where someone has managed to register and street legalize a two stroke motocross bike, usually Japanese machines from the late 90's / early 2000's. I've always wanted to get me one of these relics from the two stroke's golden age but I neither have any easy way to get a bike to my local trails without riding it briefly on the street, nor any local trails long enough to make a trip out worth it if I can't connect them via pavement anyway. Getting a street legal two stroke seems like an obvious solution. I know that riding such a bike on pavement won't actually be very much fun (at least compared to riding it on dirt), but I'm not too concerned about that since I'll only be using it to connect trails. However I am concerned about the narrow ratio transmissions most of them feature. Is it possible to gear a old mx bike like a cr250 or kx250 low enough to be enjoyable to ride in singletrack while still retaining the capability to cruise at 55 for a few minutes without damaging anything? Any other concerns or things to keep in mind before I buy?