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  1. Husaboot

    Long term parts availability for FE570

    First I'd like to say that I love the 70° 4 stroke HUSABERG engine it's so smooth and torquey off the low rpm !pulls like a train with buckets of torque. Engine cases are the same for the 390 and 450 HUSABERG the 390 and 450 use the same piston just a different crank.I'm pretty sure the valve sizes are the same as the KTM I know the shims are the same for the valves. The spikes have tremendous reliability I have three of them 2 FX 450s and 1FE 390. I have never had to have the valves adjusted they've held her setting.they steer well and have great wheelie ability!
  2. Look sweet!!! I was told the pre 70 degree motors where rockets!!!
  3. My oldest fx 450 has way over 225 hrs. Still runs great
  4. I have three Husabergs 2 fx 450. 1 fe 390.
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  6. Husaboot

    Older 2008 FE 450 over 09 FE 450 70* engine bike

    I have to 2010 FX 450 who said Berks with the 70° engine and they're very good very smooth but very powerful I love them I've never had one before the 70° engine of course the later 70° engines are fuel injected!
  7. Husaboot

    FE450 running issues

    Check your fuel pressure the stock fuel pumps were all replaced on the 70° engines through a recall at Ktm KTM
  8. Husaboot

    Husaberg Thumper Talk Members! How Many Are There?

    I have 2 2010 fx 450's and a 2010 fe390.