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  1. Dave from xlintperformance doesn't do XL250's and he redirected me to the XLboard (http://forum1.aimoo.com/XLBoard/XL500-XL600R-1-26420), but that forum seems pretty extinct... Also mailed Sudco, still awaiting their reply. I did read some posts. One stated that there were upgrade kits back then for the xR500's including a 37mm carb. Also, a Keihin FCR has an accelerator pump. Perhaps the best choice in 37mm.
  2. Thanks, I was already thinking about that.... Also want to ditch the carb for a flatslide version.
  3. I adjusted the valves again, and it works. Strangely so, it only starts when not using the decompression lever. Perhaps I adjusted that cable incorrect. Furthermore, when the engine is warm, the gas seems to stick. It stays at 3.000 rpm.... Valse air? Maybe I need to adjust something.
  4. Yes, I did check them with to the T-mark alligned, but I was not aware that there are two TDC's... Propably missed that phrase in the Haynes manual. Thanks again!
  5. This one? It is said to be xl500r, aren't they equal? http://www.motorradbay.de/xl500r_pd02-cdv-101_3-air-cut___acc-honda-p-3446-2.html
  6. I replaced the diaphragm for the accelerator pump. Ordered my parts from Germany, but I'm based in the Netherlands. Link: http://www.motorradbay.de/xanario_search.php?search_shop_select=2&products_keywords=xl500&x=0&y=0 It's 17,50 euro's there, plus shipping costs will be added.
  7. Tonight I went out and try to adjust the valves to the Haynes specs. Inlet valves: 0,05mm and outlet valves: 0,10mm. What a clinical procedure that is. With simple feel gauges it is very hard to easily check the opening. Now it won't start, so I probably did it wrong. The normal kicking procedure doesn't work and there seems to be there's a wrong point where the engine gets a spark.
  8. Never mind, already found the part number
  9. How are the covers for the index mark and crank called? I want new ones
  10. Indeed, there is a cable from the kicker to the head. I'll have to check it... Don't know how, but the Haynes should provide some guidance.
  11. This is the exhaust rocker cam shaft leak?
  12. Thanks for the detailed sum up. First of all, the exhaust is a German brand: http://www.bsm-exhausts.de/index.php?page=./main/series_overzicht.php I find the compression low, because I'm not using the decompression lever. I have a lever, some have the decompression cable attached to the kickstart I saw in videos. Without the decompression lever, it should be a heavy job to kick it, or not? It is not so heavy, but I don't have much reference. The rest of your recommendations I will try to execute during winter
  13. Standard carburetor for the xl500r is 34mm? So the xr500 carb is 36mm? An aftermarket is probably easier to find than a xr500... And that one probably also needs new parts
  14. Thanks for the answers. Special thanks to the ones that suggested the hole in the tank! It worked. Also noticed some rattling from the cilinder, but maybe it's normal. The engine leaks and has little compression, so I think an overhaul is no excessive luxury. Uploaded a video of it: https://youtu.be/wvGEpCU1s0k
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