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  1. eruption

    Best mods for woods riding a yz?

    I just bought the same bike. From what I have read a 10oz flywheel weight helps too. Going up 1 or 2 teeth on the rear sprocket
  2. eruption

    Bikes STOLEN next to Croom

    I believe that OAS(shop at the entrance to Croom) has bike storage for people staying at the motel or campgrounds. Not sure how much they charge though. Sorry to hear about the theft but if happens all the time at Croom. When we go camping we always block the bikes in so that they will have to make a whole bunch of noise to get them. I even run a string through the frames of all the bikes and connect it to a bag with all of our "empties" so that it makes a crap load of noise if they are moved
  3. eruption

    Does anyone think the stock bars are too low?

    I am 6' 1 and run Banshee bend Renthals on my YFZ and they feel perfect to me
  4. eruption

    Whos lookin for a YZ450 Exahust??

    I'd buy it but I don't know if I would open a package from the unibomber! j/k good luck selling it. looks good
  5. eruption

    05 WR450 Photos

  6. eruption

    Who did your free mods?

    I did all the mods myself and If I could have took the crate home and built the bike myself I would have been better off. I go over any new bike or quad with a fine tooth comb and usually have it half apart the same day because something was put together wrong.
  7. eruption

    05 WR450 Photos

    I like the black front fender and hand guards
  8. eruption

    White Brothers R4 Slip On

    Well I took it out for a short ride today and it seems to respond much better with the new pipe. My only complaint is that it is pretty loud! One thing for sure is everyone will hear Me coming
  9. eruption

    White Brothers R4 Slip On

    Yes I put it on my 05' WR450. Sorry I can't help you with the YZ pipe but I am sure you could find one on EBAY.
  10. eruption

    White Brothers R4 Slip On

    I just bought this pipe from my local shop for what I think is a killer price at $230 out the door. I installed it and rode around the yard with it but have not got to really test it out in the woods. I was just wondering if anyone here has this pipe and how they like it. It don't seem to be to loud but it is hard to tell in the yard. Thanks!
  11. I did not have to drill out the rivits holding the battery hold down strap. All I did was move the battery out of the way and the box flexed enough that I could pull the snorkle out.
  12. eruption

    Trailtech/GPS set up

    Acerbis : Rally II Handguards I got them at Rocky Mountain MC
  13. eruption

    Trailtech/GPS set up

    This is the website I got it from..... Touratech-USA
  14. eruption

    Trailtech/GPS set up

    It is a Touratech. It was expensive but it is very well made. Touratech-USA
  15. eruption

    Trailtech/GPS set up

    I don't have it hard wired into the bike so the usb connection is not exposed and if it gets too nasty I will remove it and put it on my camelbac. Basically where I ride dust is the main problem. Thanks for the compliments!