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    97 FE 501 coughs through intake

    Just in case anyone has the same problem and finds this on google. What happened was that rocker arm roller had failed on the exhaust side, therefor the exhaust valves didnt open, hence when the intake valves opened it all came back out. KTM makes rollers that looked identical, 59036061090 Valve adjusters broke off, KTM again, 59036062000
  2. Finn_Lauderdale

    97 FE 501 coughs through intake

    Hello, I just tried starting my 1997 FE 501 after 2 years of traveling. She ran fine when I left her, now she does not start and blows back a lot of air through the intake, and no air through the exhaust, at least thats how I feel if I put my hand in front of it. Needless to say she doesn't start, cranks over though. Also builds resistance if I kick her manually. Now before I rip the valve cover off and start trying things out and disassemble the whole engine, has anyone had this problem before? Or a idea what it might be so I can wrench in that direction? Any ideas, theories or experience is greatly appreciated. Of course, oil, fuel, fuel to carb and spark plug, are checked and good.