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  1. All i wanna do is ride!

  2. tomb0118

    2003 yz125 dripping oil help

    awesome! thank you very much!
  3. tomb0118

    2003 yz125 dripping oil help

    not sure what mix, i was thinking about draining the gas it came with and putting 42:1 in it, i only had it since Sunday so its still fairly new to me. and i couldn't tell you how many hours it has.
  4. tomb0118

    2003 yz125 dripping oil help

    so its not a bad thing?
  5. My yz is dripping a weird, almost pudding like consistency oil from a black hose connected to the top of the motor, i changed the oil in the gearbox, but is there anything wrong? Thanks!
  6. tomb0118

    Tag Metals Racing Rebound Grips

  7. tomb0118

    One Industries One Industires Gripper Seat Cover

    very nice seat cover, looks very cool
  8. tomb0118

    UFO Plastics Complete Body Kit

    super sick looking plastics, very durable
  9. tomb0118

    Factory Effex Custom Graphics Kit

    very badass looking
  10. 2 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION Cuistom graphics kit with number 94
  11. tomb0118

    Renthal Steel Front Sprocket

  12. tomb0118

    ProTaper Pillow Top Lite Grip

    very comfortable
  13. tomb0118

    Renthal Bar Mount

  14. tomb0118

    Boyesen Power Reeds