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  1. sonflowerinwales

    How to get out of a hole

    Fried the clutch on my XL250 once. Left it in the forest with the message written with a sharpie on the tank “not stolen call nnnm if needed”. Went back a couple of days later with a replacement, bush engineering and rode it out.
  2. sonflowerinwales

    1984 XT250 Original Plastics?

    Ebay is your friend, but good and correct stuff is hard to come by. Cheers Paul
  3. sonflowerinwales

    Why and what

    I agree with all the other comments. But to make your post easier to read, here are some full stops. ................ Paul [big smiley face here]
  4. sonflowerinwales

    Opinions wanted on this deal...

    Evening all My opinion from "over the water"... Looks tidy, sensible price, easy to work on and will keep its value. Take a punt and go for it. At 15 years old it will not be perfect, but if you have some wrenching skills, no major headaches. Paul
  5. To me it looks like part of a roll pn. Functions like a dowel, but sprung to hold it in place. Will dig out a picture later. As for where it comes from..... Paul
  6. sonflowerinwales

    HELP VIN Number troubles..

    Sure, that is one answer. But do you really want to use a welder near the headstock and bearings? Heat, distortion etc.... Paul
  7. sonflowerinwales

    HELP VIN Number troubles..

    Have a chat with your local MoT bandit "off the record".... They might be able to give you some advice as to what they "can't see" at MoT time. (know what I mean?) Frame check I think is part of the MoT. Or ask the DVLA, they were helpful last time I rung them. And there was no waiting in a queue! My bikes are stamped on the headstock, but like someone else has said, strike through the old one and remark. But, if my ageing, beer fuddled brain recalls, you need a logbook for the new frame for it to be truly legal. Hope this helps Paul PS For our American friends:- DVLA = Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency - Says it all MoT= Annual inspection for all vehicles over three years old (Ministry of Transport) Fuddled = Not sure what the day of the week it is (....age/beer/sleep deprivation/party)
  8. sonflowerinwales

    Notching basket

    Notching depends entirely on the use. I’ve repaired clutch baskets at 10,000 miles, but seen them at 50,000 miles and no attention needed!
  9. sonflowerinwales

    1973 CR250M

    Looks very nice. I would avoid the total restore route. you'll be frightened to use it... Just wash, polish and use it as is (fix the stuff that needs fixing though). A certain character about it then. Car nuts call it "patina". Paul
  10. For me:- Boots Gloves Helmet (open or full face, depending on the weather) Eye protection Two piece leathers on the street Amoured trousers and jacket on the trail EVERY time I go out. I do not use a neck brace, chest protector, knee or elbow pads (other than what is fitted into my trousers/jacket) Cheers Paul
  11. sonflowerinwales

    XT500 1U6 speedo drive problem

    Thanks grayracer513 I've got the clip off and the oil seal out, can't move the drive gear. I like your idea of a hole and drive it out, might try the with heating it up first. Cheers Paul PS Like the last line of your signature...
  12. sonflowerinwales

    XT500 1U6 speedo drive problem

    Hi folks I have a 1980 XT500 1U6. Slowly getting it all sorted from being a non runner, but I'm struggling with getting the speedo drive working. I've stripped it as far as I can, cleaned, removed all the grit and crap and stuff. A light oil and it still jams. If you turn the tagged wheel drive anti-clockwise, it works well. But if you turn clockwise it jams as the work gear moves against the aluminium casting. See pics below. I'd like to take the worm gear out and check the end play, fit shim, mess around, but can't figure how to get the worm gear out. I've removed the oil seal outside, can't see any clips or things. A gentle beating with a hammer has not worked either. Does anyone have any advice, a replacement hub is a lot of money..... Cheers Paul