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  1. yellafella

    Thermo fans

    Cheers MXRIDERRMZ it's been a few months and the bikes going like a dream. Myself and a friend hit some tight singles on a warmish day and my friends WR450 2015 played up like mine used to stalling and boiling and there I was at the end of the trails waiting with a smile.
  2. It looks like a toss up between force and unabiker both look good.
  3. Just casting a line out to see what people's are using for guards in what brand and what there thoughts are on them.
  4. yellafella

    Flywheel weighs

    How did you go with the Flywheel weight situation as im thinking of heading down the same road.
  5. yellafella

    Thermo fans

    A big thank you MXRIDERRMZ they look the goods not to bulky.
  6. yellafella

    Thermo fans

    Would like to here if anyone has fitted some thermo fans on there RMX's and what brand they went with and if your happy with them.
  7. Don't get me wrong guys love the box in it perfect for the Bush but for the road I just think she needs that extra gear so she can Cruz on 100km. And the hydraulic clutch is just a personal preference over cable for hopping over logs.
  8. Would really love to see the yellow weapon with a extra gear and a hydraulic clutch and a little weight of her hips. I would be at the shop in a heart beat throwing my money at them.
  9. yellafella


    Cheers fangsy going to give the old dunlops a go.
  10. yellafella


    I've been running pirelli scorpion and the one im on now the exrta x and only got 400kms average is that the norm.
  11. yellafella


    What rear tyres is very one running and how many km's are they getting out of them.
  12. About to give the pirrelli scorpion xtra x ago. I will let you know how they go.
  13. yellafella


    What i was ment to say before i pressed the wrong button was when you buy your self a new bike is grease the swing arm for god sake. It looks like cheap grease and stuff all of it so do yourself a favor.
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