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  1. ThomasM.

    Short bed vs long bed_tundra

    I also own a crewmax Tundra with the short box that is serving me very well hauling 2 bikes in the box and 3 on my 8' trailer
  2. ThomasM.

    Gearing & flywheel weight advice? YZ250

    who can you recommend to do the head mod other than rb designs?
  3. ThomasM.

    help! where to do head mod?

    does anyone have experience with Harris performance head mods?
  4. ThomasM.

    help! where to do head mod?

    I need to get heads done for 2 yz250's. was going to send them to rb designs but he is not taking payment from canada. I have a usa shipping adress but that's not enough for him. who can you guys recommend? doing strictly woods riding. want to adjust squish and mod for pump fuel. thanks
  5. ThomasM.

    Good Problem to Have

    sounds like if you want to keep him as your friend you will have to take his offer[emoji23] seriously
  6. ThomasM.

    What do u guys think of this oil for 2 stroke transmission

    I am using shell rotella t5 15w40 in all of my 2 and 4 stroke bikes. works flawlessly
  7. ThomasM.

    How To Dye Plastic Parts

    thanks for the info
  8. ThomasM.

    How To Dye Plastic Parts

    so what can i use to dye plastics now that rit changed the formula? I was so excied at the beginning of this thread and now this....
  9. ThomasM.

    new boots?

    I would recommend the gaerne boots as well. super comfortable and really tough! got them used for cheap on ebay. were basically new
  10. 1998 cr500 first 2007 service honda cr500afx (still needs a little love ) ignore the yz295
  11. ThomasM.

    Slimmest 3 Liter hydration pack

    I have a 3l ogio atlas and think its awesome. I dont even notice It on my back while riding
  12. ThomasM.

    yz250x fuel petcock on yz250?

    thanks for all the replys
  13. ThomasM.

    yz250x fuel petcock on yz250?

    I have done some reading on the WR petcocks and oddly enough the yz250x oem petcock is almost half the price of a WR one
  14. ThomasM.

    yz250x fuel petcock on yz250?

    20% reserve sounds good. I really don't want to run out of fuel in the woods thanks
  15. does anyone know how much fuel is left when the 2016/ 2017 yz250x goes into reserve? I was thinking of buying a yz250x petcock to put it on my 2009 yz250. should be a straight swap correct?