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  1. Go to the stadium around noon. Hang around outside and take in all the activities and vendors .. Stay a few hours, and then head home and watch the actual races on tv.
  2. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Ouch! I feel for ya. I broke three ribs a couple years ago, and had a kidney stone at the same time. Worst pain I've ever been through.
  3. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    I ride a crf 250x. Yeah, it has a light ! I ride 99.8% of the time alone. Can't afford to wait for someone else, or I'd hardly ever ride. Plus, a lot of my rides are spur of the moment.
  4. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Just saw your post, so too late. Where did you ride ?
  5. Jaxonator

    2017 husqvarna 300tx phx az

    No problem. Like I said, never purchased a bike from them. Curious though with what you said. If you would, PM me about the problem. ( or not, if you'd rather not, I understand )
  6. Jaxonator

    2017 husqvarna 300tx phx az

    I've never bought a bike from them, but I've bought tires, parts and riding gear from Motocity in Avondale, and have been very impressed with their store, employees, and helpful advice. I believe they just sell husky and KTM at this location. If given the right deal, I wouldn't hesitate buying a bike from them. What I would like to find is a place in the valley that does some "demo days" with KTM , and Husky.
  7. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Yes, it was a great time !!! Definitely gonna get back out there again.
  8. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    I "think" I've been to sycamore before. Not riding , but went there shooting with some friends. Is that the area where bush hwy meets beeline? Straight downhill to a big enormous wash? I could be mistaken , but thought I heard one of my friends say it was sycamore creek. I remember it was packed With ohv's AND shooters. I had a bit of an unsafe feeling all day. Lol. I like "desert wells". I went there with "TDW" from this forum. I had a great time riding with him, but it was all I could do To keep up with him. Great day though. I usually do short (2-3 hr) spur of the moment rides. Don't often have an entire day I can devote to a ride. Sometimes, but not often. I do a lot of desert trail rides south of Phoenix. Mostly flat , with some small hills, and lots of wash crossings. Great for slower riders ! And, if you really want to go fast, there's plenty opportunity.
  9. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    My "one time" experience with four peaks was that it is more of a jeep trail than bike trail. JMHO. Several blind corners where you can get taken out by a crazy UTV driver. I'll pass on that one. Very scenic on the north side though.
  10. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Right? I hate when the drive to and from the riding area is twice the time I actually spent riding. Now that the snowbirds and Canadians are here, traffic is &@$#%€ !!
  11. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Far south phoenix
  12. Jaxonator

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Hi scott, Where are you located in the area ? I'm relatively new to the area also, and have ridden with a couple guys from the forum here, but don't live near them , so riding often with them is difficult. Lots of places to ride though, if you don't mind doing some driving.
  13. Jaxonator

    What are you thankful for ? I am thankful for you!

    I'm thankful that at age 63, I am still able to enjoy this sport as much as I can. I'm thankful to live in an area (AZ) that is virtually limitless with riding possibilities. I'm thankful for a family that supports my interests, and thankful for living in the greatest Country on earth.
  14. Jaxonator

    Tire size question

    Got the tire mounted today finally. It was A LOT more effort to put on, than what I saw in those YouTube videos !!! I can't even imagine having to change a tube while out on a trail. Now I understand the attraction to tubliss ! The tire is not complete rubbish. It actually is pretty awesome. I had much better traction, and the handling was excellent. I didn't notice any more difficulty turning quickly. Slow maneuvers, and fast speeds handled equally well. Really glad I put the larger tire on !