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  1. I like the look of the system for center knobbie support but it looks a lot heavier than tubliss.
  2. Just heard from my dealer that my 2020 200rr is on it's way from California and is expected to get here on the 20th.
  3. I liked the pre-2020 race edition seats.
  4. Gross. I think it could actually look good with a black seat though.
  5. I hate the look of that bike but absolutely love the look of the 2020 RR. If the RE looked like that I would want to switch stuff because that is hideous. I will be adding rim tape to my 2020 because that's the one thing that keeps it from looking better than the 2019 for me. I normally don't bother with bling because the bike will look like shit soon enough with me riding it anyway.
  7. Did he also ride in battle of the goats? I saw someone on a 200rr several times during that race, I was on my 300rr wishing I had that 200rr. It was neat seeing one in person chugging on a hill, and me doing a double take of whether that was a 300 because it sounded quite similar when lugging low.
  8. The stock gearing is perfect, I weigh the same as you and there are no issues with 2nd gear and hills. 1st gear is too low for almost any hill. I do many in 3rd gear if there is a roll up and if needed drop to 2nd. I could see adding 1 tooth to the rear sprocket if running a spark arrestor to pick up what you lose from the open pipe. I have seen your hill testing video and was impressed how well it seemed to lug in 2nd, and glad to hear that was with stock gearing. Yeah I never want to have to use 1st for hills. I have a feeling the 14t countershaft might actually be too much change, and instead adding 1 or 2 teeth to the rear like you suggested, but if it lugs that well in 2nd that might not even be needed. I don't run a spark arrestor. All environments I ride are very humid.
  9. I got a 1 inch lower seat for my 2018 but if you look at the 2020 models it doesn't look like theres much reduction that can be gained on the new seats. I am very tempted to try a 1 inch lowering kit but I am so afraid to ruin the feel of the bike. For reference I'm 5'10" with a 30" inseam. I can tippy-toe both sides of a beta. I managed to get very comfortable with the stock seat height in hard enduro stuff with 105mm sag and a practically flat rear tire. In normal trails and HS stuff the seat height doesn't concern me. Edit: Regarding concerns for the 200.. it's so hard to make an assessment from videos. My concern is 2nd gear hill climbs that start nasty and either get nastier or involve a turn along the way that burns off momentum, and having to downshift would kill the climb. So I am concerned about 2nd being tall enough to hit the hill with reasonable speed, yet still have enough pull to reasonably climb after momentum is lost. I already ordered a 14t countershaft (comes with a 15t) but will try it with both. I weigh 155lbs without gear so I definitely have that going for me.
  10. I honestly dont know what the supply vs demand is like, this is only my 2nd Beta and like I did for my 2018 300rr I put in the order weeks before release. I would think you could order a 2020 at least until 2021 models are announced but I dont know. If you're willing to drive I bet you could find a dealer with display bikes for sale, mine just sold a 2019 200rr. I moved to NC actually, but I'm not far from Columbia. A big motivation for the move was to get closer to hard trails. Just got settled into my place here early this year. I was down in Charleston where i was extremely limited in terrain variety and had no hills without driving 2 hours to adventure world where the hills were still few and far between and is SxS territory. Where are you located?
  11. I will definitely do some testing with it in a variety of hard enduro scenarios and large obstacles and document it all on youtube. I'll try to remember to reply to this thread when I get it and do my filming and editing, or look out for it on my channel (DirtJunkie). Would be great if the bike comes next week so I can test it that weekend since the back yard stuff, while fun, just isnt really what I feel would be a challenge for the 200rr.
  12. Is this just a belay type device that climbers use? Cant watch the video, at work. Looks pretty neat I'll have to save this one.
  13. That is a whole lotta suck and being by yourself.. what do you do different now? Carry extra rope and ratchet straps?
  14. How does it feel sitting on it compared to 2018/2019 models? Does the seat feel wider, more narrow or about the same?
  15. Oh man your second pic, I know what that's like. I flew out to ride with my buddy and I was on his CR250 at the time when I crashed it, crushed the clutch cover and broke the brake pedal, then fell down the edge. We used sticks and rocks to stake the bike in place and make about a foot or two of progress at a time on the front and rear, staking again, and repeating until back on the trail. It was only the 2 of us and it was far too loose and steep to even stand on. Good times!
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