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  1. It is fine, I am trying to help. My hope is that does eliminate drive train components including the transmission internals and u-joints. Has the dealer done a road force? Heck you can do half of one by jacking each corner one a at time and spinning the wheel by hand and watch carefully. Second, switch the tires to differing positions. It won't fix the vibration but it should change the frequency and cadence, this will tell you it is in the tire or wheel. Another thing to try and I know this sounds crazy, take the hood off and run it down the road.
  2. Why would I fight you when I agree with you. If I had that speed I would have that bike.
  3. pretty much what I expected. KTM pro level power band, Yamaha is an everywhere motor, and Suzuki gives you frame geometry and makes you do the rest. We all know this or do we just want to fight again?
  4. The "spirit of the law" holds you to the account of it's originator and must be interpreted hermetically.. The "letter of the law" are for those who like to self interpret what the original author's intent was. Yeah it is a growing problem everywhere!
  5. I am on the fence about this. His fitness is spotty, one race he looks like he can go an hour each moto, other's not so much. I have Epstein Bar. When it flares up trust me the last thing you can do is even think about finishing a moto. I just want to get to work without passing out. But if he had it, the only thing he could do is make it worse especially if he continues to push
  6. i wondered the same thing until he seemed to get more holeshots this outdoors than last year on the blue. I will say this though, when riders are discouraged and tired, they throw stuff away and make stupid mistakes. JMART has made a lot of just dumb tip over stuff this year. Last year I was shocked to see him crash at I think Washougal or Wick, and he just casually walked over and picked up his bike. He doesn't have the eye of the tiger. AMART on the other hand, rode with swagger and was charismatic. What a switch!
  7. I am not sure but I get the feeling it is pretty stressful riding for .
  8. He wants to see kids ride a year or two on a 125 two stroke before straight jumping to a 250F and for mainly the point you were making when you were getting blown up over having a 200; it does take more fundamentals and skill to ride a 125. Same thing Wiesel has been saying.
  9. RC has been trying to make that point forever........ I bet he has 5 times the talent and bike control
  10. They hardly ever are but for some odd reason people think it is a light for a loose gas cap and not a potentially serious thing. Yep a misfire can set off the service stailitrac warning
  11. You need to drive it and get it to vibrate, once it does throw it into neutral and see if the vibration goes away
  12. General Motors and some of the other manufacturers have integrated the service stabilitrac and abs lights to coincide with the check engine light. The reason being is customer continually think it is a gas cap. I have been with 1 manufacturer since 1992, I have replaced maybe 5 gas caps.
  13. So the RV and JM thing are done?