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  1. jz125

    It's Not The Bike

    I didn't watch last night, just getting to some news this morning DDaanngg.........Orange! Why is it the 1 night I do not pick McElrath, he is on top of the box? Am I turning into Red? I will take your bait because I agree with you 100%, these guys gel with bikes. Roczen/Suzuki Dungey/Uni Cam 450SXF and 250 SX McGrath/93CR LOL Short list but I know we will probably argue with the facts again. I actually can't wait to watch the race. I have my son watch the Red Bull MX Nation videos to encourage a hard work ethic and guess which one we watched yesterday? S2 with Cooper and Plessinger.
  2. jz125

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    There is a simple reason you cannot find him, he is not for hire. I will p.m. you if you want to know that bad. Ok I am not going to get in a pissing match over this mainly because I like you. Horsepower is the ability of an engine to work, correct? Simple definition. What matters is the ability of an engine to work in the chassis and environment it is in, right? Numbers on a dyno have absolutely no bearing on this. Example Our car runs a 315 radial, a low deck stroked BBC on an undisclosed number of nitrous kits. (Induction Solutions is the only thing I can tell you). To set the car up we took it to Bandimere in Colorado, literally you can throw a rock and hit Thunder Valley, elevation 6,300 feet. We dropped in an iron block, cast crank 427 with Musi 991 heads and 1 kit in a 3,400lb car. Our final number with that set up; 9:58 @ 139mph. If you were akin to drag racing you would know that most cars running 9:58 are in the 143-150 zone. The car hooks and delivers. My point is you are so worried about the numbers on a graph and have not made a plausible argument on how those numbers move the bike with it's rider in it's environment. I will give you all day long, KTM hammers out the numbers, but why is it everyone thinks the Yamaha motor is the cats meow? BTW, that car has it's intended motor and can be found on cable. Sorry that is all you get out of respect for those that are involved and I really don't care to prove the validity of this. Take it or leave it.
  3. Looks like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ-8e81ob2M
  4. jz125

    Osborne down!

    I totally agree with you regarding Dungey But I kinda feel like you are inferring Zacko is not?????? He went into beast mode at the Glen after getting punted and popping his own shoulder back in. I also remember him looking like a prized fighter after kissing Fork's rear fender in SX, again beast mode
  5. jz125

    Osborne down!

    I am laughing my butt off, you sound just like me. People act like we are nuts but in our heads, this stuff is totally normal. I get that from how frank you were about it
  6. jz125

    Race in peace Pete.

    No dude, I appreciate it and I know there are other "Riverside squad" on here that do too. That garbage is what made dune running just stupid and not worth the risk. Godspeed man.
  7. jz125

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Paul Klyczek kept pulling us out of the dyno room and on to the race track continually. It is why he is one of the most requested set up guys in drag racing. He doesn't even own a dyno.
  8. jz125

    Kenny Knows

    Oh oh, I see a giant Squid coming!
  9. Watching Mooseskin and DF I am wondering if training with DV is making them worse before they get better? I really do believe they will benefit, I was not saying that as a jab
  10. What on earth! Ralph the Mouth post that?
  11. That is no lie, I personally thought Bagget could have pulled the trigger anytime he wanted. He rode smart and patient. But in reality JA did have a good flow and tempo and I am taking into account his hang it out style on the ice rink may have been keeping him from twisting the throttle all the way. Come on man, I put Blue on top, Austria as suspect, you should know I was just trying to bait you!
  12. I was debating on my sleeper. Brayton is very tempting!
  13. jz125

    Is it a triple crown race this weekend?

    Don't worry brother, wasn't butt hurt at all. I do agree though, I should have looked closer
  14. Someone just got a spanking