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  1. MFortie

    Goggles and glasses

    Check out Wiley-X -- I think they have presciption ready goggles...
  2. MFortie

    Puttin' it out there for opinion - my TE 510

    Shoot, if someone offered me $6500 for my 510 I'd take it -- even with all the goodies and extra parts on it! Then I'd take George's advice and go buy a 250...
  3. MFortie

    Riding Alaska... a couple of questions

    Alaska and a dirtbike! Sounds like a match made in heaven! I'm heading up to the Kenai Peninsula this August with some friends for my first visit to Alaska -- unfortunately no bike, but going fishing. We're staying at a place called the Silver Bullet -- anyone familiar with it?
  4. MFortie

    oil filters

    I use them on my TE-510... And it's still running!
  5. MFortie

    Wolf Pack Products

    Which reminds me; I ordered and received a Wolf Pak (not to be confused with Bob's name) Alpha Pak and really like it! I've got it loaded up with tools and stuff and it fits really well and is very comfortable. Mine's mounted on a HRP CP. I give it a thumbs up... http://wolfpakusa.com
  6. MFortie

    Get your photos in the Husky Jungle

    They posted one of my son and I on last year's Baja Husky ride! (See Ryan & Mark, USA)
  7. MFortie

    Mounting a Scotts Damper on a TE510

    OK, here are the pics: http://members.cox.net/mfortie/Scotts1.jpg http://members.cox.net/mfortie/Scotts2.jpg http://members.cox.net/mfortie/Scotts3.jpg
  8. MFortie

    Mounting a Scotts Damper on a TE510

    I've got the PTEnduro under mount as well along with the welded on post. As a matter of fact I have my tank off right now (melted a hole in my reservoir ala BigBob) and if I can remember to shoot a pic tonight I'll do so and post it. Couldn't find a tank locally and am going out this weekend so I called George at Uptite; "Sure," he said, "I've got one -- where do you want me to send it?" Tank's on it's way and should be down to San Diego mañana...
  9. MFortie

    Michelin Desert on TE510? will it fit?

    No Michelin, but I put a Maxxis Desert IT on my 510 -- had to lengthen the chain to get it to clear. It's a 120/100-18; the OD is 27.6 and the width is 5.3 (both inches) for comparison.
  10. MFortie

    Anyone heard from Rooster?

    Here ya go: http://roosterperformance.com/ http://uptiteracing.com/
  11. MFortie

    Fanny Pak's

    The Wolf Pak looks interesting and I even spoke with Kris yesterday about a custom color, but I'm a little concerned about fluid capacity. It's real easy for me to run through the (2) liters my Camelbak holds -- and it looks as though the Wolf Pak only holds (1) liter. How 'bout the side pockets? How big of a bottle can they hold? EDIT: Found out last night the bladder holds 64 oz., just shy of my Camelbak so I ordered one. Should be here in time for my trip to Plaster City next weekend... Thanks,
  12. MFortie

    Rear Fender Pack

    Yeah, that's the one I have. Just not crazy about fender bags after the Baja ride. I did notice their fanny pack though...
  13. MFortie

    Rear Fender Pack

    I had one (not Moose) on my Husky and cracked the rear fender on a Baja ride. Too much unsupported weight IMHO (or I put too many tools in it!)
  14. I think I can relate... I bought my TE-510 after being off a bike for 25+ years. Old habits came back quickly and I didn't have any problems using the clutch, but since I could afford the Rekluse I went ahead and bought one. Best investment I've ever made in an aftermarket part! It makes riding almost (I said ALMOST ) too easy. Hill climbs, slow and tight stuff are soooo easy. Me, I have no illusions about racing and just ride for fun -- the Rekluse makes riding very fun. Like you though, I still grab the clutch when I shift even though I don't have to. I'm not worried about bumpstarting either. Probably the only negative I can think of is if and when you're descending a hill and you let the RPMs drop, you'll effectively be in neutral with no engine braking. A quick blip of the throttle gets the clutch engaged again though... I like the Rekluse so much I'm thinking about putting one in the TTR-125LE we have for my twelve year-old. He's never ridden a bike and is still very tentative on even a little quad so eliminating the clutch for him might make it much easier. I do worry a little bit about not learning how to use the clutch but figure if and when he steps up to another bike he can start learning how to use the clutch. I doubt he'll ever be a racer anyway...
  15. MFortie

    SoCal Dealer - Oceanside Ducati Husky "MotaliUSA"

    Ain't nothing new... I spent a number of years in the 80's managing the parts department for the S. Ca. Toro distributor -- everything from small two-strokes to big diesels. Don't know how many times I had to go behind the counter of whatever store I was in and read their parts manuals for them! Automotive, cycle, appliance parts, you name it. It really isn't rocket science... Oh, and I was one of those who knew the part numbers off the top of my head.