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  1. Sorry, I missed the part about blasting out the Jets. My XR 400 was giving me similar problems. It would only idle with the choke on half or full on. I screwed the pilot screw in to richen it and now it's fine.
  2. Bottom line. When in doubt, air on the side of clean.
  3. nah, its good for a few more motos before I'll change it.
  4. Do you know it might stack up against a Garmin?
  5. I hear ya. Last ride was a 2 day 250+ mile AMA dual sport ride at 7,000 feet on dusty clay roads where I was dependent on a slower riders gps. Big loss of power with a very dirty filter. Next time I'll get a real gps instead of iPhone gps so I won't have to follow most of the ride.
  6. I understand your point which makes sense. I think that it's also possible there is a point to the "working harder" point. In certain situations like climbing a hill you might have to drop a gear and rev it harder to make up for the loss of torque.
  7. I actually apply a thin coat of filter oil to the inside of the boot with my finger. Hopefully if anything does fall in or passes thru the filter it will cling and also it's easier to identify during filter changes.
  8. Sounds like a dirty pilot jet.
  9. As for the OP's post. If the filter has been recently oiled, it's clean enough for more rides. Dirty filters or dry filters increase the chance of dirt passing thru. When more surface area is plugged air follows the path of least resistance which also increases air velocity in the cleanest area. The higher velocity air is more likely to force dust thru than dispersing the velocity across the wider area on a clean filter. As for No Toil Green being Stickier than Red, IMO, at first that may be true because the alcohol does make it less sticky in the beginning but after is dissipates, most likely there isn't much difference, its added just to shorten the dry time.
  10. All the more reason to remove the thermostat.
  11. Good thing your a great Italian singer.
  12. I've never heard of a passive reset until I read this thread. When is it needed and how is it performed? BTW, I'm a 2017 Husky FE rider if that makes a difference. Thanks
  13. Sorry if I missed this but, what temperture is it running at when this happens? My buddies RR 500 exhibits the same problems and the shop told him to pull out the thermostat. He's waiting on the 500RR-S EFI THERMOSTAT BYPASS Hoses by Samco and my money is on that solving the problem.
  14. There ya go. LOL, thats' some funny stuff!
  15. Hey Mr Wes79v, you want to go on a mocking spree. Ok, game on. Please describe what was ignorant about my post that made you give a thumbs up to the quote? LMAO