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  1. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    Yeah, I’m Tubliss on both ends. I really liked the Arena but the Cheater was hooking up on low traction hard stuff better. Had to run a couple of miles recently on packed snow ice and some mud. Seemed good but the Arena never got tested in those conditions. So far the Cheaters wearing ok but I can see the flex area where the knobs meet the carcass is beginning to possibly show pre knob tearing. Still, the tire did great crossing a rocky boulder style creek. Also the shop and others online report the large rear doesn’t tear knobs like the smaller one because for some reason the smaller tire has wider spaced knobs.
  2. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    160 mile on Shinko 216 21/90/90 and Shinko 505 18/120 100 miles off road mountain trails hard pack and rocks including a tire ripping rock garden. 70 miles paved mountain highway with lots of braking
  3. MotoXImage

    Are the husky subframes junk ?

    Exactly. How many Supercross and Motocross races have we seen and how many subframe failures regardless of the material? Its a hot topic with the Big Foot threads
  4. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    Either brand of the Fatty's are not known for being quick turners. They're known for traction in various terrains and their ability to run lower psi and absorb rock impacts. If quick turning is your priority, I'd look for something else because like anything else, there is a tradeoff between their strengths and weakness's.
  5. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    Weighed my Shinko Cheater 120/100/18 at 15 pd 3 oz. As soon as I saw that I knew I was going to hate it and figured I would just wear it out as fast as I could and go back to the MotoZ Arena Gummy. That all changed on my first ride on the it. Riding on a trail that gave my Arena a challenge but not a fail as did the Kenda DT Parker, the cheater blew my mind. Normally when lifting over rollers on this trail, the rear would not offer enough traction to wheelie over the next obstacle. It's also tracked much straighter exiting turns. If that heavy beast holds up decently, I don't mind cheating and I'll keep it. Great tire unless your doing Moto on a prepped track.
  6. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    My Shinko Chubby, a slightly smaller tire weighs 9 lbs 2 ounces. Your post reaffirmed that the new GTs are lighter. IMO that’s a very important consideration. I’m sure that the GT Chubby would show a significant weight reduction to the GT Fatty.
  7. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    GTs are indeed made in China. Shinko owns rubber plantations so it’s hard to believe that they would buy scrap rubber when they’re in the business of producing their own fresh, high quality rubber. Their factory is in South Korea
  8. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    IMO, it’s a great compromise between the slower steering of the Fatty and the Skinny which isn’t a strong tire anywhere. I’m on my second Chubby. The strong point of them is durability, traction, flat resistance and good rim protection. The downside is it wears quickly and apparently when compared to the GT Chubby, it weighs more.
  9. From what I’ve found. The FE 250/350s use a different slave. Part numbers don’t match. I haven’t heard of one failure on any of our models. In fact these models don’t use the same slave as the bigger bikes Output Clutch Cylinder HUSQVARNA FC 250 16,17,18, 19 HUSQVARNA FC 350 16,17,18 HUSQVARNA FC 250 17,18 HUSQVARNA FC 350 17,18 HUSQVARNA FE 250 17, 18, 19 HUSQVARNA FE 350 17, 18, 19 HUSQVARNA FX 350 17, 18, 19 HUSQVARNA TC 125 16, 17 HUSQVARNA TC 250 17, 18 HUSQVARNA TE 150 17 HUSQVARNA TE 250 17, 18 HUSQVARNA TE 250i 18, 19 HUSQVARNA TE 300 17, 18 HUSQVARNA TE 300i 19 HUSQVARNA TX 300 17,18 KTM 300XCW 18 KTM 300XCW Six Day 18
  10. MotoXImage

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    The old gen 3 GT 216 is the same as the current Shinko 216. Made in the same mold with the same rubber at the same factory in South Korea GTs current offering is lighter, has a different rubber compound, many say it’s more durable and like its performance better than the GT gen 3 216 and is made in China.
  11. Assuming your speaking about the install. The reason the instructions don’t recommend that is because the tire is prevented from dropping into the center of the rim because of the rim lock.
  12. I think some instructions might say less psi on the bladder. Sounds like you had an alien porn show going on with that green slime on your saftey glasses LOL. Here's something to keep in mind. Most likely the tire will find it's seat with some riding. One thing I forgot to mention and forgot to do on my last install is before I start the tire mounting process, I pre break in the tire. I sit on it and keep rotating it and sitting on a new spot to help it become more flexible. Same thought process as breaking in a new baseball glove.
  13. I’ve found that helps too. BTW, you can inflate the bladder to 120 psi. Sometimes it’s the difference between a slow leak and no leak on the initial install.
  14. The bead buddy will help mounting the GT Fatty. Normally soapy water is used when mounting the Tubliss system but in this case, he's using Slime. Soapy water is not compatible with using Slime. Slime is used not only as a sealant, it's used in this case as a lubricant.
  15. The GT Fattys beads are expanded further apart than most other tires. That makes it hard to keep the beads down in the rim. As 2StrokeYardSale said, partially clamp the tire on the opposite side of the valve stem to help it slide in a bit. 3 months ago I mounted the front and it was one of the easiest mounts ever. Last week the same tire was one of the hardest ever. I attribute most of this to the colder temps. If you can get it warmed up more, it will greatly help. Also, narrower tire irons and smaller bites at the end help. Lastly, if the last part of the bead is almost seating, you might try using the C clamp to snap the final portion in. Above all, keep that liner and tire wet with Slime or it will not only be harder to mount, it'll be difficult to seal the chamber off when airing.