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  1. That may be something I need to try... different things with the choke and throttle.. I am also looking at a way to hook a drill to the drive sprocket to give me an "Electric start" for testing purposes only, we'll see how that works out.
  2. Sounds like you were not far from where I was heading as well.. I have been into that a few times and did not notice anything out of place but, then again, I was not looking for that. May have to tear into it again and check.. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Tekime, It was accurate and aligned perfectly before and after the top end rebuild, no change. I laugh at some of the ideas for kicking this over and I imagine that I am far from the "Perfect Kick" but I'll get it figured out once I can learn its sweet spot to running.
  4. I know it has been some time since the last post. I have re-built the top end of the motor to get better compression and still nothing. I verified that I am getting spark. used starter fluid, is it possible for these bikes to have the spark occur at the wrong time? I am assuming based on the setup that it fires on compression and exhaust/intake strokes (every turn of the crankshaft).. My next direction is different tunes on the carb and possibly a new CDI (even though I am getting spark) I have never seen an engine that had so little desire to run when all 3 needs were there.
  5. Thank you, so far everything looks really good on the inside.. I have already ordered new piston rings, cam chain, and top end gaskets. I believe that the chain is find but thought I would do it while i was in there just to be sure. I am just waiting for the piston rings now so I can start going back together. Hoping this makes it reliable. looking forward to riding in the dirt again.
  6. Thanks, I will have to look into that. I believe that the valves are in good shape. I really was not looking to go far enough into the engine to do the cam chain but, that is one way to get familiar with this motor...
  7. I have looked all over and cannot find a good accurate resource out there. I recently decided that it was time to tear into my 1990 DR350S. (suzuki) it would not run reliably or really at all anymore and I found that the compression was only about 80PSI. After tearing into the motor I found that overall it was in pretty good shape.. the Oil ring was stuck inside the piston so that it was not sealing well and it appeared that the valves may not have been seating well. Really I figure I can re-grind or re-seat the valves, replace the top end gaskets and piston rings and it should be good.. what I am wanting to know is how do you know if you should replace more (valves, timing chain, ect..) I do have a strong Mechanical background but have never liked or done much engine internals.. any advice would be greatly appreciated. I do have pictures of the valves.. you can see them here https://goo.gl/NH76kw... let me know if that does not work and I can copy them to this post.
  8. what is a good brand to go with and where is a good place to get them? I will be rebuilding mine soon and need to get some lined up.
  9. Cannot view pictures??
  10. OK - It has come time to get serious. I have quit my job to do you tube and support my wife at her work while watching the kids... Point is that I will have some time to focus on projects.. This is one of the first since it has been in the works for some time. I am needing reputable products and places to get said products for this bike. I know my way around an engine, just have not had to buy parts in a long time. where should I go and what brands are best?....
    I cannot really review this ol' girl. I have had it for 3 years and have only been able to ride it once due to issues and lack of time to do a restore. Restoration has begun so now I am going to need advice.
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    I cannot really review this ol' girl. I have had it for 3 years and have only been able to ride it once due to issues and lack of time to do a restore. Restoration has begun so now I am going to need advice.
  12. Not bad, At this point, I am committed to make it run like a top if for no other reason co I can say I did. I believe my next step is rebuilding the top end.. Considering my experience on the trails started on a $150 Chinese Yamoto enduro that was extremely under powered and other than springs did not have shocks.. (This is a MAJOR upgrade... if it will run)
  13. So, it has been a little while any updates? I have had a DR350s that I have only gotten to run 2 times in the past 3 years. previous owner said he thought it would need a top end to get better compression so I am thinking it is time to do that myself.. any tips. I have done it before on other bikes, I just dont do it a lot. TIA
  14. Yes, I checked it a couple of times in the past few years. I have even tried going a little tight and a little loose to see if that would make a difference, nothing....