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  1. nateb1583

    How Easy/Hard is it to Plate a Dirt Bike - in MI?

    I bought a Walmart special $5 clown horn for my WR. It had a headlight and tail light but the brake light never worked. I was rocking non dot tires too. Went to SS with the title and insurance and they gave me a plate without so much as a glance in my bikes direction. No police inspection or anything either. It actually kinda weirded me out how easy it was.
  2. nateb1583

    XR100 top end + suggestions??

    The holes were already threaded. Turns out the kit did come with plugs and sure enough my son had them stashed away in the microwave on his toy kitchen set. I don't have it in front of me and it's been a while since I looked but I am almost positive it was two short bolts with copper washers. If you do not have any you should be able to use any bolt or plug that does not bottom out. I will never put an external filter on so I would not be opposed to sealing them permanently if I lost the bolts.
  3. nateb1583

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Holton is a mix of tight single track and wide open snowmobile trails. Horseshoe Lake is really tight and slow. First time I've used first gear on my bike since I regeared. There are a lot of two tracks around the trails you can ride if you're plated but I worry about redneck trucks flying through the trails.
  4. nateb1583

    50/50 tires

    Trakmaster 2 gets around great in the sand and is DOT approved. They wear crazy fast though (pretty much the same as any decent off-road tires I've ever bought). After a few different tires and hours of watching and reading reviews I just decided to run off-road knobbies. If your worried about cost I'd recommend trying out the Artrax tires. Half the price and get around great in the Michigan sand so buy a couple. They are DOT stamped but I'm pretty sure not approved (not that cops ever check around here).
  5. nateb1583

    Yz426 timing chain need help

    I will second this. I replaced my top end this winter and had a very similar problem. I was sure there was no way the chain bunched underneath after hours of messing with it. Thought maybe it was a problem with the chain guide instead. Was able to get it in place and back together but once it came time to start up in the spring I kicked it over gently and rechecked the timing. Sure enough it was out and the chain had some slack. Turns out the chain was bunched up underneath the crank gear and is actually really stretched out and needs replaced.
  6. nateb1583

    Bought dirtbike without title

    I pissed off a cop one time and since I couldn't present my title on the spot he impounded until I could. $150 tow fee and $50 dollars a day to hold it till I came up with a title. It was titled to me but I just couldn't find it. If I hadn't come up with it I would never have gotten it back. By the time I got a new one it cost me $400 to get it out. Buy a bike and can't prove it's yours and you can have it taken away. By the time you manage to get all the paperwork to get it back the impound fee can be more than the bike is worth.
  7. nateb1583

    BS Shock spring retainer 530exc

    Thanks for the help. At least have a place to start making calls. What a pain system. I still can't believe KTM thought this was a good idea
  8. nateb1583

    BS Shock spring retainer 530exc

    Any idea if there is one that fits? I can't seem to find dimensions on other models. Thanks
  9. So I have a buddy having problems with his spring retainer nut on his 2010 530exc. It somehow became cross threaded and stripped and was a huge pain to remove. It is not the usual jamb nut system used on every other bike I've ever ridden or even seen, but instead a split collar with a set screw. The new part is around $180 and just as crap as the old one. I was wondering if anybody knows of the jamb nut set up he can use from another bike to replace this. Not only to save $100 but also to never have to worry about the split collar set up again. I'll attach pics of the OEM part and another of what I'm looking for. Just unsure if diameter and thread pattern would match.
  10. nateb1583

    Screwed by FS1 again

    FS1 app on the firestick. If you have a smart TV you can cast from your phone too
  11. nateb1583

    What GoPro setup are you using

    I second this. Got the same set up. Bought the here 5 session because it's smaller. Never even see it.
  12. nateb1583

    What do you do for a living?

    Supervisor making your favorite Walmart special floating devices. Make so many damn kayaks I can't stand the sight of them so instead I play with Dirtbikes on my day off.
  13. nateb1583

    426 winter tear down

    Had my big WTF?!? moment after the first couple of kicks. Seemed like the timing was off, no life, so I put it away to work on it later. Yesterday I got into it and instead of being off by a tooth, both cams were way off. Pretty sure there was a link folded up under the crankshaft that wouldn't straighten out turning it over with a ratchet. Either way, def need to replace the cam chain because it is loose but the bike is running strong now. Smooth start up and working on breaking it in. Can't help but feel like I dodged a bullet in this one.
  14. nateb1583

    1992 Suzuki Rm250

    eBay was the best source for parts for my 95. Not many places carry parts for 20+ year old bikes but most who do, sell on there. I had little to no luck finding upgrade parts but you should be able to find everything needed to keep it running. Congrats on the new bike and have fun.
  15. nateb1583

    Help with WR 426 Low RPM Stumble/Hesitation!!

    Also a terrible idea to mess with the mid body seal. JD does not have a replacement for your bike. There are similar seals but I believe they are for the 250f. Not the same seal.