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  1. I haven't yet actually. I'm still talking with the guy however and i might wait and see if another bike pops up on craigslist within the next month or so.
  2. I'll be checking all the stuff you told me about when i see the bike in person. I learned a lot of things that i would've completely looked over since this is my first time buying a used bike. Thanks man!
  3. True. I've been in a rush to buy a bike because i want to start riding but i guess i should slow down and take my time. Thanks for all your help man.
  4. Right, that's what i was thinking. The guy just won't budge under $1250. I did find a 2002 KTM 125 2 stroke for cheaper, was considering it. Only problem with KTM bikes is i've heard of lots of suspension and quality issues in general, so i'm not sure.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys. I think i'll go with the yz125. How much is it worth paying for? He wants $1250 minimum, i'm thinking $1200. Once im ready for a bigger bike, ill sell it and upgrade as previously mentioned. I am a bit mechanically inclined and will work on the bike if need be, it gives me, in my rather boring life something interesting and fun to do.
  6. He said the yamaha has year 2000 on the frame. As for the KX you were right, he said it's a 98. Thanks for pointing that out.
  7. Also how'd you know they weren't an 00' and 02'?
  8. Interesting i'll ask them about that. Maybe if they found out it's an earlier model i can bring them down on the price.
  9. So the 125 2 stroke would be the better option? or a smaller bike for that matter?
  10. True, kx parts are typically a bit more expensive but i don't mind if it means i pay $800 for the kx vs $1250 for the yz.
  11. I'm 135-140lbs so i'm a bit smaller. Thinking about the yz125, but the price of the kx250 is very appealing.
  12. I'm a beginner, but i'm very experienced with mountainbiking. I plan on doing mostly trail riding, with some motocross tracks later down the road.
  13. Alright, found three bikes all located where i live in Texas. I know they're all very different, but if you could tell me what you think each bike is worth, and which one would be the best deal. Thanks. Notes: Both 2 strokes have new top ends. I think the front brake lever is broken on the kawasaki. KX250 2002 $800-$1000? YZ125 2000 $1250 KTM 400SX 2002 $1200
  14. Talked to the guy today, says he won't go lower than $1250. Hard choice when i found a 2002 KTM 400 SX in good condition for $1200.
  15. I found a yz125 for $1600 in great condition. I thought the price seemed a little high, what do you think the value is? Has a new top end and graphics. $1200?