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  1. klas.karlsson

    Dr 650se Is The Speedometer Accurate?

    Or change tyres The problem is that you can everthing from full knobbly motoX tyres to lean strret tyres - and that will affect the diameter, and thus your speddometer. If you want a more exact one (to run by road book etc) i suggest fitting a bicycle computer where you can set the actual diameter of your wheels /K
  2. klas.karlsson

    Any options for decalsfor an old DR?

    The 1996 onwards (dr 650 SE) has different plastics than the earlier dr650 - not sure about all of it, but side covers, tank and front fairin is definately different anyway /K
  3. klas.karlsson

    DR 650 Neutral Sending Unit destroying motor?

    I have never heard of such problems with the "neutral sender unit". Starter clutch gear had some problems like this on 1998-1999 year models, buta on earlier and later models there were no such problems. I have a 1997 with about 33000 kms (20600 miles) on the clock... /K
  4. klas.karlsson

    Small getaway at Christmas

    Really nice pics !! I havent ridden off-road/trails since August . . . /K
  5. klas.karlsson

    Where do you store some real tools?

    I find that my backpack works great. Two tyre tools, some 5-56, ducktape, screwdriver, tyre fix-kit and maybe some more on longer trips. That together with a water bottle, an extra shirt works for me /K
  6. klas.karlsson

    Header Weld - It's got to go!

    My DR -97 is still holding it together anyway. The lump was grind of, about 5 years ago... /K
  7. klas.karlsson

    2005 Base Gasket Leak

    And you are sure it is the base gasket that leaks, not for instance the cam chain tensioner ? /K
  8. klas.karlsson

    2005 Base Gasket Leak

    So you have a metqal gasket and still get the leak !??! I have never heard of that. But from what I heard even the 2005 do not have the metal gasket installed from factory - for some very strange reason (but that's what ive heard)... /K
  9. klas.karlsson

    Kick stand switch

    My kickstand switch is disconnected with the wires probably wired toghether (havent checked the setup under the saddle), but the switch itslef is gone . . . /K
  10. klas.karlsson

    additional oil cooler from a xr400??

    Are you having trouble with your temperatures. You would be the first having trouble with a DR650SE temp then, that I have heard about ? If you do, a couple of small 12 V electrical fans is probably easier to install on your existing oil cooler, not to mention less heavy... Installing an extra oil cooler seems really cumbersome. -Extra weight from the cooler itself. -You would need more oil - even more weight. -Where would you put it ? -Is the oil pump ok with the extra oil/length of tubing ? - More that can break if you fall. -Price ? /K
  11. klas.karlsson

    2008 DR650 Wish List

    I agree with: Stiffen the suspension. Adjustable dampening. New 6 speed transmission And I also want to add plastic tank (i think that legislation in some countries prhibits this though ) There are aftermarket seats reasonable priced, and softer seats is not godd for active riding. Higher bars does not suit everyone. Rear rack - no thank you - just add more weight ! /K
  12. klas.karlsson

    what is a hare scramble? Can a DR650 handle one?

    Your DR will probably handle the beating. Can you take the beating, and can you take the DR through ? A swedish enduro champion, and formely Paris Dakar racer (PG Lundmark) took his desert race kitted KTM 660 through one of the worst enduro (as in european style enduro. Example here:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9029017171793279302&q=swedish+enduro) races here in sweden, Novemberkåsan, which is run in November on a forest course, mostly through mud and very deep mud after all the bikes has passed, and some stretches are run in coal dark night - but he admitted that he was a bit tired after that Running the DR in a hare scramble, even a fairly non technical, means that you will have a huge disadvantage, and have to be in better shape than most of the well trained riders in the pack, and have good experience of that type of riding. If you are interested in HS, I would say as the rest here - go for a better suited bike first Or try a couple of better suited events for that type of bike (trails for instance) /K
  13. klas.karlsson

    What does your DR sound like?

    Yeah, the DR stock is really good. But of course it is much heavier than aftermarket silencers, and you do get it quiet, actually a bit too quiet. Something in between my GPS Oval Titan and the stock would be nice... /K
  14. klas.karlsson

    What is high milage for a DR 650?

    I have 34000km (about 21000 miles) on my 1997 DR. I had to change the base gasket last winter and when they checked the engine then nothing had to be replaced, it was in very good condition. /K
  15. klas.karlsson

    DR650SE Dyno Run Results

    Nice. With a GPR slipon, Jet:160 airboxmod you get a little bit more: http://soe.se/phpBB2/files/scan10003_204.jpg Top SAE torque around 55 Nm (40.57 ft-lbs) Top HP: about 39. /K