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  1. One of the best things about Beta is the quick response from Tim at Beta USA
  2. lajons

    throttle body question.

    My 18 500 rs has 1275 miles 65 hours, I've always had the hanging idle issue that comes and goes regardless of stepper motor reset procedure, but now I've got the same issue of super high idle about 2000 rpm. I shut bike off then restart and sometimes it won't idle at all. I've taken throttle body apart and cleaned and still have sporadic high idle. I know its not the butterfy, which shuts pretty much completely. Its something with the stepper motor. I've emailed beta to see who would be the best dealer closest to me, but will probably see if I can get Uptite to look at it. I like everything about bike except fuel injection and air box issues. I think synerject is not so great.
  3. lajons

    Bishop 3 Day Dualsport Ride

    Awesome event and riding. Rode coyote trail to Big Pine then Mt.Nunn ( single track switch back trail made by goats I think) then Black canyon. Best riding put on by a great club
  4. lajons

    Helping a friend sort the Fi on his 390s

    The grime in throttle body was what I was going to comment on, I've been battling that on my 500 rs after every ride. I've used twin air, pro filter, and funnel web, totally soaked the filter and rung out with filter oil. Made sure its seated correctly with grease on rim, and still it looks like picture after every ride. Had throttle body apart to clean and checked o rings on injector and stepper motor. How many of you look through air boot with butterfly open and see the above?
  5. lajons

    Bishop 3 Day Dualsport Ride

    I've signed up, first time, been wanting to do this for the last three years. Want to ride woodcutter and black canyon and any other single track. Staying at Browns
  6. lajons

    More FI problems

    2018 500 rr-s, 600 miles. After reading this thread and experience hanging idle off and on from day one, I pulled my throttle body off and was shocked how filthy it was on the cylinder side of the butterfly, especially in the ports all around the stepper motor. I'm using twin air filters, which I can tell by the impressions in the greased lip it is sealing in the box, cleaning and oiling like I have all the other bikes I've owned over 40 years. Can't figure out where the dirt gets in. Going to get the funnel web filter. I wonder if the shaft for the butterfly , has seals on it.
  7. lajons

    Rekluse on EFI 4 stroke

    Has anyone installed a recluse auto, exp 3.0 or radius clutch on the 4 stroke efi betas? how is it not being able to adjust idle? Anyone with a 2018 500 rs ?
  8. lajons

    Help with a Rekluse- 430RS

    yes, that ball bearing goes in the slave cylinder up against the push rod, without it in there you won't have any clutch actuation of any kind. Good luck
  9. lajons

    Help with a Rekluse- 430RS

    I put a recluse core exp auto clutch on my 2015 500 rs, It would work fine for awhile then wouldn't disengage at idle and would have drag with lever in. Rekluse was real good and twice sent me different slave cylinder and throw out bearings. What my problem ended up being was the stock beta push rod was wearing on the slave cylinder end. The ball bearing was creating a divit in the end if rod thus changing the settings. Check your push rod ends they should be flat, I ended up getting a new push rod from beta and problem was solved. I don't know what caused the original to wear. I also started using golden spectro off road only oil in trans at the recommendation of Gearge at Uptite, and the thing worked great. Not trying to start "a what's the best oil thread", it's already been done.
  10. lajons

    THIS IS OUR 2017 BETA 500RR-S & 125RR-S THREAD

    Those stubby gas cap vents are junk I've gone through two, they eventually clog or stick and bike leans out from lack of vent
  11. lajons

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    2015 Beta 500 RS 85 hours 1850 miles, IMS tank, Rekluse auto clutch, fastway linkage guard, lightweight battery, bullet rad, gds. seat concepts low seat, tmd skid plate and chain slider, low profile turn signal,cycra hand guards, jd jet kit, rd fuel screw, steel oil pump gears, superspox, fender bags, renthal fat bars, extra air filter, all stock parts, $7500.00 909-900-7209
  12. lajons

    Oil Pump Gear pics and info inside

    I have a 15 rs 500 and just did the steel gears last week at 85 hours. My plastic ones looked fine, I'm glad I don't have to worry about it anymore and I was careful removing case after reading ballistexchris' warning about the kicksart assy.
  13. Any suggestions on best place to get steel gears? I called get dirty dirt bikes but he never called me back. I thought he'd still be interested in providing parts.
  14. lajons

    Check your frames from chain damage!

    I've got an EK 520 (red) chain and a TM designs chain slider, have about 800 miles on it and no damage or wear to frame.
  15. lajons

    Beta Adventure Bike Coming soon!

    Have you put the steel oil pump gears in yet? Did you get the pipe from Dave Turner? How many miles do you have on your bike?