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  1. Snotrub

    KtM 50 SX Kickstart

    I have a 2012 50sx as well. I bought it for my grandson and we ride just about every day. Anyways, when I kick the bike to start it, it kicks properly. when my grandson kicks it (he just turned 7) it does the same thing you mentioned. If the kick starter doesn't make it all the way to the top, it will slip and sound like the teeth are grinding. I don't know if it's normal or not, but it happens on occasion to me.
  2. Snotrub

    50sx Hand Guards

    I just bought Acerbis hand guards for my grandsons 2012 50SX. They're a X-mas present, so I haven't put them on yet. They were $40.
  3. Snotrub

    Loading Ramp

    That's because the post it was in is nearly 10 years old.
  4. Snotrub

    Haystack in Roswell?

    Damn, that looks fun. I guess I take my XCW the next time I head to Roswell. Thanks for posting.
  5. Snotrub

    Where to go from Colorado for New Years riding?

    Red sands could be 60-70 degrees while you're there, but it could be 6-7 degrees, too. Big bend would probably have decent weather. I don't think there is much single track there, if that's what you're looking for. Mostly dirt roads, but someone that's been there more than I have could correct me. I used to race in a mtb race in Lajitas every February and it was mostly fore roads with some single track. Southern AZ would be your best bet, weather wise.
  6. Snotrub

    Riding Clinic

    I'll be on the lookout. I'm always looking for an excuse to visit my mom in the Springs. I grew up there. Doherty HS, Class of 85'.
  7. Snotrub

    I Just Joined the DR Club

    Thank you and thank you.
  8. Snotrub

    Haystack in Roswell?

    It's all of that. There are many miles of trails there, with varied conditions. Our club hosts a trials there several times a year, and with all the rocks it's a great place for that. Be aware that even the easiest trails can be too much for some riders. I have seen a few that couldn't leave the parking lot because the start of the ride was too hard. But if you have a good dirt bike and are somewhat experienced you'll have a great time. It's a very big place, with no shade or water once you're away from the parking lot so be prepared. You can be a long way from help in a short time. Enjoy! Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. I've been in the parking lot loop and wondered to myself where the trails start. I saw the steep drop off on the right side of the loop and figured that was the beginning. Looked interesting to me. I probably should ride alone my first time there. I followed a group from Roswell on FB that hosts rides throughout the year, but haven't seen any rides posted lately. It's called: Dirt Bike, MX, Dual Sport, Trials and Enduro Riders of Roswell.
  9. Snotrub

    I Just Joined the DR Club

    I just purchased a 2007 DR 650 with 4000 miles on it. It's basically brand new. I've been wanting a plated bike for back country roads, fire roads and gravel adventures. I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces.
  10. Snotrub

    Winter ADV/Dual Sport Ride

    But did you make Amarillo by morning? Haha, no. Amarillo by bedtime.
  11. Snotrub

    Winter ADV/Dual Sport Ride

    It can get pretty cold during that time. But then again, it could be 60+ degrees. I guarantee it will be cold at night and I wouldn't want to camp during that time there. Sounds like a fun loop though and I'm sure there are plenty of options for trails/roads in that area. Just as an example, I was in Roswell a couple years ago for a competitive skeet shoot in mid February. Saturday it was close to 70 degrees and absolutely beautiful. Sunday morning a front moved in from the north and dumped 6 inches of snow. It was miserable. The drive back to Amarillo, which normally takes 3 hours, took nearly 5. UGH!
  12. Snotrub

    Haystack in Roswell?

    Sounds fun. Keep me posted on your dates. ­čĹŹ
  13. Snotrub

    Haystack in Roswell?

    Thanks for the reply. Cloudcroft is on my list to ride, but I'm in Roswell quite often for a day or two at a time, sometimes a whole weekend. It's only a 3 hour drive from my house and I go there to shoot skeet and for competitions. I just don't know if it would be worth to to haul my bike with me.
  14. Snotrub

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    Could be good or could be bad. Hopefully the new owners are involved in the sport. That's all that we can hope for.