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  1. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    This is the one. Thanks again MountainMax. You are a man of integrity. I don't get on this board too much, but, out of nowhere, I come along and ask for something from you guy's. Not only do I always get good advise, but MountainMax stepped up to the plate and came through. This all worked out really well. :excuseme:
  2. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    that looks like the one I need... Hey MountainMax, Check your P.M. You guy's are awesome. Thanks to everyone for the all of the responses!!!
  3. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    I sent you a P.M.
  4. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    I like your bottom line... :ride: Friends don't let friends ride at Prarie City!
  5. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    Really??? Nobody has a smog pump????
  6. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    I don't blame you for that!! Thanks for checking in....
  7. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    Yeah, I agree. That's what I hear that people are doing. Just putting it back so that it's there, and not really working. They'd have to take the pump off to check it, and I doubt they'll do that. Especially if I weld mine on:prof: So, does anyone have one I can have???
  8. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    Yeah...There were 3 of us WR's that couldn't ride. This is the place.http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1221
  9. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    Thank you sir...
  10. rushfan

    Left Coast AIS Solution

    OK, so with the help of a fellow rider on in this forum, I found this thread. Instead of reading through all of the pages, I'll just get right to the point... HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!! I need a smog pump for a 05 WR450. Please PM me if you have one, and let's work out the details. Thanks in advance, rushfan(greg)
  11. rushfan

    I need a smog pump...

    For an 05 wr450!!! I'm sure some of you know the story: We do the free mods, then the tree huggers throw a wrench in it for some of us. Anyway, would anyone like to donate, or sell one to me...Please!?!?!? Thanks in advance, rushfan(Greg)
  12. rushfan

    2007 WR450 Help!!!

    A 12 pack and some Ted Nuggent:thinking: Or, you can follow the more useful advice previously posted.
  13. rushfan

    02 XR80 Handle bars.

    Does anyone know the specs on the OE bars for an XR80? I need the width, height, and pull back. Thanks in advance, rushfan