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  1. jmfreeman535

    Help Me Help My Freind With His Suspension Settings

    It's on the coil, in the middle. Here's a pic of mine...the 48 represents the rate, as Piney said.
  2. jmfreeman535

    Help Me Help My Freind With His Suspension Settings

    To be honest, I have no idea how an A class rider, at that weight, could ever get by on stock suspension... I highly recommend he takes it somewhere for a proper revalve before attempting something like an SX Futures race.
  3. jmfreeman535

    Voss Helmets

    An entry-level helment, from a brand that I have never heard of, that provides absolutely zero information about the safety features of said helmet, or of the company itself....I certainly wouldn't trust it.
  4. jmfreeman535

    My Suspension Settings For AX

    As Mike mentioned already, your rebound is set way to fast. Which, I suspect is the main cause of the poor cornering that you are experiencing...when your rebound is too fast, it doesn't allow the bike to settle into the corner. Then, generally speaking, with AX/SX you want to run the rebound a fair amount slower than you would for MX. Indoor tracks don't get anywhere near as rough as they do outdoors so you don't have to worry about the forks returning quick enough for the next bump. The slower rebound will also help to maximize traction through bowl turns, and minimize the trouble if you case/over shoot a jump.
  5. jmfreeman535

    Trade offer Yamaha for KTM

    I went from a 2015 yz250f to a 2017 350sxf, and agree with most of this. The power band was not at all what I though it would be. The lack of torque and not-so-quick throttle response was extremely noticeable when I first got the 350...to the point where I was REALLY second guessing making the switch. However, after a few minor mods (re-mapping, removing filter screen, +1 tooth on the rear sprocket, and the black throttle cam) and a some time to adjust, I've fallen in love with the motor. Yes, it does love to be rev'ed out, but it still has plenty of power on the low-mid side to keep you going. The main reason I wanted a 350 was because I was starting to find that it simply took too much effort to maintain speed on a 250f...one little mistake, and it was hard to make up for it. I don't have that problem on the 350...I'm able to go faster, for longer, and with less energy. And the handling on the KTM is on a completely different level, compared to the yz. The suspension is (in my opinion) a major down-fall on this bike. I love the SSS stuff, and only made the switch to KTM because the majority of the reviews (back then, at least) said that the AER stuff was on par with SSS...I quickly found out that was not the case, and ended up converting to KYB front and rear. I found the AER stuff to be unridable...but, I'm also super picky/sensitive about my suspension, so keep that in mind. Now, once I got everything dialed in (especially the suspension) the 350 became, what I consider, the perfect bike and cannot name a single thing I wish it did better. As far as the deal goes, I think you'd be getting the better end of it (value wise). So, if you are ok with possibility that you'll have to sink a sizable amount of money into the suspension, then I say definitely go for it!
  6. I'm currently running the Sunstar front, and Works-Z rear sprockets and am extremely happy with how they are wearing. I ride MX only, and usually got ~40hrs out of the rear sprocket (I've run quite a few different brands) on a 250f. I now have a 350sxf, am at 40(ish) hours on the set now and they are showing very little wear. Chain wise, I've always been a DID ERT2 guy.
  7. jmfreeman535

    Fork seal change with old seal

    Just buy a seal driver (and a fork bullet while your at it)...they are cheap, speed up the process 10 fold, and eliminate the risk of damaging the new seal.
  8. jmfreeman535

    New bike with AER forks. Where to start?

    I suggest starting with 145psi. Put a zip tie around one of the forks, take it for a spin, then check the zip tie...if it's more than ~1.5" from the bottom, reduce the psi by 2. If it's less than ~1.5" increase the psi by 2. Repeat till you find the sweet spot.
  9. jmfreeman535

    New FC350 Owner

    The real-life intervals tend to vary a lot based on skill/type of riding, but I'll usually start to notice a slide in performance around the 20-25hr mark. I think it's a safe bet to say that a service would solve your issues. Then, if you are doing the service yourself pay extra attention to the air cartridge seals/quad ring...I converted to KYB early on, so I don't know how well these actually hold up, but it does seem like most people like to replace these with every service.
  10. jmfreeman535

    New FC350 Owner

    Sounds like worn bushings/oil...when was the last time they were rebuilt?
  11. jmfreeman535

    Road cycling in here

    Very nice s-works ­čĹŹ My new bike showed up today...an Orca M20 Team (OMR frameset). I'm coming from a Domane SL5, so I'm definitely looking forward to having a proper race bike, now!
  12. jmfreeman535

    Knee braces?

    This has been discussed numerous times, so do a search, and you'll find a lot of good info. Personally, I consider knee braces to be mandatory, but just like with a helmet or boots, it's definitely still possible to sustain an injury while wearing them. No piece of protective equipment will prevent ALL injuries. They are there to minimize the likely hood of an injury. Personally, I tried on pretty much every brace on the market and ending up going with the Asterisk Cell's. But if you are looking at a more "budget-friendly" brace, I'd look into the Pod K4's...knee braces aren't cheap, so plan on spending on at least $500 on whatever brace you decide. Or look for a lightly used pair.
  13. jmfreeman535

    TPS settings

    The remap won't affect the TPS, but (generally speaking), the remap is designed to work with the stock TPS setting. Also, the idle effects the TPS, so it is important to have your idle set properly before adjusting the TPS...set your idle (my 350 likes it on the high-side), then return the TPS to the stock setting. If you are still having issues, adjust the idle speed, before you get into TPS
  14. jmfreeman535

    Which piston?

    I just ordered the vertex. And DAMN...the oem head gasket and cam chain is pricey.